Side Shots!

Time to highlight some projects from OE affiliates!

Chioke Nassor (who filmed Pizza Delivery) recently went on tour with TV on the Radio as their tour documentarian. He also directed, wrote, and starred in this little gem that stars my sister and a guest shout by myself. It was filmed by Ben and Asif.

Which brings me to: Asif Siddiky (who’s filmed a number of things for us including Mobsters and It’s Your Thing and appeared as a straight-faced cohort in One Picture Every Day and The Perfect Job) has been hard at work on a documentary about video game music culture (tentatively entitled “Play”).

Elsewhere: Fellow NYC group (and Train Spotting extras), Elephant Larry won a contest from the good people at JibJab that got one of their sketches directed by John Landis (of Animal House and other top comedies of your parents generation)

So that’s that!

9 Comments on “Side Shots!”

  1. sarah hayley Says:

    Tall Cop Short Cop = phenomenal!!!

  2. Stefan Says:

    HEY! one of Elephant larry’s cast members has my same first name!!! yay!

  3. QB Says:

    I’m really glad you linked us to those winning sketches. Most of them were awesome.

  4. JesusStoleMySnowcone Says:

    Well you look like one bitch!


  5. Olives. Says:

    What a wonderful post. How did you guys not get-in on this Landis action?

  6. David Says:

    We actually did submit, but unfortunately were told our script came in 7th, which didn’t qualify us for the competition.

  7. Timmahh Says:

    do you guys ever go on tours? i would love to see you live. let me know when you’re in houston.

  8. Adam Says:

    I’d like to reemphasize that — we were, we were told, 7th out of six finalists. A fact of which we’re proud, but in a shamed sort of way.

  9. Olives. Says:

    Ouchie. Well, you’re #1 in my heart.