I Hate You, Zach Brack!

Two days ago, comedian Eric Andre asked me who exactly is on “the Olde English Team.”  It takes more than just the five of us to make our sketches come together and the new Michel Gondry video is the perfect showcase of all our friends’ many talents.

Julia Segal is officially our “Production Manager” but she also oversees props, costumes, make-up, casting, craft services, cleaning, and she’s also acted in a few sketches.  She and her friend Sarah made or rounded up all the props for the Michel Gondry video and they traveled with us to Ben’s parents house in Connecticut to help us film.  If you ever watch an Olde English sketch and you wonder, how did they film there, where did they get that, or whose reflection is that in the window? the answer is usually Julia.

Oren Brimer edits about half of our videos now and the “Da Cribbage” intro was put together by him entirely.  He’s also a comedian who makes his own videos and posts them on his own website.  His most recent sketch, “News Team,” which he premiered at the last Very Fresh, is currently a quarterfinalist in the YouTube Sketchies contest.  Vote for him here, so he can win a new camera that Olde English can then borrow.

Jesse Novak creates about 99% of the music we use in our videos, from background scores to major musical numbers like Dishes Like To Be Dirty, Don’t Dance, and a great new video which will be posted later this week.  What really floors me is the sound-alike songs he’s made for the end of I Used To Stalk You and now this.  I told him we needed three songs that sounded like ones featured in famous Michel Gondry music videos– Around The World, Come Into My World, and Fell In Love With A Girl.  Please download the following for your listening pleasure:

All Over The Earth
Rocketship Of Love
So In Love With My Lady

All of these people are great, but none of them told me I had pizza sauce on my face during the Michel Gondry kitchen scene, so they’re all fired.

6 Comments on “I Hate You, Zach Brack!”

  1. kevin Says:

    SO CLOSE to fulfilling my wish that you give Jesse an official title. SO CLOSE.

  2. Anomalous Says:

    Jesse Novak’s the man. His One Picture adagio is still one of my favorites.

  3. J Says:

    I emailed Jesse a while ago with something, I can’t remember what but I’m sure it wasn’t important.

    Never heard from him though.

  4. Olives. Says:

    So In Love With My Lady = love.

  5. Rocktzar Says:

    Respect to all the people who contribute. Just watched the 3 newest sketches in a row, great stuff, put me in a fair better mood than i started at

  6. Phil Says:

    Eric Andre is from my town, he went to my rival high school.