Where’s Olde English?

Where's WaldoWhat’s up, Gumshoes?

A little over three years ago, we started putting together a sketch detailing the behind-the-scenes rocky romance between Waldo of “Where’s Waldo?” fame and Carmen Sandiego of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” fame. It seemed like a natural fit, and an easy way to skewer two popular phenomena that had both somehow escaped high-profile parody. We even had the sketch cast, with Joel playing Waldo and Suzanne playing Carmen. Unfortunately, the sketch got derailed by massive rewrites, and re-rewrites– I vaguely remember the phrase “masturbating in front of a mirror” sprinkled liberally through the script– and eventually the project drowned in a whirlpool of competing visions.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, since we stopped posting videos every weekday except Tuesday (Fuck Tuesday), a lot of our fans might be wondering what we’ve been up to. Have we all gone to a beach full of sea monsters and fat ladies and a guy with a shark fin hat in the water and towels and umbrellas that are patterned the exact same way as our sweaters? (And why are we wearing sweaters to the beach anyway?) Or have we hopped the first plane to the country whose primary exports are salt and lumber? (Check your almanacs!)

The real answer exists somewhere between the two. We’ve been juggling a number of projects, one of particularly large importance that we’ll be able to announce sometime next week (here’s a hint: you’ll finally get that CGI-live action Boxer vs. Raptor you’ve all so clearly been pining for).

So, what have we been up to? We had a big show at the UCB Theatre in New York and another one up in Toronto. We had a great time at the Toronto Sketchfest, performing with local fan favorite Frenzy. Special thanks to Jordan of Accidental Company for letting us stay in his place and show us around the neighborhood.

In other news, Hana has parted ways with Olde English to pursue other interests. Hana has been a vital member of the group over the last three years and we wish her nothing but the best in all her future adventures. Fans of Suzanne, Jesse, Tavit, and Adam Janos know that with Olde English, goodbye is never forever, and we look forward to working with her again on many Olde English projects.

What’s next for OE? We’re throwing together a FREE show of our best material next Thursday at 5:30 at the UCB Theatre which Ben just wrote a blog post about while I was writing this post. So, go read his post.

Also, do you live in Georgia? Because Alan C. Pope High School in Marietta, GA is putting on the first ever all-live version of Olde English’s Gorilla Warfare: A sketch comedy. The show is December 15th and 16th at 7:00 pm and in addition to featuring live adaptations of the video sketches from the Gorilla Warfare DVD, the show also includes four bonus gorilla sketches written by Olde English.

To close this post, I am including my all-time favorite picture of Hana, after the jump. Hana is a sweetheart, a ladybug, and a barrel of dynamite and I think the picture captures it all. The photo is hi-res and suitable for desktop backgrounds, if I may say so myself.
Hana and WILL ARNETT!!!
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36 Comments on “Where’s Olde English?”

  1. Adam (TN) Says:

    AHHHH so much news going on! So sad about Hana though. I will most definitely be at at least one of the featured shows. Oh, so many choices…

  2. Olives. Says:

    Mmmm…I want to have Will Arnett’s children.

    Also: Goodbye, Hana!

    [Is Dave’s sister going to replace her? She’s a total cutie.]

  3. Fimion Says:

    YAY! GEORGIA! I am SO going to that!

  4. kevin Says:

    nobody will replace her. but jesse should be brought back in. tell him his other stuff sucks. it doesn’t, but just tell him that.

  5. Brad T Says:

    oh man, now its official, OE is now a total sausage fest… its okay, if kids in the hall can pull it off, so can you guys

  6. Michael Says:

    yo, put the greater D.C. area on your map, guys. I ain’t drivin to georgia, on the account my not bein allowed back since the noodle incedent 🙁

    …oh, what sad misadventures of my young life

  7. Rocktzar Says:

    HANA!!! NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* Well good luck for the future! Ill miss you!

  8. Kaydria Says:

    I hope this means more cross-dressing.

  9. Stefan Says:

    …Hana…I barely knew yuh!…except for that fetish she had with spreading peanut butter all over her hairy belly.

  10. cap'n steve Says:

    wow… hana, i’ll miss you! i’ll miss you THE MOST!
    so, ah… also i am really excited for the huge project coming out. and it’s too late to say something like “well it’s not that big,” because my hopes are already up.
    good luck guys, and keep it up!

  11. Kileigh Says:

    Oh, the amount of information in this post!

    Hana, you made Olde English not as manly, as I’m sure you know.

    But you will be missed! And are now featured on my desktop! The greatest acheivement ever, I know. You deserve it, much love, and lots of luck!

  12. Keilah Says:

    You will be missed, Hana! Wish you best of luck towards your future.

  13. Debbie Segal Says:

    The best of luck to you Hannah, you truly are a multi talented individual. Hopefully we won’t have to miss you for too long! I look forward to seeing you perform with OE in the near future.

  14. Timmahh Says:


  15. Alex Says:

    I don’t want Hana to leave, theres a pit of sad in my chest now

  16. lulu Says:

    does this mean there will be a new video soon? because i am starting to get very depressed without even a weekly fix of olde english… to the point that i had a nightmare that there was a new video, but the link wouldn’t work for me. it was terribly scary.

    and no videos would be ok if i could see all the cool live shows, but alas, i am in texas and cannot. even georgia is too far away. 🙁

    please post (videos) soon. or at least for finals (they are in about 2 weeks).

  17. John Says:

    It’s about time Georgia got some love.

  18. Bryy Says:

    Well, hope she does well for herself.

  19. Craig Says:

    So what happens if you guys cut a deal for a TV show? Do you think former members (especially Hanna) will be asked to come along for the ride?

  20. Kattastic Says:

    apparently, transformers have more allure than we could have ever imagined…

    we’ll miss you hana! good luck with everything you do!

    (and please come back for surprise guest visits)

  21. Timmahh Says:

    you should just do a show in texas. i’ll bring friends if you do.

  22. Cheryl Says:

    I agree with Timmahh. Now, where to get friends…

  23. Adam Says:

    There will be a new video soon. Just wait for it.

  24. Chris D Says:

    You know what’d be cool? If you made a video that only featured ex members of OE. It’d have Joel, Tavit, Jon and Hana, oh and Janos. I know it’s probably less than possible, but I think it’d be kinda sweet.

  25. Your Mom Says:

    Hey Chris D, you forgot about Jesse, Suzanne, and Shira! And yeah it would be pretty cool. What would also be cool is a sketch with members that have never worked together before, like Shira and Caleb, or Suzanne and Hana.

  26. Potato Says:

    I hate living in Minnesota it’s so far away from good stuff. I feel for ya Texans.

  27. B. Bartokomous Says:

    Wait – we have to vote Hana out if she’s out. Or time for public comments at least. We need a meeting. Can’t we just have a freakin’ meeting? Can she just do this? I don’t think she can explore other things without a meeting. At least a meeting.

  28. Ross Says:

    Wow, a Carmen Sandiego and Where’s Waldo skectch. That would be awesome. Now I wish it could have been made… 🙁

    On another note, I never realized that anyone else ever watched “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”. I guess it’s not as obscure as I thought. Next you’ll be telling me you’re doing a sketch about the show “Ghostwriter” or something else I’m convinced only I watched as a kid.

  29. James Says:

    Ghostwriter was a horrible television show, but I watched it.

  30. Ben Says:

    Bartokomous, we have meetings every day, you just haven’t been showing up to them.

  31. Timmahh Says:

    i’m always at the meetings, i’m the one behind the bushes looking through the window.
    i vaguely remember ghostwriter… all i remember is a bouncing white ball. must not have been that great.

  32. Raizin Says:

    Julia Stiles on Ghostwriter


  33. Stacy Lou Says:

    i love raizin’s strange obsession with julia stiles.

  34. Timmahh Says:

    how the hell did you find that?

  35. Cheryl Says:

    Ahh, Ghostwriter. As a kid, I’d beg my mom to buy me necklace-pens so that I could spend all day jotting things down in an old notepad, speaking aloud what I wrote as I wrote it, and then watching the air zoom away.

  36. Vallam Says:


    that is all.