Your Ex-Boyfriend Awkwardly Invites You To An Upcoming Comedy Show

Oh, hey, what’s up?

Yeah, it’s me. Josh! You know, the guy you used to date, but now we’re just really good friends. Or, friends. Whatever. It’s all good.

God, I haven’t talked to you in like forever. Forever and a day. Which is still forever… because infinity is… it doesn’t matter. How are you?

Anyway, I was just thinking about you and how much you used to enjoy Olde English.

No, Olde English? The comedy group? Remember, they made that Food Rap that we used to watch together all the time? You remember. No? Okay, well, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, they have a few performances coming up in New York, and I thought maybe if you’re not doing anything and you wanted to see a show and I don’t know, you don’t have to or anything, I mean, it’s cool with me either way, but I know we’ve both been looking for something for us to do together now that we’re just friends and I’m totally cool with that, and I thought the show could be kind of fun, but I don’t know, maybe it’s stupid. But do you think maybe you’d be interested in something like that?

Yeah, they’re getting ready for their Aspen show in March, so if you haven’t been to any of their shows in a while, which you haven’t, this would be a really great way to see what they’ve been doing before they take it to Colorado.

Yeah, I mean, or whatever. Also, at the show this Wednesday, they’ll be premiering a brand new video, never before seen in a show and never before seen on the internet, not that it’s a big deal or anything.

So, yeah, you should totally come. Or not, you know, whatever. It’s totally up to you. I mean, I’ll probably go either way. You should let me know though, just so I know if I should invite somebody else. But if you can’t decide, that’s cool too. I’ll just go and maybe you’ll meet me there. I’d love to see you, but I understand if you like need your space or whatever. But that shouldn’t be an issue though, because we’re totally just friends now and I’m totally totally cool with that.

Soooo… yeah. Give me a call back when you get this message and maybe we’ll hang out sometime. If you’re not too busy having sex with your new boyfriend, ha ha!
I’m sorry, that was… that was inappropriate. Call me back. Bye.


The Olde English Valentine’s Day Straddling Wednesday Shows — come with someone you used to love.

Wednesday, February 7, 9:30pm
Performing with BUFFOONS
The UCB Theatre
307 W. 26th St. (at 8th ave)
$5.00 (CHEAP!)
(This show will feature a BRAND-NEW OE VIDEO)

Wednesday, February 21, 9:30pm
Performing with BUFFOONS
The UCB Theatre
307 W. 26th St. (at 8th ave)
$5.00 (CHEAP!)
(This show might feature a BRAND-NEW OE VIDEO — we haven’t decided yet)

Reserve tickets for both shows here!

11 Comments on “Your Ex-Boyfriend Awkwardly Invites You To An Upcoming Comedy Show”

  1. kevin Says:

    if you guys do one more show in NYC on a school night i’m gonna asplode!

  2. sarah hayley Says:

    The second one is during Feb break though! Holler!

  3. Aimee Says:

    Not fair to wag the whole (New OE video), but New York is 6 hours away, and Kevin is true about the whole school thing.


  4. Stefan Says:


    funny…I can imagine leaving a message similar to that to my ex because I know we used to watch food rap together! 😛

    question though: Will this all new video later be uploaded to Super Deluxe?

    your pal,

  5. SpenceT Says:


    It’s too bad that they’re on Wednesdays and I’m away at school or I would totally get my ex-gf to come with me, cause we are just friends now… and I’m completely okay with that.

  6. Eddie Says:

    Why Wednesday? Why not Thursday night? Or Friday night? Or even Saturday night?! :'(

  7. Anomalous Says:

    Wow, that was among the more painful things I’ve read. And yet, I couldn’t stop reading. Kudos to you, good sir.

  8. Spence Says:

    Wow, this sucks. I have Bell’s Palsy and had to come home. What sucks is I’m home and completely forgot about the show. And now it’s too late to get there.

  9. Steve Says:

    Dear OE,

    saw the show the 7th. thoughts: I think you should just open with your intro video (that says your names), come out and go right into the 4 Year Old Letters to Yourselves, then go into the first video sketch. it seemed like the energy level of the room stayed pretty low when the video started and slowly climbed throughout. keeping the energy level up seemed like a problem throughout your set and was something the Buffoons did very well. obviously you two have different styles, but there was something about their transitions (playing cheesey dance music and..well dancing around, keeping things fun) that really helped gel their show. I think with the Rules format, you had little video pieces to tie things together but going back to the standard sketch format, there needs to be something added. with the 3 minute-blackout-3 minute-blackout scene structure, the energy level really has to be rebuilt with every scene. even if it’s just you guys humming music (as Raphael did before Astronauts) during the blackouts, I think it would really help things. you sort of did that with the Cleaning Out Our Notebooks closer and I think that was sort of a microcosm of how the whole show could work.

  10. sarah hayley Says:

    I’m going up to a ski house on Wednesday. I don’t even ski. I am not pleased. I could mail you some cookies, but otherwise I will just send them in my brain. Kick some ass.

  11. Janet Says:

    It’s always nice to know that whatever your search on the net, the end of your journey will be a comment box. I found Ben taking pictures of himself on you tube, followed the link given at the end of the clip and then proceeded to watch every damn video on the site.

    Ye are too cool. But this best part was this blog. You’re in New York City! Of course you are! I will see you the 21st! Cheers.