Maybe I spoke too soon…

Hey, wannabe actors and sleepy cats.

Have any of you guys been to youtube lately? Because big things are happening there. Really big things. Especially if you’re a fan of Olde English.

That’s right! Someone made me a birthday video! This was made by Set, a friend of mine from high school (in high school, everyone’s name was also a thing– language was much more efficient that way).

Enjoy! Because there is nothing else worth looking at on youtube. Nope, nothing at all. Especially not on the front page of youtube, under featured videos.

9 Comments on “Maybe I spoke too soon…”

  1. Shirley Says:

    I saw that video when the OE account on youtube marked it as one of it’s favorites. It was very nice of her to make you a birthday video, but now it means all of the other devoted OE fans must make you a birthday video as well or else we’ll all look cheap.

    And I loved her letter to Adam, has he responded yet?

  2. Mr. Noodles Says:

    haha, Happy birthday Raizin, I thought you didn’t want a video and were just mad at me.

    Mad at us.

    Mad at WE.

  3. raven Says:

    that cat video just made my week

  4. Mr. Fifty-Sumpin Says:

    So Adam’s mother who we were college friends with said we should check out this U2b video and I said that used to be so 20something but now its OK bc Google owns it, so I did. I don’t get it it must be some generation gape thing, I mean he just sits there and his Tshirt keeps changing, but why? an how do they do that is it some kind of computer graphics thingies? I liked the music tho its very Philip Glass if you know what I mean. Koyaanisqatsi was one of my favorites altho I fell asleep even more often than Dinner w/ Andre. This was sort of like that in a way but more 21st cent and a lot shorter, good for adhd types. Now, I think we should give everyone their space so it is just too selfish to call it MySpace that’s kids these days I guess. It was just different back in the 60’s. Whuffie, dudes!

  5. sarah hayley Says:


  6. Sigma Says:

    Raizin, please do a take on the comments posted on YouTube!

    I have to say though, the best comments were all posted by you guys anyway (on the aconover account). The rest were mostly “that was awesome”, “those girls are hot”, or “you’re gay”. Ahh, YouTube.

    It was a bit sad (but not really surprising) that so many people thought you really did take one picture a day.

  7. Amelia Says:

    A friend sent me your picture-a-day video on YouTube, and it was like a gift from god. You see, I sustained a nasty dog bite to my middle finger on Monday, with a considerable amount of blood and pain involved since then. But, with the aid of your video, I was distracted for a few precious moments, forgetting about my cares, troubles, and woes (in that order). Laughter truly is the best medicine.

    Thank you!

  8. phil Says:

    poop! OE is getting popular.
    Why did this have to happen?

  9. sarah hayley Says:

    Yeah, god forbid they get more fans and make a decent living!