Oh, by the by…

We got into Aspen!!! We’re not quite sure when we’ll be performing at HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival (as it’s more officially known), but we’re very excited. Thanks to everyone who helped us get there by lending a hand or attending a show.

14 Comments on “Oh, by the by…”

  1. feee Says:


    i have a habit of not pronouncing my “R’s”
    but I really can

  2. Craig Says:

    What did you guys submit?

  3. boxman Says:

    Mazel tov!

  4. Olives. Says:

    I knew it!! I knew IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. farsheed Says:


  6. lily Says:

    congratulations!!! i’m so happy!!!

  7. ostrich Says:

    amazing! awesomegreatfabulous! so happy for y’all.

  8. Timmahh Says:

    i don’t get HBO

  9. Chris Says:

    HBO? Fuck!!!!! I don’t get it anymore

  10. Brian Says:

    That is awesome. I will surely watch it.

  11. Kileigh Says:

    I totally have done neither of those things, but congratulations!

  12. Caleb Says:

    It will mostly likely not be aired on HBO. HBO puts the whole thing together, but it is not an HBO television programme, it is festival of performances. A really cool festival of performances.

  13. lizz Says:


    oh myspace
    oh old english
    oh my

  14. Kileigh Says:

    And oh em gee, you’re featured AGAIN on MySpace with Dead Puppies! I’m so happy for you all! MySpace again! That’s got to be your greatest accomplishment to date.