Mondays are the new Mondays.

Hello, friends and friends of friends.

My goodness, we’ve been making so many wonderful sketches in the last month, I forgot all about our last live show, Olde English: Rules! Well, we’re currently putting together some reels to send out to festivals and colleges (if you know of a venue you’d like Olde English to play, leave a comment) and we’ve been going over the footage from the show, and we thought you might like to see some of it, those of you who don’t live in New York or own helicopters (not a lot of you, I know).

The premise of the show (if you’re too lazy to click on the above link, or that one) was we each gave each other a set of rules to follow while writing new sketches. These assignments made up the show and below you’ll find four examples. The first one will be familiar to anybody who’s a regular visitor to the site (now contextualized with an introduction), but the other three sketches have never before been seen (except for by New Yorkers and helicopter operators).

Blind Date (Adam’s rules for Raizin)
3 Adams (Ben’s rules for Adam)
Supersonic (Dave’s rules for Raizin)
Monologue (Raizin’s rules for Dave)

32 Comments on “Mondays are the new Mondays.”

  1. Olives. Says:

    There are no words. Supersonic is now my favorite sketch of all time. Damnit, I wish I’d seen OE: Rules!

    For real. Everyone, everywhere, has to see this. I feel like I could cry from the greatness.

  2. sarah hayley Says:

    I appreciate Blind Date a lot more now that I know the rules (awesome rules by the way.) Supersonic was genius. And Dave is great.

  3. shirley Says:

    I love your shower curtain 🙂

  4. Adam Says:

    Thanks! I totally thought my rules were the sweetest.

    And that shower curtain was a gift from our good friend Jo-Anne. Thanks, Jo-Anne!

  5. Butler Says:

    that was quiteclassic… more defined-by-rules sketches would be great!

  6. L Says:

    I’m glad i got to see this live (^_^)

  7. Zarkov Atreas Says:

    I would love for you to either make your way back to the SF Sketchfest, or do a show at UC Berkeley. Oh, and thanks for the new sketches.

  8. Jawsh Says:

    I know it’s not Chicago or San Fran, but if you guys decide to do an east coast thing…west virginia university really has a student body that would certainly support a show.

  9. Ben Says:

    Jawsh–we’re totally down to come to West Virginia. If you’d help us set it up, we’ll gladly come perform.

    The same goes for the rest of you–want us to come to your college? Tell us! If you can help us get the ball rolling, we’d love to come perform a new show for you.

  10. casey Says:

    What if we don’t go to college? What then? Huh!

    I really wanted you guys to perform in the Best of the Best Sketchfest (, but it is probably too late for this year.

    Write angry letters until they make you a last minute addition! They would be fools not to!

  11. Olives. Says:

    WTF, Ben? YES. Come to WV, but screw WVU–Come to my house. Carnegie Hall is right down the street!! If I thought you’d be willing to come to ME, I’d never have made plans to go to NY.

    I mean, fuck!

  12. jking Says:

    You guys just kept raising the bar for one another, yet they all turned out hilarious. If I had known that Blind Date was one of the “Rules” sketches, I would have appreciated it much more. I guess what I’m saying is that these sketches are funny, but much more enjoyable once the audience knows the rules.

  13. Mira Says:

    hey you guys. you should come to chicago sketchfest again! pleeeaaaase. i will get down on my knees and beg.

  14. Dylan I. Says:

    How’d you feel about performing at a university in Vancouver? Eh? Caaaanaaaadaaa?

  15. Adam Says:

    Hey Dylan — our policy is the same as ever. If you can convince someone to pay us, we’ll go anywhere.

  16. Butler Says:

    When you say ‘pay us’… what does that include? Flights? accomodation? performing fee? it would perhaps cost too much to get you to australia -.-

  17. Wilshire Harms Says:

    You should come down and do Savannah, SCAD I can give you a contact to contact if you contact me via my contact.

  18. Curtis Says:

    long time listen first time caller:
    Butler has a very good comment!

  19. Raizin Says:

    Basically, if we can turn a slight profit, we’re satisfied, but we’re also satisfied if we wind up breaking even if it gets us new fans. So, yes, traveling to Australia is unlikely unless someone else is footing the bill for transportation, lodging, and food. However, sometimes we’ll travel to fesitvals where we end up losing money, like San Francisco, just because we like the place so much.

  20. Reece Says:

    I think Yale is a ripe venue for you guys.

  21. Ben Says:

    Yale would be no problem for us–if you can get us a few hundred dollars and a space, we can be there in two hours.

    WH–It’d be awesome to come down to SCAD. I almost went there. Let’s try and make that happen.

    I think what we’ll do is prepare a packet of information which you guys can give to the people who write the checks at your respective schools. Sound good?

  22. boxman Says:

    I think I’ll borrow this idea if it’s okay with you guys. I want to become better at sketch making and whatnot, so I think I’ll have friends throw ideas and regulations at me to help me grow.

    On another note, 3 Adams (from an editors point of view) is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

    I feel like I’ll never be this good, though. *sigh*

  23. Brian Stempien Says:

    You guys still using an XL1?

  24. Ben Says:

    XL1S. Though I want to switch to the DVX100B.

  25. Asif Says:

    damn straight.

  26. Warx Says:

    Man, you guys put the fear of God into the state of Pennsylvania.

    Adam is a editing champion.

  27. Angela Says:

    haha oh boy, these are amazing.

    you ought to come to upstate new york. like. albany or somewhere near there. the northern lights? the egg?

    somewhere like that.

  28. David Says:

    Can you guys come to penn state? we’ll pay you! ooh! ooh! ask someone at no refund theater!!! :^D

  29. Sofa King Says:

    They say old english is spoken in Southern California.
    You guys should come and check San Diego out.

  30. Daniel Says:

    Come to UAlbany. You have at least two fans here!

  31. evergreen Says:

    You should stop by UCLA! We need something funny.

  32. Lucas Says:

    OMG! I love this! Is there any way that you might post the rest of the content from “Olde English: Rules!”? Being an Albera resedent makes coming to Newyork to see your shows pretty well imposible, If you post the rest of the show, I’ll swere my undying algece to the Old English banner! not that i havent already, but I’ll do it again!