January shows!

Happy New Year, assholes!

I hope you all had a good holiday break, and now it’s time to GET BACK TO WORK. Seriously.

Here in the Olde English lab, we’re busy putting together three new live shows for January.

First, we’re driving all the way from New York to California for our third consecutive appearance in the San Francisco Sketchfest, where we’ll be performing with The Printers’ Daughters and Sean Conroy. We wanted to shake things up a little so instead of just doing a lame boring old best-of show, we’re going to create an entirely new show ON OUR WAY TO SAN FRANCISCO. That’s right, an entire forty minute set conceived, written, rehearsed, filmed, and edited in a week on the road from New York to San Francisco. And to make things more fun, we’re making it a rules show. This show has never been done before and will never be done again, so make sure to see it, because it could be the best show you’ve ever seen! And it also could be terrible! Who knows? It hasn’t been written yet!

Also, while we’re in the Bay Area, we’re stopping by Mill Valley to perform an awesome, action-packed best-of show with Mark Pitta and Friends. So all you North Bay slackers who are too lazy to cross the bridge can see what all the hubbub is about.

THEN! We’re coming back to New York to perform the same Road Trip show we did in SF for our home audience at the UCB theatre. This show has never been performed before and will never be done again, so make sure to see it, because it will probably be the best show you’ve ever seen.

So. To summarize:

Tuesday, January 23, 8 PM
Mark Pitta & Friends: Will Franken/ Olde English/ Troop!

$15 (call 415-383-9600 for tickets)
142 Throckmorton Theatre
142 Throckmorton Ave (@ Madrona), Mill Valley, CA (map)

Thursday, January 25, 8 PM
Olde English: ROADTRIP/ The Printers’ Daughters/ Sean Conroy

$15 (get tickets)
The Eureka Theatre
215 Jackson Street (@ Battery), San Francisco, CA (map)

Monday, January 29, 9:30 PM
Olde English: ROADTRIP

$5 (get tickets)
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
307 W. 26th St. (@ 8th Ave.), New York, NY (map)

Also, if you’re a Bay Area native, make sure to check out all the other incredible acts in the SF Sketchfest lineup.

31 Comments on “January shows!”

  1. Timm Says:

    dude, Im already there

  2. Eddie Says:

    Damn. I’ll be in college. :(

  3. Luke Says:

    are these all ages shows? or 18+?

  4. Brian Says:

    I’ll be a week into filming a film then, but I have cast members that I will need to journey to SF and beyond for, so I will surely tap this on the way.

  5. threechordme Says:

    bleh classes will have started back up by then : [

  6. Raizin Says:

    All of these shows will be for all ages. With lots and lots of swearing!

  7. Ritcheyz Says:

    Man, stupid lack of ability to travel. Hope all the swearing goes well!

  8. LOTL Says:

    aaaah? why on a monday? :(

  9. Kaydria Says:

    I’m there!

  10. lena Says:

    Hell no! Whywhywhy, I’m a San Franciscan, and leaving THAT MORNING to go on a fucking ski trip. noooooooo….emily and i so were going to be there, right em?

  11. Nikolas Says:

    Can you guys come through Wisconsin on your way? that would just plain kick ass

  12. duZzi Says:

    DUDE my film crew wants to c u but we dont gots the money to go up to san fran till march sry guys
    happy filming!
    much love

  13. cameron Says:

    Come to DALLAS!!!

  14. Sophie Says:

    flippin butts come to denver!!!

  15. little z-t Says:

    chi-town misses your comedic company :(

  16. SegalMom Says:

    Safe trip, wonderful adventures, have fun, don’t get on eachothers nerves, eat, sleep, get great footage!

  17. Alex Says:

    Sod you american lot… COME TO ENGLAND!! please please please!

    (sorry for the sod u american lot bit :p)

  18. Anomalous Says:

    Such a cruel, cruel fate that forces me to be on an oil rig when I could be seeing you guys live. Guess I’ll have to suffice with the online videos you guys give us and the webcams I have hidden in all of your showers.

  19. dirkskirminchov Bizalowchski Says:

    enjoy all of the gay sex you guys have whenever you go on a road trip, i’m sure you will.

  20. Jackie Says:

    psst! Come 2 Canada eh?

  21. dirkskirminchov Bizalowchski Says:

    and I really hope you fall into a an open pit diamond mine.

    you havn’t made a movie in over 2 months, you sneaky stink badgers

  22. Carlphish Says:

    Come down to LA next time!!
    I would so be there!

  23. RJ Los Angeles Says:

    I am upset…. Grrr!
    I moved to LA from San Jose, and you guys aren’t going to be playing down here now, but UP THERE ! Grrrrrrrrrr

    Come play a gig in LA/San Diego soon, so I can see you guys again!

    pleeeeease ? :D

  24. Brian Says:

    I look forward to this event.

  25. Seth Says:

    I am quite distraught! I was in class all day today, on the first day of school, and I only even learn about this mere hours after it could have done me any good. Curses, cruel fate.

  26. Dave Madison Says:

    Awesome show guys! Thanks for all of it. :)

  27. willies boss Says:

    happy birthday

  28. Sue Says:

    At NYC show last night. Great job!

  29. Robbie LE GOD Says:


  30. Raizin Says:

    Wait, seriously? We were just IN Toronto!

  31. Darby Says:

    Well isn’t that peachy keen! Why are you never in SEATTLE?