Very Fresh w/ Olde English: May 19th @ Midnight

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6 Comments on “Very Fresh w/ Olde English: May 19th @ Midnight”

  1. Jubul Says:

    I’m so there.

  2. Alex Says:

    Play more shows in tampa…first

  3. Steve Says:

    when did the last Superlative Fresh end roughly? the last time I had to cut out of a show early (to catch the last train) it was awkward. jack macbrayer sternly told me to sit back down, even though his version of stern involves lots of smiling and being very polite.

  4. Christina Says:

    haha dude, cnn linked the sketch “dishes like to be dirty” on the home page (“dishes demand murder”).

  5. J Says:

    Tis not there anymore though…
    Still, it’s kinda cool that OE was on CNN

  6. sarah hayley Says:

    It’s a superdeluxe thing.
    Unfortunately I can’t go tonight, so you’ll have to find some other slave to make you break and bake.