Big Announcement: Super Deluxe

Starting today, you can find new Olde English videos on Super Deluxe.

What is Super Deluxe? Super Deluxe is a new comedy site! It’s a social networking site! It’s a hat! It’s a bowl! My goodness, the things it is!

In fact, why don’t you just click the above link and see for yourself? You can find our videos by clicking on the “artists” tab and then going to Olde English. But don’t be afraid to explore. Start up a profile. Discover some new comedians. The site just launched today, so there are still a few kinks in the system, but I’ve seen the things they have planned and let me tell you this is going to be the place to be for 2007. We have two videos on the site now, but we have oodles more coming in the next few months, so please do make yourself at home.

44 Comments on “Big Announcement: Super Deluxe”

  1. Your Mom Says:

    Woot! First to comment!

    Anyway…soooo….that’s the big announcement, eh?

  2. anon Says:

    really, that’s it, huh?

  3. It’s Alive! at Says:

    […] Although it’s a somewhat soft launch today (shhh – don’t tell anybody), the Turner Broadcasting new venture I mentioned a few months ago when the splash page was posted has gone live today in all it’s UGC and comedic goodness. Get in there, check out the funny stuff (quite a bit NSFW), register and make some friends (I’m JoeBobATL). There are bits of coverage by members of the team (What do I know?), on (one of the providers of content, and a great destination on it’s own) and by another one of the content providers, Olde English. Do check out this goofy woman-on-the-street vid (Making Friends by Chelsea Peretti) and the hilarious Sodom and Gomorrah by Brad Neely, pictured above in this screenshot from the launch. My team was involved in the advertising technology for this – and we’re pretty proud of how this came out. Share and Enjoy! […]

  4. Fimion Says:

    hmmmm…. interesting that it is owned by TBS. well, if you ever need someone to talk to them, email me and I can be your representative. i quite literally drive by their offices every day to go to work.

  5. Stefan Says:

    hm….You guyssss…

  6. Craig Says:

    alrighty then…

  7. Adam's Mom Says:

    We’re so proud of you! Great site! I’ll spread the news!

  8. TN Says:

    Wha?? You didn’t mention they were NEW videos!!

  9. Adam Says:

    Did we mention that we’re getting paid an entire van full of money for these videos? That makes the announcement a lot bigger — we’re profesh now! Plus, we’re driving the van to San Francisco!

  10. Stefan Says:

    What a bunch of bachelors!

  11. Jawsh Says:

    The “yeah” dance is back in the writers of Lost video!!!!

  12. Your Mom Says:

    So do you have as much creative freedom as you did before? I noticed the two videos you’ve put up so far are a lot different than any of the ones you’ve done before.

  13. Iain Says:

    I’m so glad there are new videos. Good luck at SF!

  14. Emily Says:

    Oh. Well then. Does the the section of new videos have an RSS feed? Or a way to notify people of new videos, preferably without having to sign up for yet another site I’m never going to visit?

  15. kevin Says:

    sweet! the site’s really interesting, but the money’s the best part. that sounds so bad of me, but it’s true.

  16. Bryan Says:

    Yes it has an RSS feed. What is this, the age of bronzed dinosaurs?

  17. nora Says:

    congratulations, guys!

  18. Emily Says:

    Will the videos on that site be posted to the iTunes feed?

  19. feee Says:

    THAT is the big announcement that I have been anxiously awaiting for what seems like forever!!!??!!

    I’ll take it.

  20. feee Says:

    but wait, will there be any more new videos on your own website at all??!!?? or will they all be on superdeluxe or whatever?

  21. cap'n steve Says:

    awesome! congrats on the being paid part. congrats on the getting to make a lot more sketches. good luck in SF!

  22. James Says:

    Some of the stuff on that site is amazing. I’ve been hangin’ out watching the different shows on there. Is Super Deluxe going to be part of something bigger (like iFilms & VH1… except Super Deluxe and TBS)?

    Also the Lost Writers sketch is classic OE even if you don’t watch Lost!

  23. Eli Says:

    Where is the RSS feed?

  24. becky Says:

    he means it about the hats.

  25. Timmahh Says:

    so much clicking just to get to you guys, like..2 clicks. and now i can’t make stupid comments because i’m too lazy to sign up. the lost sketch was pretty funny btw. the other one would’nt load.

  26. Lloyd Cross? Says:

    So will there be new videos on anymore?

  27. Jessie Says:

    So i guess that you won’t be posting your new videos on this site?
    –Which will suck since my computer seems to be too slow to load Super Delux…. 🙁

  28. Urbano Says:

    This is all cool but how do you download the videos?

  29. tyler Says:

    this guy that looks like caleb was on thursdays ugly betty.

  30. Rocktzar Says:

    Ace videos guys, and well done one getting that deal!
    Im guessing they’ve paid you for exclusive rights the those videos. So if we wanna see them we gotta go there. Pretty smart.

    Now Adam, this van, is it like The Mystery Machine in Scooby Doo? If so HIGH FIVE!

    OH! and Adam,i guess your realy busy now being a professional, but any progress on getting a live show recording on the net for us foreigners?

  31. Craig Says:

    I don’t think I care for Super Deluxe. How often can we expect new videos? They don’t even feature you guys on the artist page anymore. I have to find your sketches under shorts. Sorry to be a little complainer, but please give us some details about what’s going on! Thanks.

  32. ANDREA Says:

    super deluxe isnt really the best ever, but i suppose thats just my opinion there.

    THIS IS EPIC. watch it. no joke.

  33. Adam's Mom Says:

    I suggest that we OE fans contact Super Deluxe and demand more OE videos. Pronto! They must be sitting on at least 5 of them….

  34. Stacy Lou Says:

    i’d have to agree with ANDREA. it’s not all that exciting…but congrats all the same! word to being legit. you should put your new videos on here too though.

    also…watch ANDREA’s video. [funny face]
    it’s amazing…and i’m in it.

  35. Timmahh Says:

    i could only stand the first 30 seconds of that video remix. i doubt they’re allowed to put those videos on here…at least for a while.

  36. Adam Says:

    ANDREA — wow, that’s fantastic! Is that your (or someone else’s) dad? Either way, tell him I LOVE him.

  37. Craig Says:

    Aight- forgive me for being so critical but someone needs to say it becuase I’m sure people are thinking it- Super Deluxe SUCKS! Today OE is the featured artist yet they have posted no new sketch. Sad. However- good job on getting payed, gang! You have earned it! Also- watch my video page! Thank you!

  38. ANDREA Says:

    its the coaches dad.
    id say his face at the end of each of his segment is pretty much the funniest part.

  39. SpenceT Says:

    The Dad was definitely my favorite part of that “remix.” And I agree with Adam’s Mom, Super Deluxe is totally hoarding OE vids, we should mount an attack or something.

  40. Katie Says:

    i actually like Super Deluxe. When i watch sketches on this site, it takes at least 5 minutes to load. Even the short ones like “Brooklyn’s Great!” But on Super Deluxe, it loads within seconds. I find it more conveniant

  41. Timmahh Says:

    they probably lower the video quality

  42. Sam Says:

    Does this mean we won’t be able to download future vids, and the previous “happy sharing” becomes “happy visiting the Super Deluxe site!”?

    That kinda blows. I mean, congrats on the pay cheque and all but …

  43. Adam Says:

    Timahh — no, they just have much faster servers than ours. Sam — if you’d like Super Deluxe to implement a download feature, get in touch with them and let them know. Unfortunately, we have no say in the matter.

  44. Joe Says:

    Super Deluxe sucks. It’s a bunch of fat retarded nerd humor. It makes Newgrounds look like the most genius site ever.