Shy Town, P Fork #2

Before I continue with some more selections from some of my favorite acts at the Pitchfork Music Festival, I should mention that Pitchfork’s own photo set from the weekend includes not just one but two pics of Ben P. Four Square Star. And from the “Where’s Benno?” collection (Hint: I was directly to the left of Ben and you can’t see me at all.) (Grrr.)

So how bout a little-

Danielson – Time That Bald Sexton
I’m consistently amazed by Daniel Smith (the main creative force behind Danielson) and his ability to compose songs that move such great distances in such graceful leaps. What starts as a quaint and quirky folk song quickly reveals it’s underlying symphonic rock, all while keeping an eye firmly on the element of passing time. With such a great sense of dimension, I’m left thinking of Smith as as much of an architect as a songwriter. How bout you?

Man Man – Black Mission Goggles
Upon arriving to the festival on the first day, I had Man Man to play me through the gate, and that was enough to have me hooked for the rest of their set and using them as the bar for the following two days. As lively a show as your liable to get, there were feathers and jumping and…well, how bout this, if you listen to the track and still wonder how crazy fun these guys can get, post a comment, and we’ll discuss.

Ghislain Poirer – La Blessure (translates to “The Wound”)
I went into the festival with high hopes for Montreal DJ/Producer, Ghislain Poirer, based on his excellent LP, “Breakupdown”. Happy to say there wasn’t any disappointment to report, and in my estimation a whole lot of new converts, because as is evident in the emotional meltdown of “La Blessure” all you can do is nod your head on every level. Don’t let this track fool you, Mr. Poirer can throw down some fucking jams (and did so quite often), but rather than show the ease at which he out-“Horror”s RJD2 on “Off Balance”, I thought this more emotive piece demonstrated a more singular genius, and a rarer gem.

Will I return with more selections from the festivities? Well there’s not much to share musically regarding allstar DJs A-Trak, Diplo, and Dominik Eulberg, but then again I haven’t said anything about Liars or The National…hmm….

4 Comments on “Shy Town, P Fork #2”

  1. Ingrid Cold Says:

    I really like how Man Man’s song changes it’s feeling towards the end. In the beginning and the middle it has kind of a mean sound and then the ending has dwindling strings and whispers…overall though that song rocked.

    Ghislain wasn’t bad either.

  2. Gabe Says:

    Man, Dave… thanks for these posts. I’m totally into Spank Rock and Cansei de Ser Sexy now. Both such awesome albums. You clearly have awesome taste in music. Hope our sketch hasn’t fallen off the face of the planet.

  3. stephen Says:

    haha i was totally able to pick out ben in that picture like right away. he sticks out, just because i can recognize him from the sketches.

  4. boxman Says:

    I realized last year just how badass foursquare can be. Glad Ben did too.

    Good music picks. I especially like Man Man of what you talked about.