Raizin and I are left alone

So after getting a good take of the No Video Today video, Raizin and I were left to our own devices and decided to do a re-recording as a duo. Here are the results:

Rai Rai & Dai Dai

9 Comments on “Raizin and I are left alone”

  1. Fabio Says:

    I actually liked that better than the origional. First comment!

  2. kevin Says:

    hahahaha robin-bobz vavsberg?! hahahahaha

  3. sarah hayley Says:

    Yeah, you totally should have used this take… that’s a killer duo right there

  4. Presley Says:

    That’s the creakiest chair in the hemisphere.

    Also I enjoyed this more than the original.

  5. jeff Says:

    i like how you did it. having the originak on the main oage, and having this one in here. both are sweet. but ya, the second one was just a lil bit cooler.
    Forth Comment!

  6. Kyle Says:

    LOL, justin to kelly. Great stuff.

  7. Hipster Scum Says:

    Allright, this doesn’t apply to the blog, but I donno where else to say it: A link to Photobooth was on the front page of myspace! That’s like, big. EVERYONE goes to Myspace! You guys rock. Get famous so everyone knows how awesome you are.

  8. TheBlunderbuss Says:

    Much more delightful than the actual video!

  9. Mr. Noodles Says:

    ashamed and scared and ill-prepared la la, la la, la la la