Harry Potter Day!

If you’re one of the lucky folks to snag a seat at our monthly live show (entitled “Very Fresh!” and this week featuring Sean Conroy and MC Chris, among others!), you know that we generally use the occasion to premiere a new Super Deluxe video weeks or months before the public at large gets to see it. Last month, though, was special: since the (blessedly) final volume of the Harry Potter series was released the day before, we decided to crash the party, film it, and premiere the results at the show, thus exhibiting once again our ability to lazily phone in some tired adlibs about yet another over-exposed pop-culture event cleverly turn the pop-zeitgeist on its head with our subversive brand of comedy!

Anyway, now you can watch it on the Internet or whatever. Hooray.

Click here to be as excited as Caleb!

16 Comments on “Harry Potter Day!”

  1. Luke Says:


    and i cant wait until the battlestar galactica convention movie!

  2. Jeffe Says:

    Haha that was awesome. For some reason I thought Raizin counting too fast was hilarious.

  3. Adlib Says:

    I just realised something… Caleb isn’t the Creepy One anymore.

  4. sarah hayley Says:

    It was only the hair

  5. J Says:

    Adam’s the best.

  6. Random_Pipings Says:

    Hey – don’t diss Harry Potter, or so help me Godric – I’ll use one of the unforgivable curses on you!

  7. Chris Says:

    Caleb was genuinely excited. He was like a little kid! Hilarious guys. I love Harry Potter, and I love this. You guys were funny without being those annoying spoiler people.

  8. Jubul Says:

    I absolutely loved it when Raizin was counting too fast and Caleb was just screaming SHUT UP SHUT UP. bahahaha.

  9. 10thanniversary Says:

    It was retarded. What kind of self-respecting idiot tells a young child Harry Potter dyes his hair brown? Harry Potter is in its 10th Anniversary, and it is at the point where it is too important to be mocked at by a bunch of know-nothing bozos who, by watching this video, have nothing better to do with their lives. Harry Potter must be respected for its impact on the American pop-culture, and at one of the most prestigous events ever to happen in the captial of the world, this is NOT the place for these guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if JK Rowling found them and busted their asses. Now THAT is funny.

  10. Adam Says:

    10thanniversary, you’re back!! Where have you been?! Wow, you just made my day — this is awesome!

  11. Gogert Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMYGOSH!!! I WAS JUST READING ALL THE POSTS FROM THAT BLOG( I’m a nerd and I need to calm down). *sighs*oh my gosh this made my day…just…yeah.

    I love you guys 😀

  12. alex hyper sexy Says:

    sadly, I think that Pokemon day was even better
    but that was still a good one. I am an Olde E. junkie scouring your website for skits that I have not yet seen, so this makes me happy. Otherwise, I think I have seen all of the ones you have posted and loved them – except for one I think you made at Bard with a dog…which was strange.
    I remain a dear fan, and truthfully, I have a mad crush on one of you and I bet you can’t guess who it is

  13. Adam Says:

    I bet it’s me. It’s always me.

  14. Tara Says:

    You know Adam, I was just thinking how you do keep getting hotter. And the BSG fandom gives you that extra boost.
    I had a gleeful grin on my face throughout this video.

  15. max Says:

    hermione is alredy mione so hands off caleb!!!
    LOL JK shes ok
    *Imitates ben doing the sex hand motion*

  16. Laura Says:

    I can’t get this video to load and I desparately need to see it. 🙂