Aspen – Day 4

Good morning, morning!

Yesterday was Adam’s birthday and we celebrated by writing and rehearsing a sketch all day. We performed at Fat City Lounge, a late-night variety show, for one of the warmest, largest crowds we’ve ever had. We were also greeted backstage by a bottle of champagne sent by Adam’s parents (thanks, Adam’s parents!).

Highlights of yesterday: put on awesome show. These guys have been getting buzz all week, and after seeing their show, I can confirm that the hype was warranted. I would definitely recommend checking them out when they return to New York.

Tim Minchin is quite possibly the best comedy performer I’ve ever seen. This was, I believe, his first performance in the U.S. (he’s Australian) and I heard he’s booked in Europe through the next year, so who knows when I’ll get a chance to see him again, but if you ever get an opportunity to see this man live, do not pass it up.

Finally, we’re not supposed to take pictures during the shows, but luckily for you, one itchy shutterbug was able to snap this candid of “Bob Popik” at yesterday’s performance.

5 Comments on “Aspen – Day 4”

  1. sarah hayley Says:

    Oh, so Aspen gets real pictures of middle fingers and we back here in New York have to just imagine it? I see how it is.

  2. Tim Says:

    that Ben Popik looks awful familiar…

  3. sarah hayley Says:

    I think you mean Bob. The least you can do is get his name right. Sheesh.

  4. Drew Says:

    hope you guys are having fun in aspen! love, drew

  5. Dave Says:

    everybody’s crazy for this Tim Minchin feller. time to do some downloading.

    how about the stand-ups… did you folks catch many of ’em?