My least favorite part of the production process

8 Comments on “My least favorite part of the production process”

  1. kevin Says:

    i recently discovered how much of a pain in the ass that is.
    that sketch reminded me of making broekback mountain –finding the right clips and putting them together.

  2. TN Says:

    It never even occured to me you did that green screen. Is that FC Pro?

  3. Olives. Says:

    Jesus, Ben. Way to pull the curtain back on the Great and Powerful Oz. I always imagined you guys just willed the sketches into fruition. My dreams are dashed.

    That looks rather complicated.

  4. sarah hayley Says:

    That is a lot of tracks. Wow.

  5. Sodium Says:

    Call me a masochist, but thats my most favourite part of production.

    maybe i’m just insane.

  6. Ben Says:

    Yep, it was green screened in our dining room, and then edited in Final Cut.

    As far as the tracks go, there are pretty much three divisions of tracks–clips from the show, clips of Raizin, and then the fake background.

    There are a lot of audio tracks because I had to re-compose the Project Runway background music out of little snippets I collected from the spaces in between people talking on the show. It was a pain in the ASS.

  7. sweet and tender hooligan Says:

    Oh quit your whining! Look at all the hard work Raizin put into that smashing work of recyclable genius all for naught. Seriously, editors are often the unsung heroes. Bravo Ben! Personally that stuff makes me dizzy.

  8. Awesomepants Says:

    I have to be totally honest, thats probably my favorite part of the whole “video magic”, the part that looks like magic to small children and gobbldygook to grown children. Old people are silly. I can’t believe they still describe things with the word gobbldygook.