Predictably in Love

I found this old song a week ago that I really love. It’s off of Rhino Record’s “The Doo Wop Box” and it makes me think that I should give the semi-similar-sounding Antony (& possibly the Johnsons) another chance. It’s by this group The Orioles and that vocal progression is just great.

The Orioles – Crying In The Chapel

Of course the other day I was singing another song expressing the sadness that’s moved into my heart when I realized, “Shit, that’s the same progression!” (nothing like making a musical discovery to totally clear my mind of all troubles).

of Montreal – Just Recently Lost Something Of Importance

So if you know any other songs with this vocal progression let me know, because I’ll have obviously no choice but to love it with all my heart (especially the sad part).

7 Comments on “Predictably in Love”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hey Dave,

    Not sure if you saw the thread I made before, but I need some music-help.

    In the sketch below, there’s a strange choir-sounding song that plays at the very beginning and end of the sketch (the middle of the sketch features that song from Karate Kid, I’ve identified that one already), do you know the name of this choir-y song or who sings it?

  2. David Says:

    oh, sorry i thought i responded to that, no I don’t know what it is, good luck (try e-mailing them?)

  3. Steve Says:

    Alright thanks. I tried emailing TJ Miller but I think he’s too busy being praised by both the Apiary and the Bastion to return my email (diss?), and I couldn’t find Sam Sklaver’s email, although I think he works with Neutrino and I was going to email Ptolemy Slocum (sp?) who wasalso in Recess and is also in Neutrino, but then I realized that this song had slowly taken over my life and decided to draw the line! (I may email Ptolemy sometime in the future)

    If anyone hears this song on the radio (it’ll be on that station that plays foreign choir music you always listen to) let me know! Thanks!

  4. BXH Says:

    Ah, The Bedside Tragedy. One of my favorites.

    But, wow, very observant.

  5. Phool Says:

    My brother is dating Dottie Alexander, keyboardist of Of Montreal! He is currently acting as their roadie.

  6. Melissa Says:

    I love Of Montreal. Did you notice that their chord progression has some extra transition chords in between? That’s what I love about them. 😀

  7. Ian Says:

    I wouldn’t call it a vocal progression – it’s called a melody, and it’s over the same chords.