Know-nothing bozo like me

Good evening, pals and gals,

I’d like to take a moment, if I may, to talk about my new favorite fan. I know most of you probably don’t read every comment on every sketch, so let me alert you to a fantastic dialogue happening right now in the comments thread following Pokemon Day (it starts at comment 62):

10thAnniversary Says:
August 25th, 2006 at 1:28 pm

It was retarded. What kind of self-respecting idiot tells a young child their Rayquaza is at L200? Pokemon is in its 10th Anniversary, and it is at the point where it is too important to be mocked at by a bunch of know-nothing bozos who, by watching this video, have nothing better to do with their lives. Pokemon must be respected for its impact on the American pop-culture, and at one of the most prestigous events ever to happen in the captial of the world, this is NOT the place for these guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hulk Hogan found them and busted their asses. Now THAT is funny.

Okay, first of all, 10thAnniversary is absolutely right about one thing. If Hulk Hogan busted our asses, that would truly be hilarious. What strikes me as odd though is when he (she? Can anniversaries be gendered?) says that if that happened he wouldn’t be surprised. Really? That wouldn’t surprise you? If Hulk Hogan, a public persona and law-abiding family man hunted down a bunch of twenty-somethings who made fun of an event he was paid to endorse and beat them up, you wouldn’t be surprised by that? Are you completely unsurprisable? I envy your calm, sir.

What else makes this comment awesome? The fact that Pokemon Day in Bryant Park is referred to as a “one of the most prestigous events ever to happen in the captial of the world.” I can’t add anything to that, besides YES. The conversation continues:

chill out kid.

dude! Take a chill pill. Or two. We were laughing with pokemon, not at it

10thAnniversary Says:
August 27th, 2006 at 10:03 pm

Would it laugh if jokes were made at it? Would it laugh if Pokemon weren’t called by its names? And let me ask you, would YOU laugh if jokes of the kind in this video were aimed toward you?

Again, 10thAnniversary hits the nose right on the button in this call for compassion in a callous world. I am reminded of the following poem:

First they came for the Jigglypuffs, but I did not speak up, for I was not a Jigglypuff.

Then they came for the Bulbasaurs, but I did not speak up, for I was not a Bulbasaur.

Then they came for me. They came once, they came twice, they came chicken soup with rice.

Anyway, there’s more:

ritcheyz Says:

To 10th: Pokemon (the whole shebang, not the actual creatures) can’t talk. Or laugh. And yes, I would laugh.

Anyways, I just loved the whole “What pokemon did hitler hate the most? Pika-Jew!” part. You (all) rule. *bows*

10thAnniversary Says:
September 2nd, 2006 at 11:18 pm

You all stink. *sticks up middle finger*

Notice how 10thAnniversary subtly alters the phrasing of ritcheyz’s last comment to turn a compliment into an insult. Well played, sir. Well played.

You (singular) amaze me. *applauds slowly, but not in the sarcastic way, in the “oh man, that was incredible” way*

And finally:

Ali Says:
September 4th, 2006 at 10:49 pm

This one will NEVER get old

“trading pokemon cards is a really good way of spreading germs, the cold, chicken pox, chlamydia, i’ve got them all”


My friend sent me this one of of youtube and i just cant get enough.

10thAnniversary Says:
September 5th, 2006 at 10:02 am
How could I forget that part? Maybe it was because of how idiotic and ridiculous that statement was. I don’t see people getting sick, do you? Tell me, honestly, did you EVER see people getting sick trading cards? And not just Pokemon, how about something like baseball cards? Hello? Anything going on in your head?

In this comment, 10thAnniversary explains how I am STUPID, because I made a JOKE. Well, that’s easy to say now, but where were you when we were filming this? We could use a fact-checker like you. Also, apparently, in real life people can’t magically make oranges come out of their mouths. I wish someone would have told me this earlier! Oh, the time we could have saved!

I really dig a lot about being in Olde English– riffing at writing meetings, improvising on set, I even secretly kind of enjoy editing– but you fans are the frosting on the cake. 10thAnniversary, I love you!

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  1. Potato Says:

    such twisted minds…such twisted minds. change the good nature of Sesame street (though sometimes is very oblivious to reality (which I seem to like)) well I still like those happy little puppets, my English class does too soooo….ok that means nothing….yes

  2. kevin Says:

  3. J.D. Says:

    10th is someone just trying to play the opposing role and doing it quite well. Oh sure, come back up and post that you really do love Pokemon with every fiber of your being, blah blah blah. It’s a very well played role, but a role nonetheless. Well done. Now take them up on their offer to become a member (if you’re not one already playing the part of pissed-off viewer).

  4. Carolyn Says:

    I have washboard abs now, hooray! =P

    Pokemon is just an easy money-maker. I mean, who can resist a rare sparkly card of a cute little PigglyPoop?

  5. Potato Says:

    Carolyn is so right, I loved the shiny cards. I didn’t care about the fact that they meant anything, but they were shiny.

  6. He's a joke. Says:

    “global warming, the recent death of Steve Irwin, war in Iraq”
    Global tragedies that anyone could list off the top of their head. Why Steve Irwin ranks right up there with thousands of people dying and Earth being suddnely defrosted I will never know, but nobody is truly that stupid..

    But I digress, How many people do YOU see that cares this passionately about pokemon? None. Therefore there is nobody who cares this much about pokemon, correct?

    “Maybe it was because of how idiotic and ridiculous that statement was. I don’t see people getting sick, do you? Tell me, honestly, did you EVER see people getting sick trading cards?”

    How many people do YOU see getting sick from trading cards? None? Therefore there is nobody who gets sick from trading cards, correct?

    Or we could use our imaginations (combined with some common sense) to see that a network of millions of pieces of paper (money included) which have been handled at one time or another are (as everyone knows) DEFINITELY IMMUNE TO CONTAMINATION.

    But you rational thinkers already knew that. This guy is too good at thinking like an idiot, he can’t be real.

  7. Joe Says:

    Excuse this comment if it is a double post, I’m not sure how many times I clicked submit. Anyway, I have to admire 10th for his (or her?) boldness in defending the Pokémon community and its principles. Pokémon after all, strives to maintain a sense of teamwork, innocence, and fun – qualities that are not to be sneered at. I’ve watched the video Olde English produced, and while I did enjoy a few portions of the production, I did not agree with the racial/social slurs and fabrications presented to the viewer; it’s clear that Pokémon does not embody dishonesty, contempt, or the improper use of established nouns. If the tables were turned, I am sure that you would not want someone to blatantly make fun of your favorite hobby, so cut 10th some slack for defending his interests.

    Obviously, I am also a fan of the Pokémon community, and according to the turnout at Pokémon sponsored events, there are tens of thousands of fans worldwide, perhaps even more than that. I would also like to add that even if you want to make a point, it is not a good habit to start throwing out words such as ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’. Such words just make you seem ignorant and primitive, which I’m sure you are (hopefully) not.

  8. Fabio Says:

    10th I wrote you a song and it was sooo catchy but then I forgot how it went. do you have a myspace cause I really want to look at it

  9. Bryy Says:

    I really do not know if 10th is real or fake.

    His passion is seriously fucked up enough to warrant retarded status (and I should know, I’m a retard). He misses the most obvious jokes (btw, I bet he likes to watch as Pokemon’s procreate btw that was an obvious joke).

    But then again, some fans of Zelda are pissed off beyond comprehension that Link is now a right-handed man.

    So I’ll believe either.

  10. Adam Says:

    Sorry Joe, your comment was initially marked as spam, which is why (I assume) you didn’t get notified the first time you tried to post it. That said — THE PLOT THICKENS!

  11. Potato Says:

    I’m getting to love this conversation and I don’t know why. Someday I’ll give up, but that day doesn’t seem to be today. mountains and mountains of homework orrrrrr post on OE…..So Pokemon enthusiasts, why does Ash want to be the very best? I’m not trying to make fun of it or anything I just don’t get it. (Being the very best seems to be a thing in Minnesota doesn’t make us nonrich folk very high on the chain) but whyyyy?

  12. kevin Says:

    hide “mental retardation” before these guys find THAT one!

    potato, don’t use the blog to procrastinate. register on the message board. it’s much more efficient and even further away from homework. maybe that pokemon dude will register, too and you guys canhave a pokemon battle.

  13. Mattie G Says:

    London Bridge – Fergie….
    maybe if we all just listened to her angelic sound, we would be at peace. ahhh my sweet, peaceful london bridge!

  14. Roth Says:

    Okay well I could take your level of obbsesion. But really, you’ve taken it to a whole new level. You care about it more than Steve Irwin. DAMN YOOOOOOOU!

  15. Frank Says:

    I have to wonder what this kid did before Pokemon.

    Now I still like it a lot. But I take my time and appreciate other things in life as well.

    Even a Pokefan like me still appreciated the humor in this movie. You gotta laugh. Actually the more you know about Pokemon (and Greek culture), the funnier it gets.

    Now, let’s all have a bacchanalia!

  16. Timmahh Says:

    point of inquiry, shut up

  17. Potato Says:

    has the conversation finally died?

  18. Cocoa McPuff Says:

    My god…. this is hilarious. I know it’s a tad bit late to be jumping in. But 10th anniversary ius hilarious! I play pokemon myself, which made the video even FUNNIER!

    And my friend and I have followed up on the playing with the word “pokemon”

    Whats a pokemon’s drug of choice? COKEMON!

  19. Chris D Says:

    Welcome to the internet.

  20. b-( *_* )-d Says:

    haha what a poke-queer

    pokemons are gay to the max

  21. b-( *_* )-d Says:

    yup im with conservacrab