Our fans are great!

Check this video out. Sound familiar?

18 Comments on “Our fans are great!”

  1. kevin Says:

    jesse is one of my favorite people ever.

  2. SegalMom Says:

    What a kind gesture! Very talented too! I love that song and that video!

  3. Adam's Mom Says:

    Hey, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only Mom with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than to check on her famous son!!

    And yes, Jesse is so talented! (And so is Dave!) (And all the rest of them.)

  4. Sean Anderson Says:

    Amount of work put into the OPED video:

    Amount of work put into this:

    Its still a nice though.

  5. Adlib Says:


  6. Bob Says:

    I tried playing this and OPED (with the sound off) at the same time, and it totally worked! Cool!

  7. feee Says:

    aww.. that was really sweet.
    there isnt sheet music availible is there?

  8. Nora Says:


  9. stephen Says:

    at first i thought this was going to be the rap video compilation… nope!
    still… i’m a fan of this video.
    but i also am still excited for the rap video compilation.

  10. Cathie Says:

    I have been trying to figure out how to play that song FOREVER I really wish there were sheet music for it.

  11. Jubul Says:

    To whoever this pianist is, I hope to give you a high five in the near future.

  12. kevin Says:

    as a follower of The Todd, i feel compelled to say “pianist five!”

  13. feee Says:


  14. Jubul Says:


  15. sarah hayley Says:


    Yeah Ben, what happened to the rap video compilation… Lindsay and I made ours so long ago, we look like little children.

  16. h3lix Says:

    Jesse’s piece isn’t a concerto…
    A concerto is a piece comprised of one or more solo instruments played against an orchestra.

    I still like it, I just think it should be named accurately.

  17. endlessly4 Says:

    Hello!!! Thank you very much!!! when i saw the video of “ben takes a photo…” and i listened the piano song i said to me that i must will play this song because it’s fantastic, now i’m glad to see that you all liked it!!! Oldeenglish, keep it up & Jesse Novak, you are the master!!! See you soon!!!

  18. Stacy Says:

    ahhhh i love this!