This was our Best Week Ever.

‘Adam’s Orange Stand’ was featured in this week’s Best Week Ever Short Film Fest. Check it out!

Fun facts about ‘Orange Stand’
– It’s one of the few sketches I can remember that required no rewriting. Granted, it has no dialogue.
– At age 18, Django Reinhart, the legendary guitarist who recorded the song in this sketch, permanently crippled his hand in a fire. The recording you hear was performed with only three fingers.
– The liquid used to simulate the vomit at the end of the sketch was actually soup from our college cafeteria–which means it probably also tasted like vomit.

Fun facts about Olde English
– We’re all frantically looking for apartments right now.

16 Comments on “This was our Best Week Ever.”

  1. Olives. Says:

    It’s all happening!! *proud mamma smile*

  2. Matt Says:

    Cool facts up above. The vomit looked like it was actually darker-than-usual oragne juice….quite interesting.

  3. Raizin Says:

    Fun fact about Raizin:

    I would make a great talking head on Best Week Ever. Here’s my audition reel:

    *Ashlee Simpson? More like FATlee Simpson!

    *Britney Spears might be pregnant again. That’s what this country needs: more Federlines! (That last sentence is spoken in a really sarcastic manner implying that I do not in fact believe what I said, rather quite the opposite!)

    *Angelina Jolie! Why don’t you adopt ME? That would be so kooky!

    *What if George W. Bush was in that movie The Hills Have Eyes? I think it would go a little something like this: “My fellow Americans… you guys are crazy!”

    *Man, have you guys seen Tom Hanks’s haircut in the Da Vinci Code? It looks stupid!

    *”Mission Impossible III”? More like “Tom Cruise is a closeted homosexual hiding behind a fake religion and his relationship with Katie Holmes is a total sham Impossible III”!

  4. Megan Says:

    hehe, at the top of this comments page, the title from the last post works perfectly from the titel from this post:

    “Not to tease you, but…

    This was our Best Week Ever.”

    heehee, so good. and congrats on the short film fest. you guys rock.

  5. Matt Says:

    Raizin, can’t agree more. Definately persue that.

  6. BXH Says:

    Though you don’t know it, your week has become even better.
    A friend and I are adapting some of your sketches in a movie that we are making, and when it is completed, we plan on sending it your way.
    Congratulations on finally getting the credit you deserve.

  7. becky Says:

    what raizin doesn’t say is that for that one glorious winter break when he was home and we got cable, he watched best week ever a lot. A LOT!

  8. ben Says:

    oh, younger sisters.

  9. ami Says:

    i wish my tv had more than half a channel

  10. Warx Says:

    I wish my MTV wasn’t an acrnoym that uses three letters for two words.

    Why did you use soap in the place of real juice? Is it because the cleaning substance is thicker, which made it more perferable, or was there a lack of funds, meaning you had to take what you could get?

  11. Ben Says:

    Soup, Warx. Soup.

  12. lily Says:

    oh kline soup, how hideous.

  13. Warx Says:

    Oh. Um.


  14. Adam Says:

    Yeah, that soup was fucking gross.

  15. athula Says:

    could you guys hook me up with that one guy from best week ever that looks like he’s from where’s waldo? or those two really funny ones? i think he was hosting iron chef america recently. seriously, FUCK iron chef america.

    i love you guys.

  16. Adam Says:

    Athula — that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.