What’s up, Denmark!

(Someone told us that we’re big in Denmark.)

21 Comments on “What’s up, Denmark!”

  1. Rocktzar Says:

    awsome, you guys are big in Wales too, i know i like 2 people who like you guys

  2. Anomalous Says:

    You guys are big in my hearts.


  3. J Says:

    You’re very big in England, I know 5 people who watch Olde English!

  4. ANDREA Says:

    you’re big in new jersey. i know like 3095404750275 people who watch olde english. [thanks to me.]

  5. Dan Says:

    you’re big among my balls

  6. Piggilypoop Says:

    Aaah, but you’re big in Sweden too. I think…

  7. Rocktzar Says:

    Olde English are a global Phenominon…phenomemoun?…phenomenon yes.

  8. Tawmy Says:

    You are super big over in North Vancouver

  9. Eddie Says:

    You guys are big in Staten Island. I know like 20 or 30 people that watch Olde English.

    Actually, this might be interesting. Let’s see how it all worked out.

    http://www.luelinks.net > Me > Spencer > Ed > Robbie > More people > More
    Veronica > More people > fat
    Audrey > More people > More

    The people named, of course, are the ones that always go to your shows.

  10. Eddie Says:

    Okay, that post did not end up being formatted the way I wanted it to be. But still.

  11. Alex Says:

    you guys are HUGH in japan(how has no one made that joke yet?)

  12. lyall macneill Says:

    you massive in Scotland i know 18 people that use the site and watch regularly not counting the person who showed me the site

  13. candyman Says:

    you guys aren’t so big in cameroon

  14. Eddie Says:

    I laughed at “HUGH in japan.”

  15. mikael Says:

    You’re not too big in Idaho.

  16. Timmahh Says:

    brad neely is pretty sweet…

  17. Brian Says:

    You’re big in…… uh…… country…..

  18. Hipster Scum Says:

    You’re big in my pants.

    Wait, that didn’t come out right…

  19. Ben Says:

    You’re big in Internet?

  20. Kyle Says:

    :O Late late post, but just read the comments… you are big in North Vancouver! Two comments in this post confirm it! and i’ve been spreading the word…

  21. Crosbying Says:


    Yeah, I am from denmark, you got quite a fanbase here, as your humour is very close to danish humour, or whatever to say…

    Keep up the good work 😀