Aspen – Day Whatever

Back in New York now. Exhausted. Here’s a brief rundown of my last day in Aspen before I go to sleep.

Since we were done performing Friday night, Saturday was like a bonus day for us to do all the things we didn’t have time to earlier in the week, because of last minute rehearsing/writing. I opted to skip the snowboarding race (anti-climactic, I know) and spend the day seeing as many shows as I could.

I decided early in the week that I was going to try to see more live shows than movies, because I figured the really good movies I could see in New York when they’re released, but I did want to see some shorts, because those are much harder to find. My favorite of the bunch I saw was Who I Am And What I Want, a beautifully simple and delightfully bizarre cartoon about gloriously revolting nonsense.

Possibly my favorite show of the fest (maybe tied with Tim Minchin) was The Moth, a show from New York that I had never heard of before going out to Aspen. The show is basically just people telling true stories, so I imagine it lives or dies by the talent of the storytellers, but the show I saw, with particular stand-outs Alexandra McHale, Michael Showalter, and Mike DeStefano, was incredibly moving and richly rewarding. I’m curious about how much of the show’s appeal to me was due to the inclusion of stand-up comedians– natural storytellers who seldom display their emotions so nakedly. It was a real treat to hear these guys talking about their insecurities, their faith, their relationships with their loved ones, etc., but I wonder if I would be as interested in hearing stories from a musician or neurosurgeon.

Next I went to the awards presentation, which was actually kind of boring. A highlight was when presenter William Baldwin asked why he didn’t get a prize, and Best Stand-up winner Kirk Fox quipped, “Here’s your prize: You’re not Daniel.”

That night I saw Best One Person Show winner Nilaja Sun’s “No Child…” This was a fantastic show and it was great to see something a little more theatery and genuine than most of the self-conscious snarkiness of the comedy shows. Also, Nilaja Sun shared a cab from the airport with Adam and me, so I feel like I got two shows for the price of one.

Another act I wholly recommend is Charlene Yi. Fans of 30 Rock might remember her as the girl who kissed Jack McBrayer a few weeks ago. I’m running out of energy here, so I’m just going to say her show was a lot of fun and let you imagine that I wrote some flowery prose describing how it made me feel in my heart. Yay hurray.

All right, I’m going to sleep. In conclusion, Aspen is great.

Except for all the giant falling boulders.

5 Comments on “Aspen – Day Whatever”

  1. Alex Says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great trip, I’m very jealous. Also I’m loving the new skits.

  2. Jordan Says:

    You guys should definately make a stop in nebraska on the way back to see our penis shaped captical building. More interesting than anything you would have seen in colorado =P

  3. sarah hayley Says:

    Welcome back… You should totally have a show between March 26 and 30 (I think those are the days) because then me and Mira and Stew can all go and have such a party. I will also bake you cookies. Lots and lots and lots of cookies.

  4. sarah hayley Says:

    Maybe a cake.

  5. kevin Says:

    make it a friday or saturday and you get me.