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Cinematography by Andrew Lyman-Clarke.
Featuring Emilie Bishop and Daniela Gilbert.
Special Effects by Amy Searles.

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  1. Your Mom says:

    You guys are amazing. I’d be interested to know what you all are like in real life.

  2. i love sheep says:

    this is the sweetest thing i have ever seen in my life!!!

  3. joiner says:

    Great movie, looks a lot like the banned commercial of the xbox 360 though.
    However, this movie has much better music.

  4. joseph says:

    this movie was out before xbox 360 was even a concept.

    bill gates ripped off another genius to get ahead,
    i think not.

  5. Brad says:

    This beats the hell out of counter strike. I wish my gym class was like this.

    This is my second favorite sketch ever, after Food Rap. (And its not far off) It’s a shame you dont have nearly as many members as before, only six of you now. You should start recruiting ^^

  6. Jurassic Clark says:

    My 3 favorite parts of this sketch:

    1. Joel saying “Lightsaber Space-Trek”

    2. Adam dismantling and putting away all the pieces of his imaginary sniper

    3. The basketball tumbleweed.

  7. Luke says:

    this is the best video of all time

  8. Beej says:

    This is the best video ever.

    I love the N64 James Bond sound affects.

    Whenver I show this site to people who never heard of ya, this is usually the first sketch I show.

  9. ben says:

    why isn’t this on itunes anymore?

  10. Allison says:

    the basketball was great. like a tumbleweed in a western. look at me stating the obvious. yeah. im cool. you guys keep me from doing my homework. i love you guys.

  11. prence says:

    Haha, I haven’t seen this in FOREVER. I forgot how great it was.

  12. Mike says:

    Disturbing on many levels. The type of thing that could only be produced by someone using the anonymity of the Internet.

  13. Chris says:

    the basketball was genius.. i laughed totally hard…er than i would have had they not done the basketball gag.

  14. Sayeth di Puppeth says:

    Really funny. ^.^
    My favorite part is the very end, with everyone lying dead on the ground…

  15. i love pie says:

    this is such a swicked video even though my computer has no SOUND

  16. thePHREEK says:

    OMG that is HILARIOUS!!!! so friggin random I love it

  17. Cameron says:

    Ok. Listen. THIS IS THE BEST FREAKING VIDEO EVER! I had it on my computer for a while, then my mom went snooping, and watched it, and then she made me delete it, but, you guessed it! I came right back again. My faveorite part was
    1. Lighsaber Space-Treck
    2. The bathroom Fight
    3. When the kid takes apart his sniper rifle
    4. Whe the girls pretend to commit suicide
    5. When the teacher is about to kill the girl and then all of the students stand up.
    The music is brilliant. There should be a like…sequal..that’d be so cool..

  18. M.O fighter says:

    bang bang good job

  19. not work safe says:

    holy shit that was lame. I want my 5 minutes back.

  20. Sarah says:

    The sex.

  21. ichisan says:

    hey not work safe fuck you. just cause u can’t enjoy, pure brilliance doesn’t mean you have bitch about it.
    to the rest of you guys, that was fucking amazing, also i’m with cameron, there should be a sequal, but make sure it’s as good as this one, or better (if that’s possible)

  22. Seras says:

    Yeeeeaaaaaaaah!!! It’s back online. I found the movie over a year ago at http://articles.energyradio.fm but then i lost the link :(

    Now the movie has got a holy place on my harddisk. You can be sure I’ll link to your site as soon as mine is up ;)

  23. Alex says:

    When I watched this I was cracked up laughing. It was BRILLIANT!!!!! (^-^)

  24. Curt says:

    classic skit.

    favorite part (aside from all the stuff everyone else mentioned) is how on the first shot of the short-haired girl after her friend dies, she’s trying not to laugh.

  25. Ryan says:

    Wow. There are few words.

  26. seriously, every time i watch this, it's like wow says:

    and then i go and give the link to 5 new people

  27. mishu says:

    you guys should be on youtube. there’s olde english videos in youtube, but you guys should make an official group and stuff

  28. sergeant nate says:

    i thought that the sound effects were from 007 goldeneye from n64. I’ve been playing that game alot lately. How on earth was this editted?!?!

  29. Ditto says:

    This is amazing, my favourite (after this comes Cooking With Steven The Vegan)! There are like, 16 words in the video, amazing xD
    Keep up the good works guys!

  30. Allyson says:

    Brilliance. You really captured the mood of eighth grade badminton.

  31. blah blah blah says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song played near the beginning?

  32. Jackie says:

    I laughed sooo hard when Raizin was running around helplessly and then gets shot. Pure genius guys.

  33. John says:

    I saw the blood tube! You can see it when she kills herself, right after the gun noise. It bounces. I feel happy now.

  34. John says:

    The blonde girl looks like Elliot in Scrubs.

  35. Leasha says:

    Dudes, you guys should do a You Tube for this!

  36. GlenGlingo9 says:

    Adrenaline pumping action this. Absolutely awesome

  37. GlenGlingo9 says:

    But I cant believe raizin doesnt shoot any1

  38. Nadine says:

    so this is how it all starts huh?…

    school violence all starts with the teachers.

    and then society blames it all on us.

    nice sketch guys, ur my loves.

  39. Jamie says:

    thats really funny

  40. POOPIE says:

    love it.
    sniper was the best part.
    love his crazy face and insane tongue while sniping.

    woooooooo go sniper!

  41. christmas says:

    Oh gosh, you people are my favorite

  42. Vadoff says:

    GG you guys, GG.
    Loved it :)

  43. Gypsy Reik says:

    FIGHT CLUB MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. lorn says:

    MANNNNNNN that was genus what you guys did!!!!!!! and i do agree with the people that say that you should make a sequel. oh and hey i put it on my psp (i had to convert it though) soooo yeah, make more videos like this

  45. Scott says:

    This Is The Best Olde English Sketch Ever !!!!!!!!!! The First Time I Saw It, I Could Not Stop Laughing. Keep Up The Good Work Guys !!!!!

  46. Isaac says:

    Haha all those gun sound fx are totally from Golden Eye for N64.

  47. madblaster6 says:

    It was so good i downloaded it!

  48. Penumbra Blad says:

    Alright, how many people would love to be in a large city (Like Boston of Worcester) and just start doing this? (Me…)

    And, yeah, there should be a sequel.

  49. Joshua says:

    what are the names of the songs?

    I love this vid.

  50. Corridor_One says:

    This would be perfect for a school project where real weapons are not allowed.

  51. Jake says:

    This is one of the most well-edited, well-directed, pristinely-shot sketches that OE has put out.
    It’s also fucking hilarious.
    Also, the music from Fight Club was an awesome touch.
    Keep up the good work!

  52. Christmas says:

    This one never gets old. This is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen- Good friggen’ job!

  53. Jake says:

    Mike says: “Disturbing on many levels. The type of thing that could only be produced by someone using the anonymity of the Internet.”

    Methinks Mike needs to shut the fuck up.

  54. happy hannaka says:

    omg i love this sketch the best one ever!

    GOOOOO sniper!
    i love his crazy tongue

  55. Mandie says:

    OMG! I Luved the rifle part where he took it apart! It was classic! Very Funny! Kudos guys!

  56. andy [twisted-dragons] says:

    hey i love this video and so does every one at my skl but me and a few m8’s are doin a’lv media and would like to do somthink like it all i wna know is:

    at the begining how did u get that girl’s head to blow out the back?

    and how long did it take you to film and edit this?

    please reply

  57. Gogert says:

    reminds me exactly of my gym class…

  58. Emily says:

    hahaha okay so everytime i go to tennis class i always think of this…and i kinda wish we could have a class wide hoot out. hehee

  59. Dave says:

    I don’t see why some say that the “banned” Xbox 360 ad is a rip-off of this video. The theme is far too universal for such a claim. Thanks for pointing out that the basketball was a tumbleweed, because yes, I didn’t get it. I was half expecting some one-on-one hoops to break out when the roundball came bouncing in. I think I would have enjoyed this more without the “blood”.

  60. Leon says:

    OE you need to do some recruiting. When i look back at this video i realize the ever so obvious fact that there are so little of you now.

  61. Half Jack says:

    You guys were the fucking shit when I was in highschool. So many people tried to form sketch comedy groups modeled after you guys.

  62. Pinchle says:

    i like daves death with teh screaming and tehblood and teh pwnage.

  63. Eddy says:

    I’m a little worried about this commercial I just found for the Xbox- It shares a lot of similarities to this sketch and I assume was made sometime later.


    I adore this sketch, by the way.

  64. You're douchebags says:

    You’re all idiots for making this. get a life.

  65. Spanish friend says:

    It is awesome..

  66. Jax says:

    How do I download this crap? Amazing guys. Keep up the good work.

  67. arwingpilot says:

    decent concept
    mediocre acting makes me cringe
    sound is poor at some points
    awkward editing

    needs improvement basically.. oh wait xbox did that

  68. oh noes says:

    I don’t know if it is cause I just watched the other xbox video first and then this one or what, but I think I liked the other one better. This one was too bloody and not as funny.

    anyways, Finger bang day April 30.

  69. Way Better says:

    Xbox vid was way better. Better editing, music, and sound effects. Plus it was was funnier. And don’t you think it’s a little sick that this is what high school kids are doing with their time, pretending to kill each other will finger guns? Pretty fucked up if you ask me.

  70. imwillie06 says:

    The 360 version was awesome, and if anything, you guys should be proud something as big as the 360 marketing team would use your idea, spice it up, and air it on national television. Also, I’m guessing Bill Gates had nothing to do with the commercial, he just sits back and says yes or no. Smooth move on being those small people that ruin bigger things just because they can….bravo….idiots. This video sucked real hard

  71. It was good, I guess says:

    Personal critique:
    Well…Frankly, I hated the suicide part, where she killed herself, cuz it’s like, she didn’t even mean to, did she? And I wasn’t expecting the blood, and it made me cringe.

    I know that this was just supposed to be cool and funny or whatever, but, personally, it just makes me think of all the people senselessly killed in real life, including those who kill themselves.

    I think I would have been much more okay with it if it didn’t have the blood, but, on the other hand, the blood WAS very effective, so….yeah.

    The basketball tumbleweed was hilarious! It was the only part that made me actually laugh, other than the creepy sniper’s tongue, and his walk with the “whoosh” sounds.

    Professional critique (not that I’m professional, but critiquing the more technical aspects of the given short movie):
    The first few sound effects were of horrible quality, but they quickly got better. There were one or two places when the ambient sound quality changed, going from being silent to having a hiss, and back to silent again. There were a few times when the editing was questionable, or rather, the cinematography: particularly the close ups of the sniper guy and the last guy to die’s hand to hand battle, because one shot was darker or something. It was kinda weird.

    But other than that, I thought that the whole thing was quite original (especially the ridiculous PE teacher trying to explain how to use the racket, and the sniper packing up his stuff and then walking hilariously to the show down), and generally well executed (pun morbidly intended).

    Good job. :]

  72. Umm... says:

    Umm.. How about not. I failed to see the point or the humor in this. I thought it was a little stupid. I’m sorry. I don’t happen to agree with the rest of you. I thought this was one of the lamest things I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing on the internet.

  73. Valenx says:


  74. Dane Cook Rival says:

    my god…amazing…

  75. I like it says:

    I like it nice camera work and editing for a high school video

  76. Justathought says:

    Just a brief note to the folks commenting that the Xbox video is “better quality”:
    …one would hope, with the kind of budget Microsoft has available, that their video WOULD be “better” than one shot in a school gym.

    That said, I think you folks did a great job with this, especially considering you weren’t exactly working with professional resources. I agree the blood effect might have been a little overly gory, but the number of gamer jokes hidden (or not so hidden) was fantastic, as was the tumbleweed.

    Bravo :-)

  77. Lizzy says:

    Definitely loved some of the more subtle elements…

    Go basketball tumble weed! And my fav. line… “Lightsaber Space-Trek”

  78. Shaun says:

    I just watched both this and the 360 commercial and I gotta say that I enjoyed this much more. I see a lot of people complaining about the blood. I thought the blood worked very well and added to the video for me cause I really wasn’t expecting it. Overall, the video’s a real pleasant mix of subtle humor, in-your-face humor, and uncanny violence. Thank you for adding this experience to my day.

  79. waahhhh says:

    the background music at the beginning is minefields by prodigy

  80. Andy says:

    I’d rather watch 2 girls 1 cup.

  81. jrod says:

    i watched both this and the 360 commercial and i gotta say that the acting in this was so far below sub par that i don’t think if i’d made it i would have published it.. but hey… i guess no high schoolers in the area were available so they had to use just really really awful people… oh well…

  82. Imarobotlolol says:

    Nice idea, but crappy acting ruined it. Can’t believe there was a lawsuit over a mediocre vid like this. The commercial was way better. Sorry.

  83. James B says:

    I bet that Bill Gates goes on the internet looking up halfassed high school videos in his spare time to use them in his advertising. And are you copyrighting the “hand pistol”? I’m sure you were the first group to think that up. Better go complain to all of the children running around using their hands as guns, they all stole your idea too.

  84. James B says:

    Oh, and how do you think people who have been involved in a high school shooting think of this video? I bet I brings back some great memories…

  85. Melissa says:

    I’ve gotta admit, the 360 ad was a heck of a lot funnier and more enjoyable to watch.

  86. Jack Custo says:

    Though I did enjoy this video, I have to agree with James B in saying that the law suit was bullshit. But hey, everyone in this fucked up world wants money so I can’t really blame you for siezing an oppurtunity and just being sheep to society in which you are greedy little pigs. Sweet vid, but seriously, the law suit I thought was a joke.

  87. Sac A Jew WEEEEEEE...a says:

    this was so weird… I wish i could do that in real life. I really didnt want that teacher to end up winning xP, he was such a bitch.

    and for those who think Bill Gates copied this for the Xbox comercial, I see a few major differences.

    1. In the Xbox commercial, all the people were making their own gu sound effects.
    2. No one ran out of ammo, unlike that one guy that got shot in the head.
    3. This had no grenades.
    4. The commercial had no blood.

    So just stop whinning about Bill copying this. Also, James B, stfu about the fingerbanging. A helluva lot of peopel ahve done it way before this video. I’ve been doing that since i was about 5 years old… granted I played too many video games, but still. I’ve been doing it for that long, so stfu about it.

    I have to put the Xbox commercial and this video at a tie, they were both excedingly funny. they both get A+’s. Also, Join this facebook event before April 30 and spread it around, this is gunna eb awesome.(its national Fingerbang day)

  88. not a joke7 says:

    i could have done without the suicide jokes. seeming how incredibly cruel and heartless that is to people like me who’ve had a friend shoot himself in the head. you say “oh it’s just a joke” but do you see any commercials making fun of AIDS, abortions, or girls being brutally raped? not that i know of. so why make a joke about something just as serious. but that’s how society is now. and i bet the law suit was over the suicide jokes.

  89. wokka says:

    It was pretty good, but like a lot of others I was also disturbed by the blood having seen the XBox commercial first. More shocked, I guess.

    You guys did pretty well, but I wish I’da seen this one first because then I might not have been so… put off by the blood.

    (Mostly the suicide disturbed me.)

    I definitely like the Sniper guy, he did a great job.

    As a lot of people noticed, the sound effects- mostly the cocking of all the guns at the beginning- were really off, but maybe it was just hard to get used to them or something.

    When the Sniper guy and the other one are having their brief ‘face-to-face’ combat, even though I understand the problem of forcing a camera between two people actually doing that, I think you should have tried at least to have their arms raised and tensed because their shoulders were wrongly angled and it really threw that scene for me.

    Lastly, it woulda made me happier if one of the girls came back and shot the last-standing person at the end and laughed or something. Probably my tiny little inner Feminist speaking there.

  90. gekido says:


  91. Frasier says:

    that was damn good
    sound is a little off tho
    and when the guy hides behind the doors his head is right in the window XP

  92. smarterThanYourAverageBear says:

    holy crap, that was intense
    great ending.

  93. John Freakin' Mark says:

    hey, love the video guys! best ever.
    Cool idea: play this at the next NPPL world cup game (NPPL= national professional paintball league) over in the trade show…

  94. Ryan says:


  95. Richard says:

    wow, this is probably THE gayest thing I’ve ever watched. I’m glad i had it onmure too, b/c it probably would have been worse with the volume on!!! Some people have NO lives, and come up with retarded things like this to pass the time. WOW…I’m glad I’m not a fag like these people. Here’s some advice…never EVER make another video and post it on the Internet! FAGS!

  96. Eric says:

    this is the best video yet still first video i watched and i still laugh my ass off at it i wish i could get this on my zune though this and food rap thats hilarious

  97. Mike Oxbig says:


  98. Jen says:

    That was more or less hilarious… I LOVED the basketball… it cracked me up.

  99. Sac A Jew WEEEEEEE...a says:

    I just noticed… through all the fighting, when a person would die. Their body would disappear.
    But at the end, everyone’s dead bodies ended up in what seemed like a random position in the gym.

  100. Sac A Jew WEEEEEEE...a says:

    100th comment! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  101. Dougie Fresh says:

    You people talk about it like it is some fucking masterpiece of art coming out of the disillusionment era but i mean it is a video by bored kids about a game everyone played as a child. I mean it was right on everybodies mind and they just put a video there for us. I am not at all slandering the video, it is good stuff, I really like it, but it isnt the next revolution, it isnt “a genius bill gates ripped off” it is a video for entertainment based on the age old game. But as to the makers, props and thanks for the 5mins of my wake up call… all replys to this are welcome, but I wont be back so have fun with this one y’all.

  102. Drim says:

    That was awesome, i wish we played this in gym class, that would have been sweet…

  103. Freya says:

    I didn’t find this funny. I found it tasteless and disturbing. The comments kind of scare me. “I wish my gym class was like this!” you mean you want to /die/ during gym class?

  104. Yttriv says:

    Awesome stuff then

  105. mr basketball says:


  106. the1andonlyTWEAK says:

    wow. this actually didn’t suck.

  107. Lattlay Fottfoy says:

    good hustle everyone and the ballet pants on janos made the whole thing that much more enjoyable

  108. National Finger Bangirl says:

    wow!! I love it! Can’t wait to do my OWN finger bang day!! Just wait til April 30th…its COMIN!! I’m goin straight MI3 on ya’ll!!!

  109. Alfred Hitchcock 2008 says:

    Best short I’ve seen in a very long time.
    Bravo students.

  110. me says:

    of course the gym teacher wins… ><

    too bad for the guy in green at the end…

  111. mee says:

    that was a waste of my life that was stupid

  112. Jaimah Pyburn says:

    ahah that is so wonderful. rofl totally influenced me to spread it on to my friends so we could act in such manner.

  113. saruhh!! [nfbd] says:

    haha! there are ppl in my school doing this 2morrow! they posted bullitens abt it on mysoace! it shuld be like freaking awesome. lmao! :] this is rly cool! you guys are awesome! even if a few ppl disagree;; wht do theyy knoww? lmao! :] keep it up! and yeaa…they’re right…you shuld totally make a sequal!! :]

  114. chaseriver says:

    that was fun. it was like an extended mix of the episode “Gone” from the British series Spaced.

    alas, Mr. Simon Pegg is lost to us now…

  115. Gus McGroarty says:

    That was alright. This one’s better:


  116. super sweet says:

    holy shit this is the sweetest show ever. i show it to all my freinds and the praticaly piss there pants good job

  117. Ryan Ray says:

    Great stuff, I had a comment on my article that relates to this! http://www.firethecannon.com/2008/06/do-commercial-makers-steal-from-youtube/
    I hope it sheds some light on the original

  118. John says:

    “Don’t play dumb with me!” best line in this sketch

  119. Muh Name says:

    Happy Birthday, this sketch! Quality entertainment, fer sher.

  120. Tony says:

    That’s why you don’t point fingers.

  121. Josh says:

    Hey, you know what’s funny. I did this idea like 4 years ago. Wow. Originality out the window.



    Civil Disobedience. That was my show. We did it.

  122. EthanFilms@YouTube says:

    I’m going to make the sequel: just with different people. I had the idea to make a movie like this, but muzzleflashes came out of their hands as they shot…anyways, it’ll take a while.

  123. Tom says:

    weird thing I noticed… the people that ‘died’ earliest were the people that stayed with the group the longest…

    Caleb, Dave, Ben and Raizin were the first 4 dead, and were here up to at least the newest website videos.
    Next were Tavit and Janos, and then Jon (who left first of these people as far as I know)

    this only doesn’t include Joel, who never died

  124. WhoCares??? says:

    I finally found it again yes! for so long i have missed this!!!

  125. Boring says:

    Ripoff of another Microsoft product. Nice. Boring. Goodbye.

  126. yochai says:


  127. Taospark says:

    Definitely an Internet classic

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