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  1. bewaretheides says:

    Xenophobia set to dramatic music, ah yes.

  2. Stevie says:

    “oh no you didnt”

    that was tight babeeey

  3. Yuki says:

    funny….but i wish you guys where actually in it, not just a VO :\ more real sketches please :(

  4. Sarah says:

    “If he films the tree for long enough he’ll see something really cool”

    it kinda makes you wonder what he was really waiting for for 118hours

    yet another rather amusing video. thanks OE :)

  5. Magnus says:

    Very similar to the first one but not with a loss of hilarity. Are all these scenes from Animal Planet or what?

    Bird Holocaust…

  6. Tom says:

    I hope this becomes a recurring series, I really enjoy them haha, keep up the good work guys

  7. Shannon says:

    Oh my god the fire part had me on the floor laughing.

    This was un-fucking-believable. :)

    I love it. Papa.

  8. Chicka Chad says:

    I can’t get the video to load >_< but after dling it I laughed a fair amount.

  9. Jsen says:

    Nicely done.

  10. QB says:

    Feel free to keep making these. I would imagine they take considerably less time to throw together than your average sketch and there are several laugh out loud lines in each one. These sketches might even trick us into thinking you’re busy when you’re in between REAL sketches.

  11. TheBlunderbuss says:

    I like the first one better.
    I’m sure the musical OE’s are time-consuming, but they’ve been really witty and fun so far.
    More, please, but not too frequent.

  12. rach says:

    Sweeet baby jesus, you have no idea how happy i am that you made a second I hate nature, please excuse me while i alert everyone i made watch the first one

  13. Sarah says:

    These are amazing. Keep it up!

  14. Ben says:

    I thought this was even funnier than the first one, great work!

  15. Barack Obama says:

    I love these I hate nature videos. I am going to include them in my inauguration speech.

  16. Felicia says:

    I love nature. I also love these videos. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!

    Please make more!

  17. Felix says:

    Very good, loved it and loved the other. please make more full length sketch with all you in it because we haven’t seen one of those in a long time… even if it takes longer. Good lines though, loved it.

  18. James says:


  19. Dave says:

    “…And his children were calling me “Papa!”

  20. James says:

    *sigh… yet another movie pandering to the idiots of the world

  21. Anakin says:

    Sometimes I wish you guys worked for Planet Earth. These captions are so much funnier than what I have to watch in Geography…

  22. Max says:

    i lol’d

  23. Tony says:

    Throw a rock at the seran getty and you
    re likely to hit of these assholes. Great line.

  24. Lindsay says:

    Please make more of these.

  25. Daneil says:

    5 times better then I hate nature1

  26. Som says:

    Great. First one was kinda better though. In any case you should definitely continue doing these, this thing is one of the most hilarious things on the net.

  27. charlie says:

    omg nice work guys,

    “if u threw a rock in the sarengetti, u would probably hit one of these assholes!!!”

    lol priceless

  28. Jayne says:

    i was having a horrible fucking day and this just cured me, I totally snorted, thank you guys so much, keep this series no joke

  29. guy says:

    my only gripe with these is they lose their comedic value fast after the first viewing.

  30. Dylan says:

    i just wish the video was longer. PLEASE MAKE MORE!

    Spectacular indeed.

  31. Alymicy says:

    Haha, thank you for the new video! Though most sequels are not usually better than the first ones, this is a perfect exception. I really like this one better than the first one though, I loved the “dramatic music”!

    Great job, and thank you for your newest update! :D

  32. dashi says:

    hahahaa! yes…as good if not better than the last one!

  33. Melissa says:

    So, so good.

  34. Willie says:

    The only thing cool that happened was that i flew back to England had fucked his wife. now his children call me pahpah!

  35. stephanie nicole says:

    fuckin awesome. do more of these theyre ridiculous!

  36. paddy says:

    wow you can download all the videos from after i suggested it as videos from the site di you listen to me wow that makes me feel special even though its probably just a concidence

  37. Yoshio says:

    well this is funny

    most people didn’t like Mr. Clean yet I found it really funny, and most people love the “I hate Nature” series yet I don’t find them funny at all

    why must I always be in the minority? :(

    I will say that I like how you guys are always doing different things, insuring that everyone will find somthing that they really like

  38. Shit Licker says:

    Fucking HATE YOU David Attenborough!

  39. Guy with an opinion says:

    I liked this and thought it was well-executed, but have just one piece of minor criticism: too much cursing. It’s not that I found it offensive or anything (I didn’t!) but rather that I think curse words are funny in small amounts but then they lose their power, their punch, when used in excess inside a sketch.

    Don’t take this wrong–the video was awesome, and comedy is very difficult to do, and I don’t claim to be as funny as OE–I’m just a guy with an opinion.

  40. Man From Nantucket says:

    Way better than the first one

  41. Gogert says:

    wow, I literally just watched this planet earth the other day in Biology

  42. Matt says:

    That was funny but the first one was way better.

  43. Ian says:

    I can’t help but feel sorry for the cameraman.

  44. The Genuine Truth says:

    the fucking voice was annoying and fucking not funny

  45. Neela says:

    I was in a really shitty mood, and then I happened upon this and laughed my ass off. THANK YOU.

  46. SLAMMED says:

    This is great! Hope you’re working on the third part! perfekt!

  47. Haruspex says:

    Holy new website design, batman!

  48. Jsen says:


    Christmas has officially come early.

  49. Mark says:

    The new website design is brilliant, guys! and i love the fact that you can download some of the videos and even the music! i wish we could get the mp3 for fathers day and totally crazy, but oh well… new video any time soon, guys?

  50. Pallox says:

    Love it! Thank you so much! More please!! MOORE :D

  51. Skye says:

    So hilarious! I noticed these were from Planet Earth (rain forest episode), whoever asked if they were from Animal Planet. Brilliant!

  52. Annelise says:

    Seriously I love you guys!
    I haven’t laughed this hard in a really long time!
    I can now proudly say that I HATE NATURE!!

  53. Will says:

    This is extra funny because I just watched a David Attenborough film in my science class

  54. Mellaballa says:

    This is lame. I know it’s supposed to be funny but it subtly paints the English as tyrants. It’s embedded in the American psyche that the Brits are bad because of the American revolution. That’s why you’ll see villains in classic American action movies with an English accent. Oh well I guess some of our leaders in the past were cunts

  55. Peter says:

    I just got to say I LOVE this and the first one! Please make more of ’em! They are brilliant! =)

  56. Christina says:

    All inclusive bird holocaust. Please make more of this series… guys are great

  57. Bleifish says:

    Bloody Brilliant!!

  58. jordann,david,kat says:

    that was funny as hell nature 2 and nature

  59. Meaghan says:

    brilliant. series, please.

  60. Matthias says:

    This is genius.

  61. luke says:

    these have to be my favorite ones, so funny…

  62. Ben says:

    “Un-fucking-believable!” hahahahaha

    Oh my god. This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen it like 30 times and it’s hilarious every time.

    The only thing I would say otherwise is that the ending is a bit unnecessary and most people I show this video to don’t find it all that funny. But other than that this is pure gold. Please continue this series.

  63. Niko M. says:

    So when are you guys going to make a DVD or some merchandise? Come now! Hop to!

  64. Miles says:

    I don’t want to go to work tomorrow after a week off and the idea that I have to get up early tomorrow pisses me off. Then I saw these videos of I hate Nature 1 & 2 and I laughed like a little kid. Thanks for bringing a smile on my face on this miserable Sunday evening. Make more of the I hate nature videos! They’re great!

  65. Wes says:

    This is some hysterical shit. Make moreeeeeee

  66. Davedawg says:

    pleeaase make this a series 100% hilarious

  67. Fan #543668631 says:

    This and the first one are awesome, wish for more.

  68. Fan #543668632 says:

    Really funny..three months ago :( /sadface

  69. Seriously says:

    Can you guys make some new videos?? I’m really getting pissed and bored of not seeing anything new!

  70. Alex says:

    I miss the ending of the original first episode: “zing! go fuck yourself!” best ending ever.

  71. max says:

    @ seriously

    I want new videos too but there is no need to be such a dick about it. Yeah it’s been 2 months a week and a day, who cares? It’s not like were paying them. Maybe they’re working on a big time consuming sketch. Or maybe they took a break for the holidays.

  72. Jamieson says:

    These I Hate Nature videos are amazing. You have got to make some more!

  73. Mark says:

    c’mon guys! new video soon? oh and can we get the mp3 for fathers day? ahaha

  74. m-dizzle says:


  75. ZING! says:

    the “bird of paradise” segment gets me every time. Please do make more when you can, thanks!

  76. Max says:

    cmon guys new vid please

  77. LeonimuZ says:


  78. fin says:

    please guys! anything! just so we know you’re still alive! a photo with a recent newspaper will do! an Abba cover dressed as sharks doing the limbo! ANYTHING. lovin the vids btw but i need more olde english, it’s like a drug. 2 months without it, I’m going mental. no pressure lol, love u guys!

  79. wheres O.E says:

    come on guys. getting a little bored now. not even a site update? where are you?

  80. Dal says:

    Why is it OK to compare the Irish to breeding vermin, but it would be appallingly racist to suggest the Chinese or Indians are thus?

  81. kristen says:

    hey! when are you gonna be making new videos?? I can’t wait to see what’s new =D

  82. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Nearly 5 months and no update.
    Going the way of Superdeluxe, it seems.

  83. Justin says:

    I agree with TheBlunderbuss

    I’ve been checking the site everyday for an update…

  84. Chicka Chad says:

    R.I.P OE

  85. Dutchie D. Grimsley says:

    Say it ain’t so.

    Could it be that they’re possibly just cashing in on all the old videos, for the time being?

  86. Amanda says:

    OMG thats just as good as the first one!!!!

  87. Kristen says:

    hey, when are you guys gonna make any more videos?

  88. The Lucid Lens says:

    These made me laugh so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks.

    Those complaining about the cursing confuse me however, I took the holocaust comment on the birds as quite funny, and that was the only thing remotely resembling an actual curse that I noticed.

    I would love to see one on the blue planet series too… Sooo many potential targets in that one.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  89. Teresa says:

    Who ever finds this stuff offensive should just simply turn it off!!!! There are some people in this world with a sense of humor. I thought it was great and hope they make alot more of them. I was rolling………..

  90. Justin says:


  91. charlie says:

    i hate nature 3?

  92. Karlos says:

    i doubt well be seeing any videos soon. Theyre mostly spending all of their time on their live sketches and i guess thats something they enjoy the most, to them OE is probably a thing of the past and theyre turning into something “richer”. That must be great for new yorkers but the rest of us…. :/

  93. Adam says:

    We’re working on a lot of different projects. Some of those are videos. We’re not done with internet video — our attentions have just been elsewhere, after having done nothing but internet video for two years straight with Super Deluxe. You’ll see more from us soon — don’t worry.

  94. Adam says:

    (The above comment is from me, Adam, from Olde English. Believe it.)

  95. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Good, because man I’m starvin.

  96. D. says:

    “fuck-” was overused. “Banged” his wife would have been funnier. Otherwise a very funny vid indeed.

  97. Michael says:


  98. Billy Bob says:

    you comdy boys better coem up wit sum of them new internetting vcr digetel vidios, else i sent my 13 sons at ya!1!

    Seriously, good to hear there’ll be some videos soon. ;-)

  99. Wendy says:




  100. Weophold Brongdubai says:

    film is not used and/or wasted when you watch a video online.

    Also, I’m #1oo.
    This is even more obnoxious than “first post!” because, in addition to being annoyed by me, you are all also envious of me.

  101. Alex says:

    this is even more hilarious, if you’ve just seen a serious ducomentation on tv

  102. LeonimuZ says:

    1 YEAR!

  103. jon says:

    I agree with Leonimuz. It’s been a year, or almost anyway. And yet I still come back to this site every other day with the faint hope there is a new video, only to be disappointed once more. If you keep this up, you won’t have any fans left.

  104. Bryon says:

    I for one enjoyed this video..and every other video you guys have made..I don’t care if you never make a video again. I shall die happy :)

  105. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Almost. One more month to go!

  106. Steven Seagal says:

    Wow, this comedy is really middle-schoolish

  107. LeonimuZ says:

    I Hate Nature 2
    by Olde English Comedy
    1 year ago: Tue, Nov 11, 2008 12:00am EST (Eastern Standard Time)


  108. Mondrosen says:


  109. TheBlunderbuss says:

    There it is. For sure.
    This means we can expect a feature-length movie, right?

  110. aurajin says:

    homophobic and racist much.

  111. Bopa Maiden says:

    At least do us the courtesy of removing the little “new” rectangle.

  112. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Year late on the bandwagon much.

  113. Chicka Chad says:

    There really isn’t a reason to post this, however, I am a stubborn bastard. I can understand why you guys wanted to take a break from posting internet videos. You were fairly committed to them for well over two years. It has been over a year now since you guys went on this “break”. You have also given no real indication that anything is coming down the pipeline anytime soon. Six months ago a statement was made that videos were in production, what happened to those videos? Any kind of update would be nice, it doesn’t even need to be a video, it could be a paragraph on the homepage. I can’t speak for your other fans, but it’s getting old waiting for information on anything related to the website.

  114. DK says:

    I feel exactly like jon. I visit this website like every few days praying for a new video. There were the wedding and bread bowl videos but there’s been no actual new stuff. I really hope something huge is coming soon because you guys haven’t even acknowledged the fact that you haven’t made a sketch throughout all of 2009.

  115. veronica says:

    This one was way better. I love The Planet and the part about the birds of paradise was hilarious

  116. LeonimuZ says:

    I Hate Nature 2
    by Olde English Comedy
    2 year ago: Tue, Nov 11, 2008 12:00am EST (Eastern Standard Time)
    2 YEARSSSS!!!!!!!!1

  117. Amanda says:

    Seriously…there NEEDS to be more of these. I actually cry from laughing so hard every time I watch part I and II.

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