I’m a Long Island Iced Teapot

Last night, Ben, Adam, and I attended a party for Fuse(the little music video channel that could)’s new programming block, Fuseday Tuesday, which has a variety of programming including a show called “Munchies” that’s comprised of the best funny web clips that their people can find. Also, we were invited. Also, it’s a show made of funny web clips. Moving on. Fuse is apparently very happy about their new programming block. How happy? Happy enough to have an open bar and invite Adam Conover who at one point declared himself the alcoholic version of X-Men member, Bishop, apparently meaning that he can absorb any form of liquor and release it’s energy by being excessively loud. Despite AC’s sonic booms, I think we were all able to come to the same realization: drinking is infinitely better when the drinks are free. When else do you get to do amazing double-fist combo’s like Ben’s swanky Stella + LI Iced Tea, and Adam’s mind-boggling LI Iced Tea + LI Iced Tea (or as Doritos would call it, the LI Iced Tea Xtreme). Personally, I took a more subdued approach and celebrated the occasion by ordering a Coke. ‘Cause believe it or not, a free Coke in NYC is as special as a new-born baby.
Also, I had 3 LI Iced Teas.

3 Comments on “I’m a Long Island Iced Teapot”

  1. Matt Says:

    fuse is good. OE is good. alcohol is good. put it all together you you’ve got greatness. keep up the awesome work guys

  2. ben Says:

    goddammit i was drunk. i felt like shit the whole next day.

    good party, though!

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