Stop Unspreading the Not-News

Hey everyone! We’re back in New York City, tired, happy, and full of desert dust. We’d love to regale you with stories of our trip, but frankly we’re sick of telling them. However, our intrepid cameraman Michael Stewart put together a a fantastic photo essay of the trip, and OE fans who attended the final show in San Francisco collected extensive photographic evidence of the night as well. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, everyone we met along the way, and all the states that were gracious enough to allow our wheels to touch their ground.

10 Comments on “Stop Unspreading the Not-News”

  1. Jesse B Says:

    Hahaaaa, I like the superman pictures.

  2. Brad Says:

    that mike stewart is one lucky bastard. looks like you guys had fun

  3. Tim Says:

    Michael Stwart is awesome! Im so glad he signed my mug!

  4. Suki Says:

    Hey! You guys actually passed through Colorado! That’s awesome! :DD

  5. sarah hayley Says:

    Haha Stew is such a pimp! Glad to have you guys back in the best state.

  6. Anna Paula Says:

    I don´t speak english very well, but i will tray let a coment, cause I love your work guys ^^
    I´m from Brazil, and saw your videos on you tube. I have told to all my friends taht your videos are very funny and I hope see more videos soon.
    Sorry if wrothe something wrong (Meu português é bem melhor, do que o inglês, tenham certeza)
    Até Logo, Anna Paula

  7. Thalles Says:

    Wow, i’m from Brazil too and i love your work guys..

    I thought I was the only brazillian around here.. And, well, I dont speak english very well too (desculpa a cópia, Anna Paula), but keep going with te good work..


  8. Tim Says:

    omg Im in a picture! (from the show, not the trip) you can see my arm and mug!

  9. stew Says:

    Hey Tim,
    I’m going to venture a guess and say this is you:

    there’s even more where that came from in the Album… which you can see here:


  10. Tim Says:

    yep thats me. awesome pictures man