What’s Your Song of the Week?

Throw it up in the comments!

Here’s mine: Grizzly Bear – On a Neck, On a Spit

Story #1: On Tuesday, Joel, Crichton (of “Like Children” fame), and myself went to the Grizzly Bear show over at Bowery Ballroom. J & C had to leave early so they missed out on the fantastic show closing version of the song. If you get a chance to catch one of the shows they’re doing as support for TV on the Radio, you’ll be in for a treat, since both bands have fantastic sacks of songs at their disposal, and will more than certainly be finding their way to several end-o-year best of lists.

Story #2: The day I first heard the new Grizzly Bear record will haunt me for a while and certainly cement the album as a sign o’ the times. I was on my way home on the subway checking this album out and being wowed by nearly every song. It’s not everyday you fall in love with an album, and this one felt special. It evoked a similar sense of greater emotion that my favorite music seems to share and pretty soon my thoughts were on love and how lucky I was to have a wonderful girl to come home to everyday. When the subway opened up, I rushed out of the station and into my building, came up the stairs and went straight to my room where my girlfriend was reading. She had something to say but I made a motion for quiet and plugged in my iPod to throw on this song. “I just heard this on the subway, it’s great.” We listened to it for a bit and she nodded in agreement, though it didn’t seem to send her heart flying like it had mine. Something was wrong. I knew she would love this song as much as I did, and I was thrown by her mild level of enjoyment. “What’s up?”, I asked. “I got into law school. I’m moving to Illinois in two weeks.” It’s not easy carrying on so far apart, but while some of the blessings I counted then are on hold, most of them are still with me everyday. It’s not an easy weight for a song to hold, but I still think I was pretty lucky, cause this one can pull off the job.

18 Comments on “What’s Your Song of the Week?”

  1. Stefan Says:

    thats a heck of a story david

    My song of the week: A Stranger, by: A Perfect Circle

  2. Caleb Says:

    A Vida- by Unico Black,
    Golden Cage- Whitest Boy Alive
    Fall In Love- Tortured Soul.


  3. Olives. Says:

    All I Want To Do Is Rock – Travis

    (It’s my song of the next few years, really. I listen to it on a loop almost every day.)

  4. James Says:

    Silver Jews – Smith & Jones Forever.

    You made me really excited about life with your story. Beautiful.

  5. sarah hayley Says:

    Anna Begins- Counting Crows

  6. cap'n steve Says:

    “wolf like me” by TV on the Radio!
    i found TV on the Radio because a man came into my work wearing a shirt that said TVOTR and i had to ask him about it. there was a crazy dragon on the shirt.

  7. Ben Says:

    Wayward and Parliament – Amy Millan
    Chinese Translation – M. Ward
    Thursday – Asobi Seksu

  8. Gabe Says:

    Those were quite some stories, Dave. I appreciate your clear passion for music, in all it’s forms.

    1) Bathtime in Clerkenwell – The Real Tuesday Weld
    2) Fuck Was I – Jenny Owens Young

    I changed it to two songs.


  9. Rach Says:

    Illinois isn’t so bad! Move here with her! And bring your ipod.

    Sorry to read that though.

    Let me in – Garrison Starr

  10. sarah hayley Says:

    After going to the concert, I change my song to Majesty Snowbird by Sufjan Stevens.

  11. xdrewx Says:

    No Passenger: No Parasite – Norma Jean

  12. Jeff Says:

    Half Shark Alligator Half Man–by Dr. Octagon.

    its sweet wierd rap. This song is off the album ocagonachilogist. He took acid and wrote the entire album in one day in his bathroom. Totally rad.

  13. Fwching/bxh Says:

    Sharing my love for Grizzly Bear, my envy that you were able to attend a show that I could not because of a Cornell visit, and my sympathy that you have to deal with your gf’s move.

    But yeah man, I don’t care if every hipster online mag in the world doesn’t shut up about it for the next three months, I will count Yellow House as one of my favorites for a long, long time.

  14. David Says:

    oh man, I love Half Shark Alligator Half Man! I get that song in my head all the time!

  15. Mattie G Says:

    I think I have the best say over anything AMY MILLAN, as I, like her, am Canadian. Yes, she is awesome, the whole album Honey, From the Tombs is amazing. Also, if ya like that, check out Jason Collett (from the same label, Arts and Crafts) and also Joshua Radin.

  16. Victoria Says:

    I just got back from seeing Grizzly Bear and TVOTR at the Showbox, here in Seattle, and I must say, you were right. Grizzly Bear was amazing! Better than TVOTR, I think. Though, they played a completely different version of “On a Neck, On a Spit”… it was downright boppy.

    SOTW: Okkervil River – “Lady Liberty”

  17. Kevin Quinn Says:


    but anyway, Touch of Grey – The Grateful Dead

  18. piratesmile Says:

    I’m pretty late to be commenting on this post- but I’m choosing to reject that reality and replace it with my own.

    Lately The Arcade Fire has been filling my head phones- Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) is my favorite.

    I adore that album from Grizzly Bear. The first song I heard from them I wasn’t that wild about- but then my friend made me a mix CD and it had On a Neck, On a Spit on it and I fell love. I’ve heard they’re amazing live- but I’ve yet to be fortunate enough to see for myself.