Cause Petitions Are Totally Effective

So there was this great musician (producer/rapper) who went by the name of J. Dilla (as well as Jay Dee). He was on a shortlist of music makers who never went out of rotation once you heard them. You got hooked and you just stayed that way. This year he passed away after a fight with a number of illnesses that forced him to make his final album, Donuts, from his hospital bed. The pure devotion that that act exhibits is pretty amazing; the fact that the album is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard is heart-breaking. The reason I’m relating all this to you is that he has an unreleased album from his days at MCA that a number of people are trying to get released. I’d like to count you as one of those people. If you don’t know his work, here’s a few examples:

Slum Village – Fall in Love

Common – The Light

The Roots – Dynamite!

Jaylib – Nowadayz

A Tribe Called Quest – Get a Hold

Sign the petition here

6 Comments on “Cause Petitions Are Totally Effective”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Signed, hope its trotally effective.

  2. Stefan Says:

    Ah! A Tribe Called Quest! I love them! They are what got me into hip-hop you know.

    I must say though Dave that online petitions actually aren’t effective at all…not to rain on your parade but it’s pretty much fact.

    I know I’m such a downer…

  3. Mr. Noodles Says:

    Signed the petition.

    And congrats for being featured on the front page of YouTube!

  4. Jurassic Clark Says:

    Oh My God! I can’t believe you were on the YouTube homepage! I had been requesting an OE video to be in their ‘featured’ section, but never very formally. I wonder if I had anything to do with it! Congrats, and I hope you get a bunch of new fans!

  5. farsheed Says:

    R.I.P. Jay Dilla. Awesome, prolific and underappreciated.

    He’s probably influenced so many producers that don’t even realize.

    Speakin of hip-hop memories, I was just thinkin about that time we were listenin to BlackStar in your car when it first came out. Here’s to drivin around, listening to tracks, schemin’ and kickin it.


  6. AngelaBrwno Says:

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