Behind the Scenes: Urinal Change

The thing about making sketches about awkward situations is that typically you have to film them in even more awkward situations. Take “Urinal Change” for example. After sitting at the bar for about 45 minutes waiting (and drinking) for the owner to arrive so that we could ask him for permission to film in the bathroom (thanks Triple Crown on 7th Ave. and 29th St.!!), we were finally allowed into the object of our dual-urinal-bathoom desires. The porcelain shined like the enamel on Ben’s teeth after his recent “dental deep-dicking” from his new electric-toothbrush (my words, not his). There wasn’t even a divider to separate those standing man toilets from one another. It was perfect. So we set up shop got ready to film and [door sound effect] Shit. Well, hey there stranger! No seriously, we’ve never seen each other before, but now that you’ve stumbled into this bathroom where I’m pointing a camera at two guys taking pisses, I think it makes sense to say “hello”. So we exit the bathroom, wait for our new friend to finish his business (I like that business refers to either monetary exchanges and the establishments that carry them out or the evacuation of piss and shit from the pelvic region, especially as relating to dogs) and upon his departure from our “set”, return to filming. But as you might of guessed (though we didn’t) when you film at a place that serves beverages known the world round for their abilities to induce excessive pissing, you get a lot of visitors in the old pissatorium. “Woah! Didn’t mean to interrupt…” “Hey, I’m cool with that. Wanna film me” “Um…what?” and my personal favorite, “What the!? Get the fuck out of here, go on, I don’t want you in here filming me! Get out!” Ah yes, “Get the fuck out of here”. He seemed like all the rest at first, 75% joking, 25% serious, but once we left and thought that Part 1 of our awkward interaction we were greeted to quite the surprise. [“Fuck Out”-guy exits bathroom]

“Fuck Out”-Guy: No, seriously, get your bag and all your camera shit and get the fuck out of here. I’m not joking.
David: Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were joking before.
Ben: We have a script, see!
David: We talked to the owner, but yeah we’ll grab it. We just thought you were joking.
“Fuck Out”-Guy: Well…I kind of was.
Ben: Really?
“Fuck-Out”: Just busting your balls.

He wasn’t joking, no matter what he might claim.

4 Comments on “Behind the Scenes: Urinal Change”

  1. Ben Says:

    I did NOT say “dental deep-dicking.”

    Though I sure thought it.

  2. Adam (Not OE) Says:

    Very funny sketch, you guys. Keep up the great work. I loved when Ben walked in and had that “Wtf is going on here?” look on his face.

  3. kevin Says:

    that leads to the next question…
    so caleb… how much did you see?

  4. Vinchenzo (Doc V) Says:

    This scetch has a few meanings to it, and can be awnsered in different ways:

    1. Either Caleb was so high he thought Ben was unloading his “Mini Wallet” and in Calebs eyes he was holding cash, but in Bens eyes he … was not.

    2. Ben really did have… Problems. Ok, so he was Pissin the Coins but, did he notice it? In the end, it seemed like Ben was like ” Whoh, Cash in the Urinal!” or ” What the hell are ya doin’ puttin your hands in my piss?”

    Either way they both (To me) made this scetch really intresting. I love the amount of silence. Great.