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Special thanks to Julia Segal, Asif Siddiky, and Ande Sedwick.

Music by Jesse NovakDownload the song.

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  1. BenDave says:

    Oh my god. That was amazing.

  2. J-Man says:


  3. J-Man says:

    1. Jesse Novak did an amazing job with the music, it fit perfectly with the images shown.

    2. Wow… Ben sure goes through a lot, hahahahaha, he’s fine… with his Napoleon Dynamite poster on the wall… then he has an Orlando Bloom poster on the wall (signifying the downfall?), cheats on his girlfriend, gets left, turns into a drunk, then CHASES A THEIF! Then kills the theif? Hopefully… the book was rather huge, who knows if the theif had a brain tumor? And then YAY, he jumps up in the air… suspended, while changing clothes… amazing.

  4. Warx says:

    That was possibly the most sporatic thing at 1:27 in the morning.

    If you excuse me, I’m going to drink some Clorox now.

  5. Nate says:

    I’ve noticed you’ve cut down on the number of videos per week. I hope “One Picture Every Day” isn’t your new policy for posts. It’ll take forever just to get enough pics to make one video.

  6. Geddy says:

    Wow…… I’ll finish this comment after I change my pants, hold on.

    Ok, there we go. That video was amazing. I am going to go through and pause the video and look at every single picture in detail.

    Thank you OE, that made my day/night.

  7. Boxman says:


    An amazing take on all of those picture a day videos hitting YouTube recently.

  8. Geddy says:

    Hhahaha oh man.

    Ben, I love the one when you’re in your “Mice terrorizing Cats” T-Shirt that you had made for you (or was it Rats and dogs?).

    Think I can get one made for me too, but illustrating a different story? :-)

  9. Yuki says:

    how long did that take to make?

  10. Alex says:

    so that falls in the same line as adams orange stand in terms of @_@ness

  11. The Real Alex says:

    Wow… thats all… simply wow, amazing!

  12. Beej says:

    That was fantastic!

  13. Alex Morgan says:

    That was…amazingly strange. In a good way of course but, WOAH!

  14. threechordme says:

    wow i am so glad i decided to watch this now rather than waiting until i get back home this afternoon

  15. Brent says:

    … Brilliant.

  16. Katherine says:

    That was really funny. I think my favorite bit was the pizza-lifting.

  17. Ben says:

    Our advice for watching this video is to watch it several times paying attention to different parts of the frame. Also, don\’t be afraid to stop the video and look at individual frames–there\’s a lot going on that you\’ll never catch watching it at full speed.

    This video took all of us a tremendous amount of time and effort (more than any other video ever has), so we all hope you enjoy it.

  18. J.D. says:

    Oh my. Great the first time through and even funnier taking it frame by frame. I loved the polar bear, the edible dumbell and the stock advice from the Man of Steel.

    Well done ya’ll.

  19. Zarkov Atreas says:

    Wow, Ben is on top of me. Superb.

  20. Viki says:

    Is Ben wearing Dave’s shirt(s)? A few times it looks like it, lol.
    Anyway, this video is awesome, I watched it frame by frame the second time and some of the details are just hilarious. Fantastic job, OE, keep it up.

  21. Asif says:

    hah! the jump at the end put a huge smile on my face. very french*

    *you’ll have to ask me about that one.

  22. Neal says:

    augh, I want MORE!!!!!!111onethree

  23. dapho says:

    oh god

  24. Craig says:

    I’m not sure what’s more fun- watching the video or going through it frame by frame. THAT WAS OF YOUR MOST CREATIVE SKETCHES EVER! That one could win some awards. Brilliant. Just plain brilliant.

  25. Chris says:

    Incredibly beautiful.

  26. Cliff says:

    That was unbelievable. So good it gave me the urge to comment for the first time. The cop car chasing the polar bear was priceless.

    P.S. the girl he cheats with is one of the most amazingly hot girls I’ve ever seen. Bring her back!

  27. RuBP says:

    So that’s one sketch every three-and-a-half days?

  28. Nick C says:

    Holy shit. Wow. Just wow.

    Definitely one of your best, guys. Amazing job!

  29. Matt says:

    you guys are so Fing funny i watch ur stuff daily

  30. threechordme says:

    i like how the weights disappear chopped up

  31. Timmahh says:


  32. mike says:

    haha. dude. i have just discovered the taste.

  33. Austin says:


  34. Sergeant Nate says:

    Well that was effin hilarios. Kinda scrambled up my bwains.

  35. Jack says:

    In one of the screenshots are you wearing the shame shirt dave was wearing in OH, IT’S SO HOT!!!

  36. Ben says:

    i wear all of my shirts, all of dave\’s shirts, and a fair amount of dave\’s sister\’s shirts.

  37. Erin says:

    Incredible. Love it love it.

  38. Christo says:

    Loved going frame by frame, looking at everything. Although, If’m wondering where his 27th birthday went.

    It’s interesting to see that on his birthday one of this gifts was his “How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend” book.

    This ranks up there with one of my fav vids so far.

  39. Cortney says:

    finger-lickin’ good!

  40. Shee says:

    i think i like like you now olde english. lets go to homecoming together. that was terrific!

  41. James says:

    Brilliant. My favorite bit of the moment: the lego man and his car.

  42. Miles says:

    haha that was just cool

  43. julia says:

    is this on you tube yet????? I love this guys you are heartstoppingly funny

  44. Jawsh says:

    I love the adventure of the cop car and polar bear

  45. Kevin says:

    Wow, that was so well put together its not even funny. You have no idea how many times I am going to watch that sketch to cath all the little details

  46. Erica says:

    CHRIST you guys are my heroes. How do you do it. loooooovvvvveeeee

  47. Phrozack says:

    I liked the music. How did he hold that hit in for an entire day? I still trying to figure it out, but it’s just getting me really high.

  48. Nikkr says:

    This one is really funny and original. I think I know where you were inspired from, but you made it 100x better. :)

  49. Elaina says:

    whoa…forget comedy, this is a piece of art. I’m so glad work was slow today so I could watch this.

  50. Rin says:

    Thank you for making my life. You should use instrumental music more often in your sketches. Good job!

  51. Roth says:

    That was so great. I love the little fat cycle Ben went through twice (I think it was twice)

    Either way, great job guys, that was really creative, even though for the first few seconds I thought the scenes were going to end up being an A.A.R – Move Along parody music video. xD

  52. Ria says:

    Wow. I applaud the huge amount of effort that went into making this (it totally shows!). Again, I say wow.

    Also, the ending was kinda reminiscent of “Oh, it’s so Hot.” Was that purposeful?

  53. Noah says:

    You guys should get paid for this. Im totally going to buy your dvd to support you guys! Of course.. im a college student without a job so it may be awhile before i scourge up some xtra cash to get it.. but you deserve money for your awesome sketches!

  54. Sender says:

    It’s time those people on youtube who think we want to see them age took a hit
    very funny

  55. Caitlin says:

    I think I like it more when going frame by frame, especially the whole bum/thief sequence

    oh yeah and Virgina is for Lovers

  56. Gabe says:

    You guys, that was honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Really beautifully done. Jesse’s music was superb, as always, perfectly timed with the sketch. The pictures, storyline, colors, pace… everything about it was a work of art.

  57. Marrisa says:

    daskjflask;fh!@#$%$@! beautiful. for a second i actuly thought you were gonna do another of those “picture a day” videos and i cried, but it turned out to be brilliance. how long did this take you? too long?

  58. Jawsh says:

    I love the facial hair growth during the bum stage

  59. David says:

    my favorite little detail is that the article that says “market crash!” is actually about the movie crash and you can see matt dillon.

    …and superman whispering in his ear.

  60. Tim The Tyrant says:

    yay. I like the part where Raptor hugs Ben.

  61. Ali says:

    WOAH that was sooooooo cooooooolllll

    no wonder you guys took off time this week nicceeee job!

    i seriously looovvveeeddd it that was mucho creative

    now i have to go watch it they way Ben said, frame by frame :)

  62. Ali says:

    woah i just noticed theres a polar bear puzzle being built and then knocked over and is removed from the video in like the first, i dont know 30 pictures

    way cool

  63. Spearljam says:

    That was AMAZING

  64. James says:

    This was the best piece of work I’ve ever seen a sketch comedy group do, ever. Like, not in terms of comedy but in terms of a piece of ART. Fuckin’ brilliant–and funny too. So many jokes. Thank you for this, guys.

    Loved it.

  65. Luke says:

    haha this rocks “how to catch a theif” haha niice

  66. Thokk says:

    That kicked ass. I loved it.

  67. Jawsh says:

    I think that’s Mr. Sinister from the depth perception sketch

  68. Suki says:

    ahahahaha A great Youtube spoof. =D

    I especially like how if it’s a picture every day, Ben stays suspended in the air for about a week.

  69. Suki says:

    I especially also like (apologies for double-commenting), but I also like the fact that Bum-Ben eats a goldfish. And drinks Clorox. And Thief-Dave and and Ben run through the capital of my state (Colorado). I love the progression of this stop-motion spoof. Ily you guys. =D

  70. Andy says:

    Pause every frame for a few seconds. It’s way funnier! WAY! YES WAY!

  71. Andy says:

    Best frame: Raizin passed out on the bookshelf.

  72. Dar says:

    AMAZING!!! that must’ve taken such a long time to make! really really good

  73. Kileigh says:

    That had to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. You guys are astounding! You should have your own religion.

  74. Andy says:

    Best sequence: getting fat on dumbells, getting fit lifting pizza! You’s crazy.

  75. mousee says:

    i LOVE this, with my whole loving organnn

  76. michael says:

    …..day 39: very cool. day 40: wow. day 41: great. day 42: terrific …

  77. IceCreamTruck says:


  78. Quick Question says:

    Wow, that was hilarious, and so well done. That sketch was stop motion anamation with a really original new twist!
    2 Questions:
    1) How many still captures did it take to do this, how long did it take to capture them all?
    2) Where did you get that awesome Jim Morrison poster?

  79. Hipster Scum says:

    Heyy, Alex Morgan? Are you the one I know? John Memory, David Dunnaway? Those ring any bells?

  80. feee says:

    awww… jesse that was amazing playing!
    this was the sweetest sketch ever for some reason.

  81. Hipster Scum says:

    Oh wait, right, forgot to actually talk about the sketch. As said above: Sheer brilliance. Love all the stuff thrown in there. Raizin’s dicking around in the background, Adam’s playing a sport(or blasting music) Hana’s studying (That WAS Hana, right?) and the polar bear, the cell phone, and the lego man are having a grand ol’ time. Sweet life, you guys. Sweet life.

  82. Comedic Acorn says:

    That was re-god-damn-diculous!

    no but i loved it. every single picture.

  83. Holla says:

    you got jenga for your birthday…lucky

  84. Travis says:

    Lolololol, Ben doesnt change facial expressions


  85. Smitty says:

    that made my day :-) thanks guys!

  86. Mr. Noodles says:

    I would say Ben’s first girlfriend is really really hot, but then again that’s Dave’s sister so I won’t.

  87. Jawsh says:

    Ben has great taste in ladies

  88. brian craig says:

    i admire your patience and your attention to detail. this must have been painstaking.

    good job.

  89. Bkratz says:

    i work at Party City and we sell all that pimp accessories for halloween, nice. and that was impressive. how many pictures were there total?

  90. Mandy says:


    That was fucking AMAZING.

    I’ve never seen anything like that. It needs to be put in some sorta independant film festival. Seriously.

  91. Jenny says:

    very very cute.
    keep up the good work ;-)

  92. Eli says:

    Hey guys! Hi from Michigan! I just found out about your site yesterday from a friend. This video was pretty sweet! I loved it! Photobooth, Gym Class, and The Orange Stand are flippin sweet too! Peace!

  93. Dylan says:

    Bloody hell, that was brilliant!

  94. farsheed says:

    Pretty awesome. Sushi-licious.

  95. Rocktzar says:

    that was insanely amazing, well done, that’s put a HUGE smile on my face, thanks very much

  96. alice says:

    wow…that was incredible, and hilarious

  97. Vinny says:

    Holy crap, that was amazing. This is one of those times that you’re glad to have Quicktime, so you can frame-by-frame the whole thing!

  98. Kenny says:

    Downright hilarious.

  99. Sneen says:

    i see you were reading the Tipping point in one of ur pics

    great book

  100. Beej says:

    Comment 2

    I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite sketch.

  101. Zarkov Atreas says:

    Holy Balls! There are sooo many commments.

  102. Trevor says:

    Wow, just wow, that was amazing. I just loved it.

  103. Erin Goody says:

    One of the best sketches you have ever done, by far.
    It even beats the old bonus sketch where Joel and Raizin shave each other’s heads.

  104. Tim (the other and even cooler one) says:

    that was the greatest thing I have ever seen. dave, I will totally fight you for the right to go out with your sister

  105. Justin says:

    Wow, wow, wow. That was inspired lunacy. Extremely well done – I hope you feel it was worth the enormous amount of effort you obviously put into it.

  106. Holla says:

    The pictures with Raizen in the background are the best

  107. Ulysses S. Grant says:

    It was so good that it made me post!

  108. Nate says:

    thanks j man i couldnt watch it myself…

  109. Ian says:

    BRILLIANT and hilarious

  110. Zacharia says:

    Mucho props.

  111. Hannah (not to be confused with Hana) says:

    that was soooo brilliant. the first sketch in a while that actually had me laughing out loud.

    thanks OE! *big thumbs up*

  112. Jer says:

    I am so glad I’m stoned right now. this makes it the best it could ever be *clap* kudos *clap* ku. dos.

  113. Jaylaw_theman says:

    Man, this is very original. Great work guys.

  114. seargeant nate says:

    w00t comment number 114 bitches!! Check out my previos post at number 34.

  115. Trevor says:

    Wow I just love watching this video, its so intricate and amazing.

  116. Anthony says:

    Never have I ever loved you guys this much.

  117. Fuzzman says:

    Golf clap? Golf clap. Brilliantly edited and well performed. High five!

  118. monty says:

    now look how popular olde english is.

  119. Boethius says:

    Best song ever.

  120. Adam says:

    Where did you get that awesome Jim Morrison poster?

    Are you kidding? That’s the only poster of Jim Morrison ever made, and it’s available at every store that sells posters. Hell, it’s available at stores that DON’T sell posters, at which it is the only poster sold.

    And no, Hana wasn’t in this at all.

    But thanks, guys!

  121. Trevor says:

    I can’t stop watching this video

  122. Rach says:

    AWESOME! That was really cool.

  123. Julia says:

    We have the same cell phone! At least we did before the market boom and crash.

    Brilliant sketch all around, especially seeing them all seperately. I love it.

  124. Fernando says:


  125. BlackSheep says:

    Took so much time… And clothes I assume…

  126. Evan says:

    Is there anyway I can download that song? I love it.

  127. Tim (the cooler one) don't even pull that crap on me one says:

    that must have taken some crazy patience. and how did u get ben the be in the same spot everytime with all tnems faces and what not

  128. Jax says:

    Amazing. So much amazing comedy with no dialogue. I almost lost faith after that boxing and raptor problem, but I can see that everything will be okay.

    Where can I buy those books?

  129. Jefffff says:


    Watching that frame by frame made me realize how much time that probaby took

    That was Awesome

    I commend you guys

  130. seargeant nate says:

    wait a second. was that a happy ending? He is still broke but he didi get his camera back….BTW wat kinda software do u guys edit with?

  131. noni says:

    woah. that was excellent!

  132. Joshua says:

    Wow, wonderful…so much better than drab people staring at their camera for a year :) – AMAZING!

  133. Alex says:

    Thanks for making that. Fantastic. Really enjoyed it.

  134. Jawsh says:

    This is pretty good…I almost didn’t watch it when I realized it wasnt a boxer v. raptor….but i’m glad i stuck around

  135. SaxxonPike says:

    It’s satirical, humorous and entertaining all at the same time. You guys win.

  136. Jack says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song? PLEASE!!!

  137. Luke says:

    daves not wearin his glove:P

  138. Dylan says:

    Is it alright that I make a ytmnd out of this?

    Because I kind of already did…

  139. Ben says:

    Jesse Novak made the music for this sketch. I\’ve posted the song as a link at the top of this post.

    Check out Jesse\’s other great music projects here!

  140. horribly saddened says:

    GRATZ GUYS YOU ARE A YTMND FAD NOW, and i officially hate ytmnd. BUT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  141. Sam says:

    I’m fairly certain that video was friggen amazing……… why am I not 100% certain? ……Good question – I have absolutely no clue why…

  142. seargeant nate says:

    NO! My post is last!!! Don’t you dare!!!!

  143. Zachary Hinchliffe says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B26asyGKDo was the original

    Also, let me take this time to plug http://oewiki.idiotstudios.net – the Olde English Wiki. We need contributors, STAT!

  144. seargeant nate says:

    that is unless ur part of the staff

  145. Erik says:

    Dude, that’s deep…and your not a ytmnd fad, your just a single site. No one will make clones of it…DON’T WORRY…*whisper* rrruuuunnnn…

  146. Grant says:

    HAHA! It’s soo great! You all are so funny! Good stuff. Keep up the good work!

  147. Fio says:

    Wow! Simply Wow!

  148. tosha says:

    just brilliant… it’s sooooo great!!

  149. pierro says:

    nice porodie of the orginal

  150. ChrisyG says:

    Now that was cool. Thanks a million!

  151. Dylan says:

    This was outstanding. It got a little weak at the end with the bluescreen, but everything up until that was perfect.
    Noah is a genius for what he has done and what he has inspired.

  152. Kyle says:


    I loved it.

    And once I played it frame-by-frame I could appreciate all of the little details you guys put in that I never noticed at full speed.

    Great job!

  153. Jeff says:

    5’d for Grado Headphones!!! I love ’em!!

  154. Farsheed says:

    Holy crap. 1580 diggs and counting….


  155. willies boss says:

    wow one of the best yet truly inovative great film and even better that actress julia is so wonderful
    she should be in more
    after she plays et
    fone home

  156. someone says:

    This –
    is ridiculous.

  157. dragonfly says:

    superb, very nice job!

  158. J says:

    very good… excellent actually

  159. mryellowhat says:

    high quality–i think its good that oe is spending more time on sketches. props.

  160. Bisho says:

    Made me realize I should change the way I see things. deep stuff,
    loved the getting high period…so true!

  161. Jeremy says:

    Wow That Was Great, Thanks For It.

  162. mikelove says:

    whoa – congrats! I ran across this absolutely randomly.

  163. Eddie says:


  164. Daniel says:


    greetz from Germany

  165. MackanZoor says:

    Just awesome. :) Good job, this was gold.

  166. Charles says:

    HAH. America’s #1 favorite prop gun is in this too!

  167. Theophilus says:

    wow… well done!!!

  168. dg says:

    good picture.

  169. Dan says:

    ebaums ripped you guys off again!!!!!


  170. Frank says:

    Hey, you are a famous star today at http://www.ehrensenf.de

  171. Andy says:

    This was based on a real video of a girl who did a picture of herself for 3 years, you can find it here.


  172. Andy says:

    Actually, heres the same vids but I pulled it out of the advert page

  173. Trevor says:

    Pretty much the best freaking video ever

  174. Holla says:

    Jeez now that this is featured on youtube, a ton of people are gonna be coming here, im not saying you sold out since you had no say in being featured, but its gonna be strange now enjoying your comedy knowing that its not an underground group anymore.

  175. Kevin says:

    This is by far the best video I have seen in a long time. The music, the wit, the images, all great! If you watch it frame by frame it is even better because you get to see all the little things that go on all around him. Just brilliant and amazing stuff.

  176. Lys says:

    I just watched it frame by frame, and almost fell out of my chair when I saw the dog hand shadow in the “bills” sequence.

  177. Erin Goody says:

    Holy zambonie batman! You guys were featured on youtube!

  178. Greg Marra says:

    Yay you guys are e-famous! Keep up the solid work!

  179. Hannah (not to be confused with Hana) says:

    not only on youtube but ebaumsworld put it up too on their daily media… naturally with their watermark slapped on it. out of curiosity, was permission given for that, or was it just lifted without permission as usual?

  180. Wolfgang says:

    fantastic. An absolutely creative work. I enjoy it very much.
    Thank’s a lot.

  181. JPS says:

    Thanks for this unique and beautiful moment! It reminds me when I first discovered Charlie Chaplin…

  182. PleaseSaveDave says:

    That was awesome stuff. Couldn’t imagine how tedious the prep time and editing would have been. Great work guys.

    little self plug:

  183. DrDream says:

    Is that Super Star DJ Steve Lawler in the video? He he. If not you are his doppleganger! (man!)

  184. McQueen says:

    Brilliant! That was even better than original one!

  185. Paul says:

    Definitely could win an award or two with that !!! You’re mad if you dont send it in to a competition or some film makers award malarkey

  186. robocop says:

    that is the funniest thing i have ever seen.
    thank you for you cooperation, good night.

  187. LadyShadow//Lauren says:

    Brilliant ^_^
    I Watched it on YouTube thought is was awesome :P
    haha i loved the pizza part xD!

  188. Undefined Matrix says:

    Great parody of the recent trend of YouTube videos, loved it!

  189. Dylan says:

    I saw that this video was at the top on youtube the otherday, nice!

  190. Stu says:

    I highly suggest you email Ebaumsworld and demand they put credits for you at the end, cause they seriously ripped you off if you didn’t put that up there.

  191. craig peake says:


  192. Josh D says:

    awesome video. =D

  193. Katie in UK says:

    Where can I get the sheet music for this? It’s awesome. I would even pay you!! Please email me and let me know, thanks :)

  194. Spain Dictator says:

    ho la la, ke grande eres,. super chulo, muy original si señor!!peaso currada, felicidades!

  195. Derek says:

    Wow, I knew it being on Myspace would fill this page up.
    Don’t go changing guys, and if it seems that you feel crowded then just put out a very offensive one.

  196. Nicolas from Belgium says:

    Great video
    never seen something like that
    We like it here in Belgium!!!

  197. nadine says:


  198. davidhasselhoff_jr says:

    It was very fun to watch and also i watched it in slow motion frame by frame and soaked in everything. I really enjoyed watching your video. ::This is the first time ive visited your oldeenglish web site and its a great place you have here.

  199. Ali says:

    pretty impressive…

  200. Michael says:

    Perfect video!
    Just long enough to get a good laugh and to take the piss on that Noah video.
    Funny as hell.

  201. Bin says:

    Amazing! Just can’t imagine the amount of effort put into this. But im sure u guys had a great time. One of the best videos out there.

  202. Jazz says:

    That was EXCELLENT. By far the best of the new sketches.

  203. shox95 says:


  204. Red Dalek says:

    Really enjoyed that, excellent stuff! :D (And congrats for making B3ta!)

  205. mahmoud mokhtar says:

    Really great piece of art!!

    I Really LOVED it :) .. Thanks to every one participated in making it!

  206. huge ackman says:

    hehehe.. to catch a thief XD

  207. me says:

    hahahaha “how to catch a thief”

  208. BAELICKO says:

    Awesome, man!

  209. Max says:

    Fantastique !

  210. ANONIMOUS says:

    This music is also excelent

  211. David and Julia's Mom says:

    I’m in awe of everyone who was involved in this brilliant film. The story line was intriguing, the music was perfect and the pictures were phenominal. Thank you to all of you for sharing your remarkable talents with us in this venue. I love you guys and am so proud of all of you! I even passed your web site on to some people at Zion National Park in Utah. I have a feeling that they’ll get hooked on OE too!

  212. kat attack says:

    featured on the japanese blogtv!

  213. daniel says:

    wtf that’s is the most coolest crazyest god damn fine thing you guys have a good sance of humor

  214. Random Norfolk Academy Grad (2000) says:

    Congrats to Dave – weird to pick up a video of you on http://www.b3ta.com

  215. Chris-piet says:

    Very good job, superb !

  216. Miyo says:

    I can’t believe that you go to Queen’s … at least, you must, because you used a piccy of our campus!

  217. Tapa says:

    perfect :)

  218. OG Andy says:

    this is the funniest and wierdest kind of thing ive ever seen…..on the internet

  219. Karen says:

    Simplemente maravilloso.

    Un trabajo estupendo !!! Realmente disfrutable.

  220. Marcel says:

    Remarquable….mais les images défilent un peu trop vite,non…

  221. Tin says:

    this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen

  222. violet says:

    perfection. wow. great concept (i’m a sucker for satire) beautifully executed.

  223. Max says:

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