Another great behind-the-scenes video.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but Raizin is amazing at making montages. A lot of people ask us which sketches are our favorites to watch, and one of my favorites–if you can even call it a sketch–is Rachel’s Birthday Video, simply because Raizin did a fantastic job of boiling down half an hour of footage into a genuinely heartwarming video.

Below is another great example of Raizin’s montage mastery, in which he took a bunch of footage from our ‘Rules’ show, and made a reel for that style of show (which we will perform again in the near future).

Enjoy! And if you’re interested in seeing us perform live, come see us this Friday at Mo Pitkin’s.

(Click image to play)

17 Comments on “Another great behind-the-scenes video.”

  1. stefmeister Says:

    I wanna hear Ben sing now haha.

  2. Jawsh Says:

    What are the songs played during the montages?

  3. TN Says:

    I’d like a DVD of that. And that’s the perfect promo video for it, too. Just add a “Now on DVD” frame at the end and you’re set.

  4. Adam Says:

    I doubt we will — frankly, it wouldn’t be enough material to sell a whole DVD of!

  5. Jo Says:

    A lovely montage, well done to Raizin.

    And the song is “Our Wasted Lives” by the Thrills.

  6. Ingrid Cold Says:

    You could just fill up the rest of the DVD of Ben singing!

  7. Ben Says:

    I’m in! I LOVE traumatic public displays!

  8. Chris Says:

    Actually, I’d love to have an Olde English Sketch Comedy DVD. Perhaps you could release them periodically with the DVDs containing a handful of sketches, some live stuff, and some behind-the-scenes footage of you guys working on/creating/practicing the material(Or just goofing off…). I imagine it would either have to be relatively high priced for all that work(Unless it was cheap and easy to make. Once again, I don’t know). Either way, I know I would buy it and show it to all my theatre friends. Just a thought. (Though I imagine it’s been suggested to you many times.)

  9. TN Says:

    You could just fill the rest of the DVD with old sketches like you did for Gorilla Warefare. I really think you should do it. Think of the money!

  10. Michael Says:

    I think what you guys need to know is this: we fans whant another DVD. Personally, i didn’t like Gorilla Warfare enough to buy it. But who knows about this one?

    Oh yeah, and T-shirts too (w/ quotes from sketches and stuff)

  11. Mia Says:

    I would live to buy a dvd of all the sketches, it doesn’t have to be long it would be better than having to watch the sketches on my laptop

  12. TN Says:

    I like Chris’ idea. Again, think of the money! But also don’t make them too expensive.

  13. Ben Says:

    We’re working on a couple of possible DVD ideas now–thank you all for your encouragement! We’ll hopefully have something for you in the next month or two.

  14. mike Says:

    um, any idea why i can never see the videos on the blog page? i click, the page seems to start loading and never works out…
    im missing out on all the action. the hot and steamy olde english action!

  15. kevin Says:

    oh man that show was awesome. what a great night.

  16. Brian Stempien Says:

    “…. by the end, you’ll need to have grown as a person.”


  17. trapp1 Says: