Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Baby Time!

Hey, jerkwads.

This is a video we made for a friend of my sister.

Enjoy it, but don’t get any ideas.

We’re not scaling back on sketch production so we can make a bunch of video birthday cards all the damn time.

In fact, we’re not making any more birthday videos. So don’t ask.

You know, it was my birthday a few months ago and nobody made a video for me.

Did you make a video for me? No. You didn’t. And that’s why I’m not going to make a birthday video for you or any of your non-birthday-video-for-Raizin-making friends.
That’ll teach you to not do things.

17 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Melissa!”

  1. Jake Says:

    Guys, this is so great I’m really happy you’re going to fulltime birthday video making. It’s really a great market and I’m happy you finally decided to delve into it. I’ll start spreading the word around that you are dedicated to making ONLY birthday videos.

    This is seriously great news!!!!!!!!

  2. Stefan Says:

    hahahaha man that video is great…it was hilarious seeing Adam all pissed off!

  3. becky Says:

    dear fans,
    raizin is a really good brother.
    his sister

  4. QB Says:

    Bwahahaha! That was the best birthday video ever!

  5. Hipster Scum Says:

    Bwohoha. I love you guys, so, so much. Adam still manages to be funny while feeling the urge to punch Raizin in the face.

  6. kevin Says:

    i thought it was all acting until the end. adam seemed really serious in the end.

  7. farsheed Says:

    Oh, poor adam! Those are some rough work conditions…

  8. Zarkov Atreas Says:

    Dudes, I need to know. Did Adam finish his project? Should the OE community all pitch in and send him birthday cake? Also, should he really be eating all of that birthday cake? All the sugar probably isn’t good for the baby.

  9. Rocktzar Says:

    you two did one hell of a job confusing Adam there.
    Sorry i missed your birthday Raizin, what date is it? next year ill try and make you a video!

  10. Sigma Says:

    Why does it look like Adam’s playing an FPS when he’s supposed to be working?

  11. ostrich Says:

    i don’t think i could live with a fellow sketch comedian and not just have fun and make sketches all the time. i actually admire adam’s ability to be serious and have a job.

    that was hilarious.

  12. a friend of Amalia's Says:

    maybe you should make a video for raizins OTHER sisters friend!

  13. sarah hayley Says:

    So. Funny.

  14. THE Melissa Says:

    Olde English,

    I know you guys never met me, so the fact that you agreed to make a video for my birthday is pretty incredible. What’s even better is that it’s hysterical too! I’m so glad that others got some enjoyment out of it. As a token of my gratitude, I promise to preach the gospel of Olde English forever, and ever, and ever, and ever…

    You guys are amazing…and, yes, even Adam is amazing too.


  15. Andy Says:

    vii = 6 🙂

  16. sergeant nate Says:

    i got the first 4 comments on the posters so :p

  17. Jessie Says:

    Adam was playing Minesweeper, lol.