Olde English Covers: Our Material + You + Your Friends = PROFIT!

We at Olde English are blessed with some awesome fans. Not only do you guys watch our videos, read our blog, and hang out on our message board, but some of you are apparently willing to devote actual portions of your lives to recreating our work. This is, of course, incredibly flattering for us — as a comedian, the highest compliment one can be paid is for your joke to be retold by someone who heard it, and you can imagine how much greater that honor is when not only the joke is repeated, but everything that came before and after the joke as well.

So, to repay all your hard work, here’s a collection of every cover video we’ve received. If yours has been left out — and I know a few have, either because of expired links or my inability to find them — send us a copy and we’ll include it right quick.

  • Food Rap performed at a high school talent show (Quicktime). This cover of Food Rap was the first video of its kind we received, and despite the “Dad bought a camera” camerawork and the douchey host, it’s still my favorite. Why? Because they bring the fucking house down.
  • Food Rap, as performed by the “Karate Bees” (Google Video). I’ve always found this version endearing — it exhibits a remarkably relaxed attitude towards editing that strikes me, a serial perfectionist and procrastinator, as a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t hurt that that one kid looks exactly like my best friend in 9th grade.
  • Russel’s Orange Stand (YouTube). This cover of Adam’s Orange Stand is interesting mainly for its fidelity, but also for the interesting ending choice. Yeah, our ending is funnier, but the backwards drinking looks cool!
  • Space Peter (WMV). This video, produced by produced by CBDuDe Productions, takes the basic idea behind Adam Fever and abstracts from it, spinning it out into a realm of total absurdity. Not that the original made much sense to begin with, of course.
  • Nalin Fever (Google Video). Unlike the previous Adam Fever cover, this video makes no attempt to form a pun around the name of the filmmakers’ friend. And that’s fine, because “Nalin Fever” isn’t about puns, or clever wordplay; it’s about Nalin. Just Nalin. God, I could watch that kid dance the varnish off a ballroom floor.
  • BrOEkback Mountain (YouTube). Remember the summer of 2005, when Brokeback Mountain mashups were all the rage? Remember it again, for the first time! Rather than a cover, this is a montage of various Olde English clips, strung together in such a way that we look like total gay-wads. Thanks, Kevin!

Thanks to all those who sent in your videos — you made our day, six different times.

18 Comments on “Olde English Covers: Our Material + You + Your Friends = PROFIT!”

  1. Raizin Says:

    “Russel’s Orange Stand… is interesting mainly for its fidelity, but also for the interesting ending choice.”

    I disagree. I think it’s interesting mainly because these kids claimed to have come up with the idea for the sketch themselves and entered it in a local film festival. Hurray for plagiarism!

  2. Thomas Says:

    They never said it was their own idea Raizin. When he entered it he told the judges and the teacher that it was not his own but a redo of something off the net. The teacher, who’s a bit crazy, took it upon herself to enter the video in the college film contest, after it was shown at our tiny highschool event. And, if you recall, he contacted you guys about the entry and apologized and offered money to pay Olde English, even though it wasn’t his doing. It was denied. Untill he won. So if this is plagiarism, than what the fuck, so is every cover posted here as well.

    Love Olde English, Do Not Love Bullshit Sarcasm

  3. TN Says:

    Oh, jeez. I forgot how good Broekback Mountain was. Great job, Kev.

  4. Ostrich Says:

    i like space peter. very entertaining.

    sarah and i did a food rap cover this year when all yall said you were gonna make a compilation. our video is so bad it’s almost good, but we love it because it was fun to make and because we’re nerds. the best feature of our video is that we make fun of our mistakes.

    if you want another copy, i probably can email it and sarah definitely can.

  5. Adam Says:

    I’d like to corroborate Thomas’s report here. The kid made the wrong decision at first (by not crediting us from the get-go), but quickly fessed up to it, both to us and to the organizers, and made things right. He’s fine by me.

  6. Ben Says:


    I still plan on making that compilation–I have your video as well as a few others locked up in a vault in my bedroom wall, behind the giant text that reads ‘PAINT.’

  7. Raizin Says:

    Please accept my apologies, Thomas. I guess this was a misunderstanding on my part. However, I stand by the fact that Bullshit Sarcasm, although misdirected in this instance, is still cool.

  8. Suki Says:

    =3 BrOEkback mountain…haha. Great stuff, especially the clip from Playing Dead.

  9. Thomas Says:

    Accepted Raizin, and I think there may be only one thing cooler than some good ole proper Bullshit Sarcasm, that being Wilford Brimley in those diabetes commercials.

  10. Jefsa Says:

    Alright as the non-intentional creator of the contravercy I wasn’t expecting this on your site because I could not get the collage to change it on their site. So my change version is now on You Tube fer everyone to see here…


    … I wish I could finally out live this.

    Oh and one more thing…

  11. Asif Says:

    Wow. Before “Space Peter,” I only associated aliens and pelvic thrusts with bad times but this has changed everything…thank you.

    (nice choice with the music)

  12. Olives. Says:

    Space Peter was great. Kudos to those kids for making it their own, in a good way.

  13. kevin Says:

    hahaha i forgot about broekback mountain. i still cant believe i made that, because i hesitated so long that the joke was way old when i finished it.

  14. Hannah Says:

    Haha, brokeback mountain is awesome. I actually used the Steven the Vegan sketch to get into my school’s play :D, cuz thats my favourite one

  15. Sofa King Says:

    You forgot my friend’s skit on youtube:


  16. Sofa King Says:

    okay, so techinically the only thing that was influenced by you guys was the “hand guns”.

    ‘cus everyone knows that’s ballah-status.

  17. QB Says:

    Concerning the BrOEkback mountain vid, what sketch was the Jon/Joel clip taken from? It seems vaguely familiar, but I’m certain I can’t place it.

  18. stephen Says:

    wrong door number two!