A word about ‘Train Spotting’

Wanna know why Train Spotting is revolutionary? Because as of this moment–at least according to Google (which I’m opting not to hyperlink)–no one else on the internet has said, “You’re standing on my wife’s head.”

Really makes you think.

UPDATE: Check it out, mothafuckas!

6 Comments on “A word about ‘Train Spotting’”

  1. kevin Says:

    Olde English: Advancing sketch comedy; Advancing the world.

  2. Podbaydoor Says:

    Oh em gee–you’ve beaten Google. I always knew OE would break the internet.

  3. Avidan Says:

    Yeah, but according to Google you haven’t said it either. So not such a good indicator.

  4. BXH Says:

    oh man Avidan

  5. Ben Says:

    Wait a couple weeks. I’ve played this game before.


  6. Warx Says:

    Why stop at phrases? Make your own words! Create new grammatical symbols! Develop fresh ways to indent or start the new fad of ‘inverse capitalization!’

    The power is your’s!