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Cinematography by Andrew Lyman-Clarke.
Featuring Emilie Bishop and Daniela Gilbert.
Special Effects by Amy Searles.

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  1. Dougie Fresh says:

    You people talk about it like it is some fucking masterpiece of art coming out of the disillusionment era but i mean it is a video by bored kids about a game everyone played as a child. I mean it was right on everybodies mind and they just put a video there for us. I am not at all slandering the video, it is good stuff, I really like it, but it isnt the next revolution, it isnt “a genius bill gates ripped off” it is a video for entertainment based on the age old game. But as to the makers, props and thanks for the 5mins of my wake up call… all replys to this are welcome, but I wont be back so have fun with this one y’all.

  2. Drim says:

    That was awesome, i wish we played this in gym class, that would have been sweet…

  3. Freya says:

    I didn’t find this funny. I found it tasteless and disturbing. The comments kind of scare me. “I wish my gym class was like this!” you mean you want to /die/ during gym class?

  4. Yttriv says:

    Awesome stuff then

  5. mr basketball says:


  6. the1andonlyTWEAK says:

    wow. this actually didn’t suck.

  7. Lattlay Fottfoy says:

    good hustle everyone and the ballet pants on janos made the whole thing that much more enjoyable

  8. National Finger Bangirl says:

    wow!! I love it! Can’t wait to do my OWN finger bang day!! Just wait til April 30th…its COMIN!! I’m goin straight MI3 on ya’ll!!!

  9. Alfred Hitchcock 2008 says:

    Best short I’ve seen in a very long time.
    Bravo students.

  10. me says:

    of course the gym teacher wins… ><

    too bad for the guy in green at the end…

  11. mee says:

    that was a waste of my life that was stupid

  12. Jaimah Pyburn says:

    ahah that is so wonderful. rofl totally influenced me to spread it on to my friends so we could act in such manner.

  13. saruhh!! [nfbd] says:

    haha! there are ppl in my school doing this 2morrow! they posted bullitens abt it on mysoace! it shuld be like freaking awesome. lmao! :] this is rly cool! you guys are awesome! even if a few ppl disagree;; wht do theyy knoww? lmao! :] keep it up! and yeaa…they’re right…you shuld totally make a sequal!! :]

  14. chaseriver says:

    that was fun. it was like an extended mix of the episode “Gone” from the British series Spaced.

    alas, Mr. Simon Pegg is lost to us now…

  15. Gus McGroarty says:

    That was alright. This one’s better:


  16. super sweet says:

    holy shit this is the sweetest show ever. i show it to all my freinds and the praticaly piss there pants good job

  17. Ryan Ray says:

    Great stuff, I had a comment on my article that relates to this! http://www.firethecannon.com/2008/06/do-commercial-makers-steal-from-youtube/
    I hope it sheds some light on the original

  18. John says:

    “Don’t play dumb with me!” best line in this sketch

  19. Muh Name says:

    Happy Birthday, this sketch! Quality entertainment, fer sher.

  20. Tony says:

    That’s why you don’t point fingers.

  21. Josh says:

    Hey, you know what’s funny. I did this idea like 4 years ago. Wow. Originality out the window.



    Civil Disobedience. That was my show. We did it.

  22. EthanFilms@YouTube says:

    I’m going to make the sequel: just with different people. I had the idea to make a movie like this, but muzzleflashes came out of their hands as they shot…anyways, it’ll take a while.

  23. Tom says:

    weird thing I noticed… the people that ‘died’ earliest were the people that stayed with the group the longest…

    Caleb, Dave, Ben and Raizin were the first 4 dead, and were here up to at least the newest website videos.
    Next were Tavit and Janos, and then Jon (who left first of these people as far as I know)

    this only doesn’t include Joel, who never died

  24. WhoCares??? says:

    I finally found it again yes! for so long i have missed this!!!

  25. Boring says:

    Ripoff of another Microsoft product. Nice. Boring. Goodbye.

  26. yochai says:


  27. Taospark says:

    Definitely an Internet classic

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