You can stop writing those letters already.

So, this is long due for an update: whatever happened with the proposed New York filming regulations we rapped about over a month ago?

Well, the short answer is we won. The proposed laws were dropped and something new (and hopefully better) will be written up by the Mayor’s Office and open to a similar window of public comment. More of the story (including a brief interview with us) can be seen here.

The following week, we celebrated the NYCLU’s victory by filming outside for an entire weekend. Here’s some footage of us goofing around at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, with our production manager Julia, who put together a pickpocket costume for Dave:
You know, a pickpocket.

10 Comments on “You can stop writing those letters already.”

  1. RP Says:

    That’s great!!! Glad to hear it!

  2. feee Says:

    my computer is stupid.
    and I cant watch it
    but it looks preeeetty hilar.

  3. Olives. Says:

    Never had I ever wanted to spend time in NYC until OE. You guys gave me one of the best times of my life. I love you and am so proud of you for making a difference!!

  4. Adlib Says:

    Oh, that David.

  5. FilmFan Says:

    Dapper Pick Pocket, say that three times fast! I liked the first hat, definitely more dapper. It was interesting how David changed his whole personna just with the switch of a hat! Great job Julia!
    I also enoyed watching the more serious side of OE. You stepped up to the plate and got the attention of the “powers that be”. Way to make a change and a difference! The results was definitely worth all of the time you put into it!

  6. kevin Says:

    i think it’s really cool how much power you guys have now. you should totally try imposing some of your beliefs onto us.

  7. andrew Says:

    i felt like the lighting in the video could of been better and the ending was kind of a let down.

  8. J Says:

    You guys have a huge influence now. I emailed the MOFTB in response to your video, and I live in England. And yeah, you should try imposing your beliefs on us, your videos influence the way we think and what we do. We’d probably believe anything you told us.

    So peanut butter is people?

  9. SpenceT Says:

    Did they really say that? Well I guess it makes sense.

  10. Doug Says:

    How long will the show be probably? (Trying to plan out trains.)