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Sometimes I feel like all I am is this food consuming thing that makes comedy, spouts back and forth with friends, and listens to music. Now for the music part!

Who has the balls to send their sophomore album out with the title Classics? Those evocative instrumental rockers with the hip-hop attitude and symphonic state of mind, Ratatat. And as much as the inner critic can’t wait to pounce on the arrogance, you can’t do much but nod your head and say “yeah”. If you haven’t checked out this Brooklyn duo yet, there’s no time like the near future.

Ya heard?: Ratatat – Tacobel Canon

And if John Lennon ever comes back to life (I’m just saying if…) he’s gonna learn how to rock a mic and rip this track: Ratatat – Tropicana

Necks with an X had it right, it’s a hot hot summer. Not just in Brooklyn but across the country. So what better way to celebrate that life-sucking heat than The Zombies’ rendition of Gershwin’s oft-rendered “Summertime”. No one does summer songs as perfectly as The Zombies did and this is as best as the rest. And for a nice little DidYouKnow, “Summertime” was actually the original front-runner for release as their first single until the classic “She’s Not There” beat it out.

Written in 1935, Recorded in 1965, Still Amazing in 2006: The Zombies – Summertime

And cause shit’s so hot right now all across the US, and The Zombies only make it feel hotter, here’s the coolest track I’ve heard in a long time (out-running the instant Clipse classic “Mr. Me Too” for the prize of iciest) The Re-Up Gang’s “Dopeman (Remix)”. Featuring The Clipse’s own Pusha T and another guy, who would have been better off calling up Malice to fill in, the track sounds like an ice cream truck jingle set to hustla. Coming from the recent Re-Up Gang mixtape We Got The Remix, it stands out amongst a rather uneven set of tracks and even amongst the current radio crop for being cooler than Andre 3000’s toenails.

Feel the freeze: The Re-Up Gang – Dopeman (Remix ft. Hotwright)

3 Comments on “Music Reviews That You Can Use”

  1. ria Says:

    Thanks for posting these songs, I had the shittiest day at work and they just totally made it better 🙂

  2. David Says:

    no problem, if people like the stuff i post, i’ll try to make it a regular/semi-regular thing

  3. Jawsh Says:

    Yeah, everyone likes music. Even more when its good like those.