The New is up!

Posted December 1st, 2008 by David in News, Olde English

And so is our new blog. We’ll be posting miscellaneous Olde English stuff, news, and crazy internet crap there. Regularly!

Also this blog will go dinosaur, so please update your links.

Oh man, guys.

Posted February 11th, 2008 by Raphael in Olde English, Shows

Hey, guys, so I know I haven’t updated in like forever, I have been sooooooooooo busy lol.

NEweighz, have you guys heard about this great new show Very Fresh? LOL, so yummy!

It’s the third Saturday of every month at the UCB Theatre, and the guys in Olde English do all new material and invite a lot of other funny people to do new material, and also they show new videos, like this one they showed last month, it was so funny, I can’t even explain it, it was like… oh man. I can’t even explain it. You can watch it here: here. LOL MATURE CONTENT.

Sooo, yeah, what else is new? I’m totes going to Very Fresh this Saturday, because of their kick-ass line-up. It’s so kick-ass, it kicks my face’s ass and makes me laugh until I cry. COL!


Kurt Braunohler (Penelope, Princess of Pets, recent ECNY award winner, ONE TIME I RECOGNIZED HIM ON THE STREET AND I WAS AWKWARD)
Elna Baker (Recently featured on This American Life, also, she draws comics that remind me of my comics, THEREFORE WE ARE SOULMATES)
Larry Murphy (Assy Mcgee on Adult Swim, also just won an ECNY, and THE NICEST GUY YOU WILL EVER MEET)
and cartoons by Dan Meth (Oh, and did I mention the cartoons were FUNNY CARTOONS?)




VERY FRESH w/ Olde English
Saturday, February 16th (and the third Saturday of EVERY MONTH)
Five dollars
UCB Theatre, 26th and 8th

Olde English Side Projects: Buy Our Crap

Posted December 18th, 2007 by Raphael in Everything Else, Us

Hey, it’s Raphael. I already posted about this back when we first set up this blog a few years ago, but for those of you who haven’t seen it, I wanted to make a quick plug for my autobiographical webcomic Tip Me Over, Pour Me Out. I know the combination of the words “autobiographical” and “webcomic” usually spells self-indulgent crappery, but my comic is actually better than whatever you’re imagining. I promise.

We’re currently selling a collection of our favorite installments, so if you haven’t bought all your Christmas presents yet and you want something cheap for someone that you love about five dollars worth, take a gander at our online merchandise table.

We Got Nominated! (Vote For Us!)

Posted December 13th, 2007 by Adam in News, Olde English, Press

ecny-awards.jpgOur video Free NYC Rap was nominated for an ECNY Award for Best Comedic Short Film! We’re honored — the ECNY Awards are the Oscars of the New York comedy scene, only if the Oscars were more like the Tonys and the Tonys were about comedy instead of fancy men wearing tights. Thanks to everyone who nominated us!

And with that — please vote for us! vote for us! Vote For Us! (The confirmation e-mail takes awhile to be sent, so don’t worry if you don’t get it immediately.)

While you’re at it, check out the videos from our fellow nominees Gabe & Max, Dave Hill, Elephant Larry, and Julie and Jackie. They’re all hilarious, so if you like one more than ours, send them a letter telling them you really liked it! And then Vote For Us!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Posted November 12th, 2007 by Adam in Blog-sclusive Videos, News, Olde English

Sometimes people ask me questions. When they do, I answer them. But then a thought comes to me: “Well, that’s all well and good for this man, but what of all those who have carried such questions silently within their hearts, yet are denied satisfaction?” Well, dear reader, suffer in silence no longer: I have come down from my cloud to lift you from confusion and doubt into the bosom of enlightenment.

Where’s the new videos, hoss?

Glad you asked! We’re going to be gearing up for another round of production soon. In the meantime, Super Deluxe still has a backlog of videos that have yet to be posted on their site, so expect to see those shortly. We’d prefer that they be published immediately, of course; but then, we’d also prefer that there be a new episode of The Office every day, and that’s not gonna happen either. Rest assured, new videos are coming.

What’s up with November’s Very Fresh?

Unfortunately, it’s canceled. (For those of you who have never seen this blog before, Very Fresh is our monthly show at the UCB Theatre.) Though I can’t confirm the details as of yet, the word is that a certain prominent comedienne may or may not be hosting a certain show that may or may not be related to a certain writers’ strike. All vagary aside, though, the fact of the matter is that our show was bumped to make way for Something Really Cool, so I encourage you to keep an eye on the UCB’s schedule.

So when’s the next time I can see you guys live?

That would be December 15th at midnight at the UCB Theatre. We’ll be posting the guest list soon, but it’s shaping up to be a great show. More details soon!

Hey, speaking of which, what do you guys think of the writers’ strike?

We support it fully. And frankly, we can’t stop talking about it. As young comedians who hope to soon be working in the television and film industries, it’s nothing short of inspiring to see so many of the writers and performers we admire out on the picket lines. If you’re not sure where you stand on the issue, I suggest watching this video by the writers and cast of The Office, or reading this opinion piece by the co-creator of Lost; both explain, in clear terms, how the studios are trying to avoiding paying the writers for their work. And considering that, in the future, we’d like to be paid for our work as well, we think the strike is a pretty good idea.

What’s Olde English’s favorite TV show?

Are you kidding? Kid Nation, for sure. Ignore everything you’ve heard about the show — it’s inventive, challenging, and addictive. It’s the show Nickelodeon has always wanted to make but never, ever could. It’s also the only show that all of us watch every single week, and our Thursday-morning meetings now require half an hour of watercooler talk before we can get started. (Raphael, the biggest fan, loved the show so much that he created a mean-spirited message-board contest based on a recent episode.) Seriously, just watch the damn show already.

Oh hey, didn’t I see you guys on TV?

You did! A month or two ago, Raphael and I were in a series of Comedy Central promos for the Helio Ocean line of phones. (Their tagline is “Don’t call it a phone!“, which is weird, because it’s a phone.) They were only aired during a single episode of “Friday Night Standup”, so if you saw them that means you are really good at not blinking. Overall, though, the experience was a ton of fun. Raphael and I were given free reign to develop the characters however we liked (our choices: “Spazzy Ken Swizzle” and “Mordo the Scientist”), and being in the center of a thirty-person shoot was an educational experience in itself. We think the spots came out quite well, but judge for yourself:

Click here to play

Here are the rest of the spots: 1, 2, 3, 4. (The first features fellow New York comedians Chris Principe and Sara Taylor, who were a blast to work with.)

That’s all for now. Any questions?

I’m Waiting By The Phone, Maria

Posted October 17th, 2007 by Raphael in Behind the Scenes, Blog-sclusive Videos, News, Olde English, Press, Shows

Olde English recently got interviewed by Super Deluxe about Super Deluxe (more specifically Olde English on Super Deluxe).

Here’s the long version. Here’s the short version.

Basically, the only important information is that we host a live show called Very Fresh the third Saturday of every month at midnight. This Saturday, we’re pleased to welcome special guests Julia Segal, Tom McCaffrey, Seth Herzog, and Buffoons! To reserve a ticket or other information, mosey on over here.

OE Interviewed in NewTeeVee

Posted October 14th, 2007 by Adam in News, Olde English, Press

We were already fans of NewTeeVee, a blog that covers the cultural impact of internet video, among other topics, so it was a thrill when they asked to interview us. The final interview was published a few days ago, and it’s one of the nicest write-ups we’ve had — Chris Albrecht did a wonderful job of choosing quotations that made us sound much more articulate than we actually were over the phone. Thanks, guys!


Posted September 19th, 2007 by Raphael in News, Olde English, Shows

featuring new material from:

For more information, including how to reserve tickets, click here.

You can stop writing those letters already.

Posted September 3rd, 2007 by Raphael in Behind the Scenes, Blog-sclusive Videos, News, Olde English, Press

So, this is long due for an update: whatever happened with the proposed New York filming regulations we rapped about over a month ago?

Well, the short answer is we won. The proposed laws were dropped and something new (and hopefully better) will be written up by the Mayor’s Office and open to a similar window of public comment. More of the story (including a brief interview with us) can be seen here.

The following week, we celebrated the NYCLU’s victory by filming outside for an entire weekend. Here’s some footage of us goofing around at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, with our production manager Julia, who put together a pickpocket costume for Dave:
You know, a pickpocket.

Our fans are great!

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Check this video out. Sound familiar?