Olde English Bloopers, Outtakes, Alternate Endings, Behind the Scenes Footage, and JON DAME, DANCE MACHINE

Hey, folks.

If you don’t regularly read the OE message board, you might have missed these:

Funny Face
Real Estate
Steven the Vegan
A Response From Neighborhoodies

Also, we were recently asked to reedit some of our older sketches so that they don’t include copywrighted music. I was put in charge of redubbing Jon’s Dream Sketch. The following link is what I did NOT submit. Basically, the lesson to be learned here is I should not be allowed to edit video unsupervised.

Wiggy wiggy wiggy…

10 Comments on “Olde English Bloopers, Outtakes, Alternate Endings, Behind the Scenes Footage, and JON DAME, DANCE MACHINE”

  1. Shelbob Says:

    that gave me some crazy nightmares

  2. Warx Says:

    Wow, you guys actually make mistakes, that’s surprising, sort of.

  3. Warx Says:

    Upon further review, the “mistakes” are just random jokes you didn’t use in the sketch; does that mean no actual script is used, and all the humor is improved?

  4. Raizin Says:

    Most sketches are tightly scripted, but we always make sure to give ourselves plenty of time to improv on set, just in case we come up with something positively brilliant. (For the record, I consider “I couldn’t damn believe it” to be positively brilliant.)

  5. Erin Says:

    Pretty sure I laughed as much at the Funny Face bloopers as I did at the actal Funny Face sketch…that’s a lot of laughter. Geniuses!

  6. Alex Says:

    i liked the wiggy wiggy wiggy sketch whole bunch, so much so that i decide to show my friends. i then realized that the page wasn’t loading. so, in the url ( http://video.oldeenglish.org/bloopers/DANCEMACHINE.mov ) i changed “video.oldeenglish…” to “www.oldeenglish…” and i had no further problems. just letting eveyone know, if they didn’t already.

    and the funny face bloopers were hilarious, too.

  7. Adam Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Alex — I fixed it!

  8. athula Says:

    godddddd i love the funny face out-takes. i bet you guys are huuuuge babs streisand fans. i know i am right.

  9. Kileigh Says:

    Holy hell! Raizin’s got HAIR.

  10. Hipster Scum Says:

    I love how you guys make us feel like we’re right there with you, hangin’ out with the gang. Also, the coach hitting people with his dick made me laugh, more because whoever that was filming was saying it like a friend does just before you do something dumb in highschool.