A smile and a handshake

So, yesterday we met with Peter Principato of Principato-Young Entertainment, a top-notch agency with a spot-on focus for comedy, and had a great conversation regarding us, him, his company, and comedy; truly an enlightening and invigorating interaction. It was really amazing to talk with someone with such a long history with every comedian I’ve liked in the past 20 years as well as the ones I’ll be laughing at for the next 10 *cough* two-thirds of Stella, Will Arnett, half the UCB, Reno 911 *end cough*. What’s it all add up to? Well, starting today they have a history with us too. Yep, Principato-Young will now be representing us in the world of film, television, and money making at large. So if you have thousands of dollars you want to give us to make content for your worldwide entertainment company, give them a ring (rocktzar, I’m looking at you).

24 Comments on “A smile and a handshake”

  1. kevin Says:

    this made me very happy. now maybe comedy central will FINALLY look into my letters.

  2. Dave Says:

    That’s great, guys. Congrats.

  3. Simon Says:

    I love Will Arnett

  4. Olives. Says:

    I’m actually feeling a twinge of jealously. I want you guys to be successful-as-hell, but I really don’t want all the idiots of the world to go around quoting you guys. I want my “OEMB fangirl membership card” and bloody banana right fucking now.

    …and Congrats!

  5. sarah hayley Says:

    Congratulations! That’s so fantastic!!

  6. Christina Says:

    I feel for Olives, but still, congrats guys! This is fantastic news!

  7. stew Says:

    congratulations are in order!

    so, congratulations!

    that’s great guys, im wicked happy to hear that. just don’t forget us little people when you’re on fox, cancelled by fox, and picked up by showtime or comedy central.


  8. Adam Says:

    Stew — actually, that happens even more than you think — half the comedies on TV right now were originally commissioned as pilots by Fox, and were sold to another network when Fox passed.

  9. nora Says:

    wow guys, congrats!!

  10. Emily Says:

    Yay for OE!! I can’t wait until you guys become famous, then everyone knows your name, then I can be like “I totally like loved them before they got all famous” then all my friends can think i’m lying just so I can look cool.

  11. Rocktzar Says:

    Who me? I wish i had all that money to give you. lol anyway well done

  12. cap'n steve Says:

    congrats, OE!
    thanks for pointing that out though olives. this will be one of the first things i’ve been a raving fan of before it became big and/or wildly popular. time to buy and hoard all the oe material i can!

  13. David Says:

    We highly recommend buying and hoarding. Very highly.

  14. Ingrid Cold Says:

    so you guys are gonna have a show!?…do you know any other details yet…or is it just kinda up in the air?

  15. Adam Says:

    Ingrid — right now it doesn’t mean much beyond the fact that they’re representing us and giving us their support in the entertainment world. They can help us make good things happen, but there’s still a lot of work to do before we get there. So no, no TV show yet — but keep your fingers crossed, of course!

  16. Ingrid Cold Says:

    Well best of luck to you then!

  17. Rocktzar Says:

    Ive just taking some luck out of my swiss bank account and im sending it over right now, please allow 3-5 days for shiping

  18. kevin Says:

    i’ve tried shiping money before. it’s a very hard thing to shipe.

  19. Luke Says:

    I feel like my children are growing up… except they aren’t my children…. and they’re older then me… and they are grown up already.. but on another note congratz

  20. phil Says:

    I hope you guys do good in what ever happens, but please keep making good comedy.

  21. Justin Wick Says:

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  22. kevin Says:

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  23. kevin Says:

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  24. kevin Says: