Aspen – Day 2

Good evening, all you industry movers and shakers.

One of the biggest surprises to me so far about Aspen is how many non-comedians there are here.  I assumed HBO would take over the entire town, but there are still plenty of skiers who have no idea the festival is even happening.  Tonight, on my way home from a show, a man pulled his van up next to me, rolled down his window, and asked if I was the valet.

The first event of the entire festival was a screening of Ahimsa: Stop to Run, Thailand’s Academy Award submission (it did not get nominated).  We saw the movie at 10:00 this morning, and now, over twelve hours later, I’m still not sure what I thought of it.  Briefly, the dark thriller follows Ahimsa, a hedonistic DJ who was supposed to die when he was a child, now haunted by flashbacks to previous lives, premonitions of his loved ones’ deaths, and his own karma, personified by a grinning red-haired man in a red track suit who shows up every day to gleefully beat the crap out of him.  It wasn’t always easy to understand what was going on due to the vast cultural differences, and the terrible subtitles (“WHAT WHERE YOUR FUCKING GOING!”), but one thing that was clear is that this movie was not a comedy, so I have no idea how it finagled its way into this festival.

Tonight, Ben and I went to see Waitress, which he liked okay, and I liked a whole lot.  The movie has built up some buzz because of the tragic death of its writer/director/supporting actress Adrienne Shelly, but that’s not entirely fair to the film itself, which is smart and soft, like a dolphin.  Ben’s complaints– the sweet parts were a little too sweet, the side characters are nowhere near as complex as the main character, and the ending is a little too tidy– are legitimate, but I was won over by the strength of the performances, particularly Keri Russell in a star-making role, and the feel of the film as a whole, which was bitter but light, clever but moving, bleak but ultimately life-affirming.  The movie is hitting wide release this spring, and I would absolutely recommend it.

After the movie, we all went to see George Carlin, but it was sold out, so instead we went to see a collection of lesser-known comedians.  Michael Kosta and Lisa deLarios are two comedians to keep your eyes out for, but my favorite of the night was Dan Mintz, who scored a laugh with every nervous deadpan run-on one-liner.

Tomorrow, we’re waking up early to go do the weather, I think?  For a local TV station?  At the top of a mountain? I’m not quite sure of all the details, but I know this obligation is keeping us from taking a snowboarding lesson tomorrow, which means we will all be embarrassingly unprepared for Saturday’s race.  My mother is concerned that I’ve entered a snowboarding race without any clue how to snowboard or, more importantly, health insurance, but if movies are in fact the true mirror of our lives, I’m confident that I’ll not only retain my balance, but win the race and get the girl as well.  All in under 90 minutes.  Hurrah!

8 Comments on “Aspen – Day 2”

  1. sarah hayley Says:

    Buy shorts with ass padding.

  2. Karen Says:

    I saw “Waitress” too and I agree with you, it was a wonderful movie. I loved Keri Russell she is just about the best actress I have seen. Very convincing!

  3. Aimee Says:

    Keep your knees bent and balanced, make sure that your helmet is on tight and have fun. Best of Luck!

  4. Tim Says:

    keep your weight forward. and make sure you’re buckled in

  5. kevin Says:

    land as flatly on your face as possible, so as not to cause to much alteration. as you’re carried off the slope, keep your back arched in an awkward position and give the impression that you are way more pain, if possible. also, ensure that a video camera is on and pointed in the right direction.

  6. Luke Says:

    dont listen to them, weight back, they just want to see you fall. Trust me, I boarded down Everest before

  7. Bob Says:

    This episode of South Park totally describes your snowboarding thing.

    Remember, anytime that you want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage.

  8. Suki Says:

    I am going to try and see if I can get down to Aspen to see the show.