Awesome. Just…awesome.

Below is one of the seven video responses we received on “Ben Takes A Picture Every Day.” The video responses we received fall into three, majorly overlapping categories:
     STRANGE: like the one from the guy who pledges us his full support as the unofficial representative of Hollywood
     BORING: like the one from the lackluster girls who use our video for a homework assignment
     NO REASON FOR EXISTING: like the one from the kid who pretends to watch our video for the first time on camera, and then admonishes me for cheating on my fictional girlfriend.

The video responses all extremely sweet, mind you, I’m just not sure why they exist. With that in mind, watch this very typical video response, which falls into at least two of the three aforementioned categories. (Watch for the clap at the beginning).

Now that you’ve watched that video response, watch this video response to that video response. It’s fucking hilarious.

We watched that video as a group, and we laughed the whole time. It was awesome. Just…awesome. We gave it five stars. We’ve watched some of the other responses to “Ben Takes A Picture Every Day,” but those were just stupid. This one was awesome.

More responses to that response after the break!

I know you’ve already spent ten minutes reading this post, but if you’ve got another couple minutes to kill, check out the video response to the above video response, then this response to that response, then this response to that response, then this response to that response, and then finally this response to that response.


8 Comments on “Awesome. Just…awesome.”

  1. kevin Says:

    oh my lord. awesome. i’m gonna be using that word alot.

  2. Olives. Says:

    That clap gets me every time.

    Ben, I’ve been loyally reading your site and these double posts are making me feel like I’m psychic.

  3. James Says:


    This actually made me cry. The entire thing. The last response (the 7th one–there might be more by now) was a really good ending to my Response video watching.

    this was awesome! just…awesome! look what you did, OE! you caused a new youtube phenomenon…

  4. Chris D Says:

    I think dordo3’s clap was so he could make sure his webcam was capturing. That said, this string of videos has been such a wonderful waste of time that I would have wasted anyway.

  5. Timmahh Says:

    maybe there was a fly in his room. i liked the strangling with the ipod cord.

  6. Presley Says:

    That was truly epic. To make a long story short, I needed to change my clothes after watching those.

  7. JoeBlu Says:

    So we’re up to what, 7 metas now? It’s like a meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-comment on the One Picture Every Day video. I fucking hate the word meta.

  8. dordo3 Says:

    Hey guys!! I searched my “name” on google and this came up and now i have somthing to say about t hese people(olde english)…
    They are just awesome, just. awesome