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  1. Dave says:

    I can’t get enough George Washington Carver!

  2. Shirley says:

    that just made my day, well, night; but all the same, OE you guys rock my socks (:

  3. The Sofa King says:


  4. boxman says:


  5. Rocktzar says:

    hahaha nice one. I loved the way its filmed makes it look cool as anything

  6. Olives. says:

    Aww shit! Who smells an internet phenomenon? I do, I do!

  7. Hunter says:

    love the almost subliminal messaging

  8. Kandoh says:

    Eeeeew, you have a hairy belly.

  9. Yojimbo says:

    Brilliant… I just watched the most recent 6 or 7 and that was definitely the high point….I now have a strangest urge to go get some peanut butter for myself…. damn…

  10. C413B says:

    *zippes up pants* WOW!

  11. Kyle says:

    Everyone likes peanut butter over Julia Stiles, its about time someone told her!

  12. amalia says:

    haha you rhymed styles with stiles. ya id!

  13. Kaydizzle says:

    Hooray for Raizin’s mom.

  14. Liz says:

    Asif: “This is what happens when Raizin gets left alone.”

  15. Myself says:

    Um, i love most of your stuff, Olde English, but i’ve gotta say, this isn’t your best stuff, in my oppinion. Just saying.

  16. kpops!!! says:

    i need peanut butter, stat!

  17. Jen says:

    I have that same arm up in my attic!
    No, really I do.

  18. J-Man says:

    “Don’t tell me what to do… mom.” That’s pretty priceless.

  19. Dylan says:

    I love the way you rhymed styles with stiles….pure brilliance

  20. Moochie says:

    Yay! I love it! I’ve got the song stuck in my head now…

  21. TheRobbie says:

    Very well done. I love it.

    You guys are brilliant.

  22. Sharna says:

    Amazing. I would give you a medal but I don’t have one. Instead I made you a peanut butter medal, but I ate it. The song made me do it.

    Peanut butter…

  23. angela says:

    aw man. i HATE peanut butter but i still liked this.

    so. you win.

  24. The Mona Lisa says:

    Jar of Peanut Butter: $3
    Plastic Arm: $5
    Raizin Rapping: Priceless

  25. mouse says:


    hairy bellys

  26. ostrich says:

    this song is even more catchy than the new fergie single. way to go!

  27. Renee says:

    I loved that “Don’t tell me what to do, Mom.”

  28. bxh says:

    As a huge peanut butter/Raizin enthusiast, I loved this.

  29. TheBlunderbuss says:

    “Proteeein” — truly Californian.

  30. jill says:

    peanut butter tastes good on my hand bitch!

    im kind of wishing that my new nickname was peanut butter so that people could sing this to me

  31. Philthehappykitty says:

    Amazingly awesome.


  32. Mary says:

    I can guaruntee I’ll have that song stuck in my head the rest of day. It’s catchy. My brother is singing it as we speak.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Raizin is a beast, damn.

    But I love it. I cant stop laughing.

  34. LOTL says:

    haha, this was great. I think I liked this better than food rap.

  35. Desmond says:

    Is That Acctually His Mom?

  36. kelae says:

    To comment number 15- you spelled opinion wrong, you don’t get to say anthing.

  37. JKim says:


  38. rbw says:

    11- I know, right?

    35- Yep, that’s her!

    36- You spelled “anything” wrong.

  39. kelae says:

    haha. don’t people see it dripping with irony as i spell anything wrong? (or the humor within it?)

  40. kelae says:

    haha i just thought of it now- but when i left my last comment i was eating a peanut butter sandwich

  41. HP says:

    I thought I’d introduce you guys to everyone at YTMND.

  42. Adam says:

    HP, that is the greatest thing ever.

  43. Roth says:


  44. Your Mom says:

    Hey #41, isn’t that copyright infringement? Just curious.

  45. Adam says:

    Your Mom — no, it isn’t! The Creative Commons license at the bottom of our site (and referenced at the end of all of our videos) means that you can download, remix, and post any of our videos however you like, as long as you let everyone know where it came from. So mash away!

  46. Emmarin says:

    Nice glasses. Where’d you buy them? ps. you guys are my best friends

  47. James says:

    This is my favourite sketch.
    God bless you, Raizin.

  48. Matt says:

    Hey why wont it let me download the mp3

  49. Nick says:

    Peanut Butter is People! IT’S PEOPLE!
    Was I the only one who noticed that?

  50. Derek says:

    peanut butter tastes good on a sandwich!

    peanut butter tastes good on my hand, bitch!

    nice way to rhyme. love you guys

  51. Derek says:

    I am trying to wage an unhloy war on everybodys mind, the war will not be over until this movie is commonly accepted as and internet sensation.

    It is now on Google Video

    Also add it to your Myspace

    I love the distribution abilities.

  52. Mike says:

    oh my god, fucking brilliant

  53. Mikey says:

    “Peanut Butter’s come in all kinds of consistencies…

  54. Ali says:

    Raizin i really dont think that peanut butter will taste very good on your belly, sorry but i do love this clip :)

  55. jes says:

    peanut butter is people!

  56. Grim Reaper says:

    Whoever was doing the beatbox noises, that was pretty sick. Great job OE.

  57. Mitch says:

    hahahaha this is classsic

  58. Teh Dave says:


  59. Carlyn says:

    i am most definitely going to spread peanut butter of a porpoise and then try it on a cat. and then i will dance.


  60. Tim says:

    I cannot get enough of this sketch. I have uuatched it literally at least 20 times. you guys rock

  61. Sergeant Nate says:

    porpiuose eh? tousche, thats pretty random. stuck in my noggin now. Thats some catchy stuff.

  62. Peanut Butter says:


  63. Luke says:

    haha this video is amazingly awesome.

  64. Gretchen says:

    So I’m walking down the street on a lovely October day in Denmark, watching a video on my iPod of a man spreading peanut butter on his belly while rapping.

    Life is surreal sometimes. I love it.

  65. Kasian says:

    wowowow i cant stop watching it ya me vine un buen de veces de namas verlo

  66. Joe says:


  67. Philip says:

    That was beautiful.
    I Love peanut butter.
    Especially the chunky kind.

  68. isabella says:

    you guys are the backstreet boys to my teenage heart i love
    you. i think i might faint if i ever saw one of you in real life i loved it. it sounds lame but keep up the great work

  69. Lizzie says:

    You guys are HILARIOUS this is like the 50th time ive seen this and it never gets old!!! I love it!!

  70. Zeriose says:

    I must be really really sad.
    LOL I memorized the whole thing.
    AND I sing it constantly…

  71. cathie says:

    AAAAHHHHH!!! for some strange reason i cant download this video!! every time i try it comes up with some strange font or some thing!!!! any one know how i can fix the problem?

  72. Loryn says:

    peanut butter tastes good on my hand, bitch!


    try it on a cat.

  73. Timm says:

    Okay, I cannot stop watching it.

  74. cathie says:

    can any one help me? any one at all?

  75. Your Mom says:


    It’s possible that you don’t have Quicktime installed on your computer. Make sure you have the latest version installed. Don’t know if that will help but it was worth a shot.

  76. emily says:

    that was funny ! LOL

  77. Emily says:

    That’s probably the sweetest sketch I’ve ever heard, my firends and I sing it randomly throughout the day just to make each other laugh

  78. christmas says:

    what in the steaming blue fuck?

    OH lordy lordy I love OE

  79. cathie says:

    Thanks soooo much Your Mom, it still doesnt work but thanks for trying!!!!

  80. davana says:

    lmao! but how do i down load it? all i get is the vid when i click download

  81. davana says:

    nvm! i got it! it’s on my iPod


  82. Jubul says:

    I wrote the lyrics to this song in my history notebook instead of taking notes about the Civil War. It was the greatest history class ever

  83. Aimee says:

    this is amazing.

  84. Tessa says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL. soo cool.

  85. Kristina says:



  86. Chase says:

    THose be some Genious rhymes

  87. Michele says:

    Same arm Rip Jackson loses when shedding his extremities in Banana Salve? Beautiful.

    This made me hungry.

  88. Tracy says:

    I like him, he is really funny.

  89. Kelli says:

    I will never stop singing this. Ever.

  90. Alexander says:

    It’s true, she never will.

  91. Alymicy says:

    hehehe, this is so awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t discover this before! And yes, peanut butter DOES taste good on your hand (I actually like it best that way!)

    What an amazingly upbeat rap to one of America’s favorite condiment! Thanks guys, I really enjoyed this sketch! <3

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