Big Announcement: There Will Be a Big Announcement!

Hey, all you movers and shakers.

So, remember a few weeks ago when I said a Big Announcement was coming? Well, it looks like I spoke too soon and unfortunately we won’t be at liberty to make our Big Announcement until mid-January, around the 17th. It’s a bummer I know, but even though I can’t tell you what the Big Announcement is, there are certain things I can tell you:

  • The Big Announcement involves new videos.
  • There will be no new videos posted on the site before the Big Announcement.
  • In addition to the Big Announcement, we may have several smaller announcements.
  • What can you do to pass the time between now and the Big Announcement? I’ve come up with some healthy suggestions:
    • Watch more TV. Some of our sharper fans have noticed that MDX, a new energy drink from Mountain Dew, has incorporated One Picture Every Day into some of their new commercials, or to quote a comment from one of our friends on MySpace, “I JUST SAW BEN”S PICTURE EVERY DAY ON A COMMERCIAL FOR SOME SORT OF SODA – THE PUNCH LINE WAS HOW MANY SLICES OF PIZZA WERE SHOWN – it was on BET around 2:00pm JUST NOW!! HOLY CRAP I dropped the remote and stared in disbelief. I was like “I KNOW HIM!!??!!” AMAZING. CONGRATULATIONS”.
    • Move to Georgia. Olde English’s Gorilla Warfare: The Play opens this weekend at Alan C. Pope High School in Marietta, Georgia. The performances are Friday, December 15 and Saturday, December 16 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are five dollars and you can make reservations by calling Nicole at 770-596-3533. Also, Georgia’s just generally a good place to be in these dreary winter months. Also, I hear it’s chock-full of southern belles. Southern belles!
    • Watch even more TV. If you don’t watch The Office on NBC, I can’t recommend it enough, and that’s not just because it stars Jesse’s brother BJ Novak. There’s an hour long Christmas episode tomorrow night. Check it out!
    • Speculate wildly about our Big Announcement, so you’ll be disappointed when we make it. Here are some things our Big Announcement is NOT about:
      • A movie.
      • A TV show.
      • Something for you to buy.
      • Any of the following people:
        • Amy Poehler.
        • Comedian Sean Conroy.
        • Nicole Kidman.
        • The pope.
      • Someone joining Olde English.
      • Someone leaving Olde English.
    • Go for a bike ride.
        • Madonna
    • Read a book.
      • A book.
  • I confused myself.
        • That woman who kind of looks like Nicole Kidman who is also like best friends with Nicole Kidman and sometimes I get her confused with Nicole Kidman.

34 Comments on “Big Announcement: There Will Be a Big Announcement!”

  1. Devin Says:

    AWW you sold your souls to mountain dew, i saw it when i was watching fuse
    its ok it just means youve made it, remember the kids who were there from the get go:
    Arthur got a new haircut got me hooked for life
    you could only go up from there and you have
    thanks for entertaining me for countless hours and to many more to come

  2. Timm Says:

    I dont know if I can keep from killing myself all the way until January, but I’ll try

  3. Timm Says:

    also, could you perhaps make this announcment on the 23 of Januar? thats my birthday 🙂

  4. Stefan Says:

    are you crazy!? sSop tempting them!

  5. Fimion Says:

    it figures. my schedule is now full for the 15th and 16th and there is no way i can gt to marietta to see a show (it’s opening weekend for my show. >_

  6. Olives. Says:

    I shall confine my speculations to the board…and I really hope I’m correct.

  7. Christo Says:

    *tear* I have to say, although I’m anxious to find out what the Big Announcement is, this lengthy wait for new content online is making me sad. Oh well … *waits for Big Announcement*

  8. cap'n steve Says:

    me too, except since i have that time machine, i don’t want to give too much away. i might throw everyone off by making “guesses” as to “what it could possibly be”

  9. Craig Says:

    I just hope the big anouncment has nothing to do with ANOTHER live show I won’t be able to make because I live too damn far. Unless Olde English is going on tour- then you can come to Minnesota! Bong.

  10. Jesse B Says:

    A Minnesota show would be amazing! Do iT!

  11. Adam Says:

    Craig — another live show is, indeed, another thing that the Big Announcement has nothing to do with.

  12. feee Says:

    i was hoping for a sketch for christmas/ my b day

    but i guess not.

  13. feee Says:

    i laugh outloud…literally
    whenever i read these posts

  14. Kyp Says:

    Naomi Watts?

  15. ostrich Says:

    you guys know deadlines don’t actually matter to us. we have come to expect that things will take longer than expected, and you tend to make up for it ten-fold (this summer, a video every day? say what? amazing.)

    cast of gorilla warfare-break some legs!

  16. sarah hayley Says:

    this post should include Kevin’s amazing video

  17. jake Says:

    the big announcement is actually going to be me jumping over every member of olde english on my sweet stunt bike.

    sorry i ruined it.

  18. Stefan Says:

    On a scale of 1-10….how big is this announcment? One: being not all that big but still big enough to be mentioned before hand, and ten: being an immensly ginormous announcment.

  19. nicole Says:

    I knew it was his brother! Ah, I knew it.

  20. higgonaitor Says:

    So. I’m looking for that one sketch with that scene from munich in it. Wanna help me out?

    sorry about how its completely unrelated.



  21. Timmahh Says:

    must be about Julia Stiles, otherwise they would have listed her in the “NOT about” catagory. did you see her in that movie O? i loved that movie.

  22. andrew Says:

    I see you guys are performing at the san fran sketch fest. very nice

  23. kevin Says:

    higgs, its “prank boyz”. if you have any questions, feel free to stop by the message board.

  24. Craig Says:

    Here’s an announcment: The animated Blind Date sketch which is pretty old is now a featured video on YouTube. Weird.

  25. Adam (TN) Says:

    Animated Blind Date sketch? Should we know that one?

  26. Adam (TN) Says:

    Damnit I’m retarted. I was thinking first date.

  27. Sandy Mackay Says:

    Woah, Woah, Woah. Olde English was just on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When they were showing clips from YouTube they used Olde English’s site. Look closely during the “Time Person of the Year” segment from Dec. 18th.

  28. Craig Says:

    Please answer this Olde English members: Do you receive royalties for every time an energy drink or a political comedian use a video of yours on television, or does your creative commons license keep kicking you in the ass every night while you sleep?

  29. Ben Says:

    Royalties are something that are negotiated as part of a contract, and are never part of contracts for commercials. Rather, we licensed that video to the soft drink company for a limited amount of time (2 months, i believe), and then if they’d like to continue using that commercial after that time period they have to negotiate a new contract with us.

    When our videos are shown on TV in other forms (the Good Morning America showing, for example), the TV show has to get our approval or license the video from us. GMA didn’t pay us, and if we’d demanded to be paid, they simply wouldn’t have used our clip. Munchies, on the other hand, which was the Fuse TV show that used our videos, had to license our videos from us (again, for a limited amount of time and with noted degrees of exclusivity).

  30. emily Says:

    Advertisers have been stealing your ideas for a while – finally, you are given JUSTICE! (they did pay you, right?)

  31. Ben Says:


  32. Zarkov Atreas Says:

    I am glad you are getting the greenbacks for yo nicknaks.

  33. kevin Says:

    moolah. yuhuh.

  34. Jessie Says:

    its ok, i always confuse Naomi Watts for Nicole Kidman too.