The Right Way To Work Out


Of the many divides you can place on people, the weak and the strong holds a solid place in my heart. It’s the place of shame and self-deprecation. I’ve always fallen on the weak side of the line. It’s not that I’m a pansy or anything, just that I never have been able to enjoy “working out”. If I go to lift weights in a public place, I’m afraid of looking both weak and stupid. “Excuse me little ripped grandma, how do I turn on the freeweights?”. If I do it in the comfort of my own room, I end up cutting myself too much slack. “Alright, that was a serious couple of reps, time for another hour and a half long Pink Panther break…(the Steve Martin version).” No matter what, I end up quitting whatever routine I was hoping to stay on and keep living on with the feelings of inadequacy that fester inside.

But recently I’ve been biking. Whether for transportation (hurray for L Train shutdowns!) or as a break from working on OE 25/7, I find myself on two wheels pretty often. And it’s not just a little here or a little there, I’ve been taking some somewhat long bike rides. From my home in Bushwick to the American Museum of National History on the Upper West Side; around Roosevelt Island and Central Park; from the cable box return building in Sunset Park right back up to that Bushwick abode. I’m not saying I’m some great cyclist or anything, just that I’ve been logging some serious time doing something that can be referred to as “getting some excercise” and have been loving it. It’s fun. I’m not cramped up in my room trying to improve my appearance for some self-obsessed ends, I’m out doing stuff and living life and just simply having fun. It’s fucking fantastic.

But check this out. While I was riding this past weekend, I stumbled upon a place offering free kayak sessions, so I hopped in and paddled around for a bit. So, I’m thinking, “Hello, totally enjoyable and exploratory upper body work out”. Just need to find a place to put a kayak (and also I need to find a kayak) (and maybe a kayak partner).

3 Comments on “The Right Way To Work Out”

  1. kevin Says:

    me and my brother and my dad are riding our bikes from southern CT to cape cod in three weeks.

    (fix the link for the “boathous”)

  2. David Says:


  3. sarah hayley Says:

    Kayaking is so much fun, do it do it! And can’t you rent one?