So, have you been working, or..?

Hey folks — welcome to our new blog. We’ll be using this space to provide you with info that has previously been hidden deep in the dark, dank depths of our message board — information on upcoming shows, special events, and news about what we’ve been up to.

On that last note, for those of you who have been wondering, “What are those Olde English guys up to? I mean, seriously, this is getting ridiculous — I’ve watched Gym Class so many times while waiting that I actually took up the sport of badminton, I was so bored. And badminton is really boring.” — here’s the deal. Besides performing regularly at The PIT in New York as well as other venues (including the San Fransisco Sketchfest), we’ve been working on a few Secret Projects. A few never came to fruition, but we’re hammering out the details on the rest. Suffice it to say, with any luck you can expect a few Exciting Announcements in the near future.

In the meantime, between Double-Plus Secret Project Management and the long lines at the East Village soup kitchen, the amount of time we’ve had to spend jacking around in front of a camera has been somewhat lessened. Still, we have new videos (for you, not for those Secret Assholes) in the works, and they’ll be up just as soon as Biff shovels another ladleful of repulsive slop into our battered tin bowls.

13 Comments on “So, have you been working, or..?”

  1. sarah hayley Says:

    So you mean I can now compulsively check the blog in addition to the message board? Awesome!

  2. Olives. Says:

    Joy of joys! Lord knows I’m too lazy to search any deeper that 5 pages into that message board. This would really hurt my social life…if I had one. It WILL put a dent in my TiVo watching, however.


  3. stew Says:

    stop posting blog entry and make my t-shirt.


  4. Ohthehum Says:

    Weeeeee! I really want to know what the Double-Plus Secret Project is?!

  5. Warx Says:

    Blogging leads to forking, or in this case: a mystery webcam?

  6. Mike Says:

    Whooo! Yes, do tell the exciting announcements!

  7. Adam Says:

    Sorry folks, I’m afraid that the secret projects will have to remain as such. It would be bad form to tell you about projects that still may not happen; we just wanted to let you know that we haven’t been just cooling our jets for the last few months.

  8. TN Says:

    Yet another interweb innovation to waste my time on. Thanks OE!

  9. Ostrich Says:

    make sure to keep posting your live shows though; whether i go or not (btw i plan to go soon) it’s really exciting to know that y’all can be seen in person.

  10. Giraffe Says:

    You mean the shows are available online?

  11. Boethius Says:

    I miss you Ole English… I come to your site time and time again, only to find the same sketches. When will this Double-Plus Secret Project be released?

  12. Adam Says:

    Geez, now I wish I hadn’t said anything! Seriously, we can’t say anything about secret projects. You guys should just stop thinking about them. The next material we’ll be releasing on the website won’t be secret at all.

  13. Suki Says:

    Thank the Gods. I’ve hoped you guys would put up a blog, and now you have. Well, we all understand the busy-ness of something like this. As long as new sketches eventually come out, I don’t care what you do.