Olde English on Good Morning America!

Tomorrow morning, our “One Picture Every Day” video will be featured on Good Morning America! First Germany, then Japan, and now America! We’re finally the international sell-outs we’ve always dreamed of being.

In celebration of our major network debut, I thought I’d share some photos Asif took of the shoot.

Many of the 5000 comments on our YouTube posting compliment me personally on a job well done (others call me a gaywad), though it actually took a team of five people three straight days of work to make this video. Check it out!

25 Comments on “Olde English on Good Morning America!”

  1. Victoria Says:


    BTW, FYI, you guys should post behind-the-scenes shots more often.

  2. Mr. Noodles Says:

    You used Photo Booth, nice.

    BTW, LOL, how long did it take you to edit?

  3. a friend of Amalia's Says:

    you’re only big when you get to “good morning sub-saharan africa.”

  4. Olives. Says:

    WONDERFUL!! I’ll be taping it!

  5. Adam (TN) Says:

    Damn, someone needs to post the recording of the show.

    Also, nice desktop in the third shot.

  6. becky Says:

    haha raizin sure looks like he’s working hard…

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    Congratulations! Did the new comedy agent have anything to do with this? Or is it all just YouTube hype?

    Either way, I can’t say I’m surprised. You’re due.

  8. ostrich Says:

    congratulations! by the way, LOVE your computer background.

  9. Ben Says:

    that’s caleb’s laptop, so it’s not really surprising that the background is a picture of hana. caleb has always had kind of a thing for hana. when hana found out–in the spring–she was so weirded out that she stopped working with us all for months. that’s why she wasn’t in videos for so long.

    (none of that was true. that’s actually raizin’s laptop–and he has a rotating desktop wallpaper that randomly selects images from his pictures folder.)

  10. LK Says:

    Bwahahahahaha I knew Caleb liked Hana! But I like Caleb so I’m heart broken.

    Also, way to go guys! I was one of the less than 20 people at the Chicago Sketchfest show, so I take credit for that audience. The next time you roll through Chicago there will be more than 100 people there, and I also take credit for that. But that’s all, the rest of the credit goes to Olde English.

    Also, this is my first time posting a comment after years of watching and it got screwed up. I am going to cry myself to sleep and never comment again.

  11. Chris Says:

    Best photo montage ever. And by ever, I mean “of the moment”. The picture of Raizin really makes it. The End.

  12. Rachel Says:

    oh you guys.
    getting so famous.
    soon everyone will know who I’m talking about when I make one of my frequent references to your videos.
    it’s slightly frightening.

  13. L Says:

    Congrads on selling out and best wishs for both shows!

  14. stew Says:

    congratulations guys! wish i got to see it. if any of you have it on tape, or a digital capture of it, let me know! thanks!


  15. Ruby Says:

    I can’t find a direct link to the video, but if you look on the side, there are two links to videos of “Picture a Day” – one shows most of it (notice they edit out the pot) and the other has them talking about it.


  16. Ross Says:

    Crap, I meant to record it this morning. Stupid bad memory.

    If by chance anyone else did record it (and has it availible) that would be awsome.

  17. Olives. Says:

    I love that you’ve posted pictures of yourselves taking pictures of yourselves, by the way.

    Also, your little GMA spot made me extremely giddy!

    Like sissy girl.

  18. Ben Says:

    You can watch our GMA clip here.

    Thanks for the link, Ruby!

  19. Timmahh Says:

    good job guys, now you can really sell out and start making comedic comercials for corporations. give them that human touch.

    but really, i love you guys. it’s about time more people knew about yall.

  20. Ruby Says:

    You’re welcome – glad you fared better with the link than I did.

  21. Roth Says:

    Hey guys, great job! That’s amazing, you finally got on TV. xD

    What about free hugs though? >.>

  22. Emily Says:

    Wow, it’s like seeing a kiddie walk for the first time. Except the kiddie is like 6 and has been walking for a while now, but everyone is just noticing the kiddie walking. But they really should have noticed like 5 years ago, when the kiddie could shoot people with imaginary guns and spit out an orange, peel and all. But whatever, no grudge. But yeah, I can’t wait till y’all get famous. Also, I was reading some back posts on the MB a while ago, and there was a post looking for a DC theatre (notice how I spell it “theatre” thats cause I like to pretend i’z gots the good english (say in cletus voice)). The State Theater (http://www.thestatetheater.com/) is a great one, it’s in Falls Church (VA, but totally really close to DC), but that doesn’t really matter, cause all the Kool Kats from DC come cause its really close to the Metro (subway) And the free paper that everyone reads (Express) always covers the awesome people that come to play there. And I swear to Holy Jumping Beans, I will come if you perform there. And I will bring 2 people 😀

  23. Saskboy Says:

    It’s not surprising it took at least 3 days. The hard work paid off though, congrats.

  24. Bryy Says:

    What kind of light is that?

  25. Zachary Hinchliffe Says:

    Are those MACS you’re using?! SOMEONE USES MAC OTHER THAN ME?! *faints*