I still don’t own a pair of boots

We’re off to Aspen! Wish us luck — we’ll try to post updates here throughout the week, assuming that we aren’t too busy getting our elbows rubbed. Either way, we hope you guys have fun in the rest of the country without us — try not to make a mess of the place while we’re gone!

7 Comments on “I still don’t own a pair of boots”

  1. sarah hayley Says:

    Good luck!!! You’re going to rock the hizzouse.

  2. feee Says:

    what I do no understand is why, the post is called I still dont own a pair of boots.
    but whatevs, I’ll just blame my unlearned brain.

    by the way, bonne chance.

  3. Tim I guess Says:

    good luck I suppose

  4. sarah hayley Says:

    Maybe Adam needs a pair of boots because he is going to Aspen and there is a lot of snow but he did not buy any so he will have wet feet. Weeeeet feeeeeet.

  5. Adam Says:

    Sarah is exactly right! You win nothing.

  6. Brian Says:



  7. RaymonWazerri Says:

    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.