Harry Potter Day!

Posted August 13th, 2007 by Adam in Blog-sclusive Videos, Olde English, Shows

If you’re one of the lucky folks to snag a seat at our monthly live show (entitled “Very Fresh!” and this week featuring Sean Conroy and MC Chris, among others!), you know that we generally use the occasion to premiere a new Super Deluxe video weeks or months before the public at large gets to see it. Last month, though, was special: since the (blessedly) final volume of the Harry Potter series was released the day before, we decided to crash the party, film it, and premiere the results at the show, thus exhibiting once again our ability to lazily phone in some tired adlibs about yet another over-exposed pop-culture event cleverly turn the pop-zeitgeist on its head with our subversive brand of comedy!

Anyway, now you can watch it on the Internet or whatever. Hooray.

Click here to be as excited as Caleb!

V-V-V-Very Fresh! This Saturday!

Posted July 20th, 2007 by Ben in Blog-sclusive Videos, Olde English, Shows

If you’re going to be anywhere near NYC this Saturday night (tomorrow!), you need to come to come check out our Very Fresh show. We said that last month–and you didn’t believe us–and then BJ Novak from “The Office” did a surprise performance and brought the house down.

Very Fresh features hilarious, never-before-seen comedy from the some of NYC’s hottest young comedians. Come check it out!

Very Fresh! This Saturday (7/22) at 11:55pm
The UCB Theatre

Featuring Julie & Jackie, Pete Holmes, Trophy Dad, Adam Goldman, and your hosts Olde English! We’re even premiering a brand-new video!

Speaking of videos, here, for your blog-reading pleasure, is a video I took on my own camera of something that happened at the end of a meeting we were having in the park the other day. Contrary to our expectations, no children were harmed in the making of this video. Enjoy!

Vote for Oren!

Posted July 9th, 2007 by Raphael in Behind the Scenes, Everything Else, Olde English

My whole body is sore right now because I’ve spent the week running, jumping, and kicking my way through New York City for a new video we’re working on.  The video is so action packed, at one point our camera got knocked over and the view screen shattered.  Our regular editor and good friend Oren Brimer lent us his camera in a pinch (and I think we might have broken that too).

Now Oren is a finalist in the Youtube Sketchies contest, and he needs YOUR vote!  Go here, rank “Prices” at number 1, then go back in an hour and do it again.  Over and over.  Why should you do this?

1. His video is the best of the bunch in my (and your) unbiased opinion.

2. If he wins, he’ll get a new camera, which we can then borrow (and break).

3. Because voting is a privilege.

Very Fresh w/ Olde English: June 23 @ Midnight!

Posted June 15th, 2007 by Raphael in News, Olde English, Shows

Reserve your tickets NOW!

I Hate You, Zach Brack!

Posted June 12th, 2007 by Raphael in Behind the Scenes, Olde English, Stories

Two days ago, comedian Eric Andre asked me who exactly is on “the Olde English Team.”  It takes more than just the five of us to make our sketches come together and the new Michel Gondry video is the perfect showcase of all our friends’ many talents.

Julia Segal is officially our “Production Manager” but she also oversees props, costumes, make-up, casting, craft services, cleaning, and she’s also acted in a few sketches.  She and her friend Sarah made or rounded up all the props for the Michel Gondry video and they traveled with us to Ben’s parents house in Connecticut to help us film.  If you ever watch an Olde English sketch and you wonder, how did they film there, where did they get that, or whose reflection is that in the window? the answer is usually Julia.

Oren Brimer edits about half of our videos now and the “Da Cribbage” intro was put together by him entirely.  He’s also a comedian who makes his own videos and posts them on his own website.  His most recent sketch, “News Team,” which he premiered at the last Very Fresh, is currently a quarterfinalist in the YouTube Sketchies contest.  Vote for him here, so he can win a new camera that Olde English can then borrow.

Jesse Novak creates about 99% of the music we use in our videos, from background scores to major musical numbers like Dishes Like To Be Dirty, Don’t Dance, and a great new video which will be posted later this week.  What really floors me is the sound-alike songs he’s made for the end of I Used To Stalk You and now this.  I told him we needed three songs that sounded like ones featured in famous Michel Gondry music videos– Around The World, Come Into My World, and Fell In Love With A Girl.  Please download the following for your listening pleasure:

All Over The Earth
Rocketship Of Love
So In Love With My Lady

All of these people are great, but none of them told me I had pizza sauce on my face during the Michel Gondry kitchen scene, so they’re all fired.

Oui Oui!

Posted May 24th, 2007 by Raphael in Behind the Scenes, Olde English, Shows, Stories

So, here’s a story.

Olde English has a monthly show at the UCB Theatre in New York where we invite guests to share new material and we present new material of our own. (The show is called Very Fresh and tickets for the next one are on sale now.)

Last week, we premiered a video in which I do an impression of popular director Michel Gondry. I’ve never impersonated a celebrity for one of our videos before (none of us have), and I was particularly nervous about imitating a man whose work I respected so much. While watching his music videos and behind-the-scenes documentaries for inspiration, I kept thinking, wow, this video would be much better if he directed it himself.

The impression is pretty scattershot, but I think the jokes hold up (you can judge for yourself when the video’s posted on SuperDeluxe), and besides, I reasoned, it’s not like anyone who actually knows Michel Gondry will see this video.

And guess who was at our show. MICHEL GONDRY.

Michel Gondry

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Very Fresh w/ Olde English: May 19th @ Midnight

Posted May 12th, 2007 by Raphael in News, Olde English, Shows

Reserve your tickets NOW!

Consider Your Appetite Be-whetted

Posted April 30th, 2007 by Adam in Behind the Scenes, Olde English

Hey everyone! While I know that you love seeing new Olde English sketches on Super Deluxe, it’s much more fun for me to see you squirm. To that end, here are some previews of upcoming sketches, in the form of candid on-the-shoot snapshots:

Caleb Dancing

Caleb Flying



Caleb Mustardface

What’s up, Denmark!

Posted April 20th, 2007 by Ben in Olde English, Our Fans

(Someone told us that we’re big in Denmark.)

Get Your Religion On

Posted April 10th, 2007 by Raphael in News, Olde English, Shows

Hey, folks.

I know what you’re thinking. Easter’s over and Passover’s ending tonight. Bummer, right? But don’t lose faith, because your spiritual friends at Olde English have two very exciting shows coming up!

First up, this Friday night, we’ll be rising from the dead like bunnies to show some new videos in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. In an old converted church. Pretty spooky, right?

We’ll be opening for musical comedian and 2006 Andy Kaufman Award winner Reggie Watts, who’s pretty much a religious experience himself. If you haven’t seen him live, don’t miss this opportunity.

Filling out the bill will be Eric André who has the following friends on myspace:

‘Nuff said.

Friday, Apr 13, 2007 7:30 PM
at Paul Robeson Theater
54 Green Ave, Brooklyn (map)
Tickets: $7.00 (reserve here)


Starting in a few weeks, just like how Moses freed the Israelites, we’ll be hosting our very own monthly variety show at the UCB Theatre. In addition to premiering a brand-new never-before-seen video at this show, we’ve asked all our guests to bring completely new stuff also, so even if you’ve seen every single performer on the docket, we can guarantee you haven’t seen a second of the fresh material that will be on display at this Saturday night comedy extravaganza. New sketches, new stand-up, new videos, new music. VERY FRESH!

Confirmed guests include Kristen Schaal, Jesse Novak, Eric André, and BUFFOONS. Other comedians TBA.

Saturday, Apr 21, 2007 12:00 AM (so, technically Sunday)
at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
307 W. 26th St., New York (map)
Tickets: $5.00 (reserve here)