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  1. Blaze says:

    Whoo! New Sketch! Loved it!

  2. TheBlunderbuss says:

    The greatest topical humor segment ever.
    I love the wordplay. Way to show off your innate comic genius.
    The bum segment!

    So are you going to go ahead and film the sketch?

  3. boxman says:

    Raizin, how does it feel knowing that you crushed the dreams of one dedicated little Pokemaster?

  4. Tara says:

    You guys are freaking brilliant!

  5. monty says:

    jeez that was hilarious. there’s a great variety in the sketches these days.

  6. red25o says:

    so you guys better film that “planned” sketch soon!

  7. steveniebauer says:

    That was the best thing I’ve seen all week. Nice job.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Butler says:

    spur of the moment? brilliant :D

  9. Rocktzar says:

    That was amazing, I couldn’t stop laughing. I loved all the pokemon jokes, your all so clever

  10. Yojimbo says:

    That was brilliant… loved the soundtrack for the bum segment…. hah…

  11. Rocktzar says:

    Ah oh my god i just watched it again, i LOVE it when raizin says his pokemon is level 200.

  12. BlackSheep says:

    Yay for new posts, I’m glad when I see one everyday… Well except for tuesday I guess.

  13. SealHammer says:

    You should’ve ruined the lives of more kids by saying “OH YEAH, WELL I GOT A LEVEL TWO BAJILLZION MEWTOO, BEAT THAT LAWL!”

  14. Nick says:

    The shock on that one kids face was comedy gold. “HOW DO YOU GET HIM TO LEVEL TWO HUNDRED!?!?!?” “…well, you’ve gotta train em!”


    try out the pokemon parody: pokemon purple

  15. J-hole says:

    You guys rock!!! Funny stuff! I love the part where the little kid talks about quanza!

  16. mouse says:

    oh my god yes.

    that was pokemazing.

  17. Adrian says:

    Bah, all these newfangled pokémon. Back in my day, there were only one hundred and fifty of ’em, and we liked it that way, by gum!

    And Dave: we have the same headphones! We should, y’know, hook up sometime.

  18. dumbass says:

    OMG THAT REACTION ON THE KIDS FACE WAS PRICELESS LMAO U GUYS R BRILLIANT if u came up with that in the moment i swear u shuld just do that often

  19. Darthlinux42 says:

    most fantastic thing i’ve seen in years

  20. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Dave is obviously in a world of bliss and gaiety.

  21. Suki says:

    “My favorite pokemon is Sonic the Hedgehog”
    “…you make me so sad.”


    (Not amused ->)

    Maybe one day you’ll finish that sketch.

  22. Nate D says:

    Ok, Probably the funniest thing ever. Just because i know that hardly any of that was planned, it was so nice to see the cast just have fun with it.

    And everything about that Pokemon, i cant believe i was scammed into that ‘crap-e-mon’ when i was a kid!

  23. Kileigh, bitch. says:

    I snorted ice cream up my nose. That’s hard to do, my friends, and you were my inspiration. Thank you.

    (It was Ben & Jerry’s ‘The Gobfather’, in case you were wondering.)

  24. alex says:

    hahahaha you guys meade me forget all about my cancer

  25. Justin says:

    I like how when Raizin grabs the piggily poop, you can hear someone say “Did he just steal a pokemon?”

  26. Bryan says:

    will we ever see a real olde english dvd? i’m dying to get my hands on this stuff for my tv machine.

  27. Brian says:

    Anyone notice when Raizin took the Piggly Poop thing someone in the back says “Did he just steal a pokemon?” Loved it when the pokemon song comes on and Adam pops in and sing a little part.

  28. aka_ak says:

    Heh, that was hilarious.

    I feel sorry for that kid with the Rayqazza obsession though…

    “I wish I had a level 200 Rayquazza in my game…” xD

  29. Brienna says:

    Omg…that made my night.
    I was so a Pokehead in school…
    Everything is oh so much more funny if you actually played the game.
    Like the fact that Pokemon can’t go pass level 100.
    It just shows what a dork I really am.

    Keep up the amazingness.

  30. dapho says:


  31. levi says:

    How did they got all of those pokemon trainers out of their parents basement into a sunny day at the park? I bet they had to where 40 SPF sunscreen to protect their frail skins.

  32. elektrik elektronik says:

    Thousands of Fans Gathered in there.

  33. David says:

    To those who keep asking, yeah, we filmed the sketch we had showed up to film the very next day

  34. J-Man says:

    These downloaded wrong on my iTunes podcast… and that bugged me. So I came here, hahahah. Anyway, this was a brilliant sketch, as usual.

    1. I have so much respect for you guys because you mentioned Monsters, Inc. and knew which actors were in it.

    2. Raizen has now made a little boy think that he can raise his… Kwanzaa?.. to a level 200. He’s given him an unreachable dream, and for that, I thank him.


    4. Yeah, I left three blank for no reason.


  35. Len says:

    Great work on this.

  36. Hakeem says:

    hey guys, great video. I just found this site today from some you-tube videos, all these sketches are awesome. Besides podcasts, there should be some dvd or something, a tv show.

  37. Josh says:

    Dropped in via Kotaku link. I’m a Pokemon fan, and I STILL laughed my ass off. Simply brilliant. Huzzah and kudos to you!

    Definately gonna bookmark this site and check out your other sketches.

  38. hAxxOR says:

    Oh, I remember catching them all in the sweet days of 150. Great sketch, ruining a kids hopes of being “the very best” was a plus.

  39. Yuki says:

    level 200 no way!?!?!

    haahahh it looked like that kid was about to cry in dissapointment!! hahaahah (i think i may be evil after laffin so hard at that)

  40. Lola says:

    too amazing. could handle the intensity.

  41. Sid says:

    Hahaha, you seemed so scared about making the kid cry when his face sulked.

    He’s gonna be so crushed when he finds out you can’t reach level 200.

  42. Stonehenge Man says:

    Very amusing – I particularly enjoyed the way that little boy’s dreams were utterly shattered by false claims of Level 200-ness. I bet that kid went home and stabbed his gerbils.

  43. Roy says:

    Raizin, You got that chicks number right?

  44. Oni says:

    Pokemon has been around for a decade? That’s… Scary…

  45. Allybaster says:

    Ha ha Adam is a smokemon.

  46. Luke says:

    what im wonder is, wtf was Hulk Hogan doing there? how much would u need to get paid to do that? or maybe he is just a big pokemon fan

  47. sam says:

    haha i remember that hulk hogan said he was throwing a big bash for his son for pokemon day… on regis and kelly =P

    that was amazing, ya’ll absolutely never cease to make me laugh.

    i like how half the kids there weren’t even born when pokemon came out.

  48. Micah says:

    Simply fantastic. I have been a fan of OE for years and I think that the old sketches are amazing… but these newest sketches leave the old ones in the dust. Keep up the good work!

  49. Becca says:

    I love your sketches, but its pretty rare that I’ll laugh out loud during one. That was amazing, guys.

  50. Oli says:

    How do you get pikachu on a bus?


  51. Thatwas says:

    shit, how can you find it funny

  52. Amanda says:

    you just helped me find the meaning of my life…..

  53. Matt says:

    Man this sketch made my day

  54. Dan Black says:

    dude dude dude… i was in the park that day too for lunch. either post or pre event… yeah

  55. Kevin Quinn says:


    Oh look! It’s a Piggly Poop!

    …you made me so sad.

  56. jayne says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard alone in my entire life..

    I was crying; that’s the best sketch ever. Kwanzo HAHAHAHA…

  57. Aiden says:


  58. Justin says:

    Easily the funniest video since “Gym Class.” Pure comical brillance. Too bad everyday isn’t Pokemon Day…

  59. Max says:

    The Hulk Hogan cameo was amazing. I guess no job is too low for a professional wrestler.

    Definitely my favorite comments were the one about “Conservacrab” and Rayquaza. And the cigarette smoking thing was funny – reminded me of a certain scene in “Funny Face.”

  60. Monica says:

    You guys are THE funniest people on this planet.
    i love you, especially dave. :]]
    hah i loved when raizin spoiled that little boys dreams and all those pokemon jokes were great too.
    keep up the awesome work !

  61. Tim says:

    oh my lord that was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

  62. 10thAnniversary says:

    It was retarded. What kind of self-respecting idiot tells a young child their Rayquaza is at L200? Pokemon is in its 10th Anniversary, and it is at the point where it is too important to be mocked at by a bunch of know-nothing bozos who, by watching this video, have nothing better to do with their lives. Pokemon must be respected for its impact on the American pop-culture, and at one of the most prestigous events ever to happen in the captial of the world, this is NOT the place for these guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hulk Hogan found them and busted their asses. Now THAT is funny.

  63. uh says:

    chill out kid.

  64. Tim says:

    dude! Take a chill pill. Or two. We were laughing with pokemon, not at it

  65. 10thAnniversary says:

    Would it laugh if jokes were made at it? Would it laugh if Pokemon weren’t called by its names? And let me ask you, would YOU laugh if jokes of the kind in this video were aimed toward you?

  66. Ria says:

    Very clever improv… mad props

  67. Boethius says:

    Yep… Pokemon are the shit…or are they?

  68. ritcheyz says:

    To 10th: Pokemon (the whole shebang, not the actual creatures) can’t talk. Or laugh. And yes, I would laugh.

    Anyways, I just loved the whole “What pokemon did hitler hate the most? Pika-Jew!” part. You (all) rule. *bows*

  69. 10thAnniversary says:

    You all stink. *sticks up middle finger*

  70. Drew says:

    Hahahah to be honest your standup sort of on the spot stuff is just as good as your planned, you guys should try to doing some improvised stuff sometime. This one was one of my favorites.

  71. El Jerro says:

    Man, that team rocket girl was hot . . .

  72. Ali says:

    This one will NEVER get old

    “trading pokemon cards is a really good way of spreading germs, the cold, chicken pox, chlamydia, i’ve got them all”


    My friend sent me this one of of youtube and i just cant get enough.

  73. 10thAnniversary says:

    How could I forget that part? Maybe it was because of how idiotic and ridiculous that statement was. I don’t see people getting sick, do you? Tell me, honestly, did you EVER see people getting sick trading cards? And not just Pokemon, how about something like baseball cards? Hello? Anything going on in your head?

  74. rbw says:

    10thAnniversary, you are my new favorite fan.

  75. Cube_101 says:

    Classic, I love the bit where Raizin stole the Pigullypoop and you could hear a weoman in the background say: “did he just steal a pokemon?”

  76. Adam says:

    He really means it!

  77. RAWR! says:


  78. poke-monsters inc. says:

    dudes no one mentioned pacman, pacman pokemon, there practically the same game. pacman pacaman pokeman pacamon pokemon…. thats a damn good theory

  79. Max says:

    It really is, isn’t it? Pacman should sue for trademark infringemint.

  80. Grim Reaper says:

    When I watched this I spit my soup out when I saw the gross fat guy in the woman’s R uniform. I can’t imagine why some fat single (I’m guessing single since no one was with him) guy would show up in a group that is mostly children. Can you say creepy?

  81. anonymous says:

    This was terrible.

  82. Teh Dave says:


  83. Derek says:

    “I love you, i love you” LOL

  84. amanda says:

    up, more than one month later and i still love it.

  85. Penny says:

    I agree with 10th anniversary. The only thing you guys deserve is kudos for geed mythology.

  86. Oh Muh Gaa says:

    That is a very good kid. Me and my friend just started the freakin YELLOW version yesterday, my pikachu is level 14… And thats my life story right there.

  87. Atrox Saint says:

    Awesome… Just awesome…

    And 10th seroiusly needs to chill… and find a girlfriend (or a boyfriend, whatever)…

  88. 10thAnniversary says:

    Peh, I have one.

  89. brendan says:

    how do you get james on a bus pok*im*on

  90. Liam says:

    that brightened my day

  91. Jim says:

    You guys are ~dee dee dee~…ripping on Pokémon…

    But don’t feel bad, your other stuff is better. :D

  92. Roth says:

    10th you’ve taken it too damn far. It’s just a sketch (would this be actually classified as a sketch? xD;; ) and it’s not gonna destroy the world because some people don’t agree with your principles of belief. If you want to worship Pokémon this closely, do so. Does that automaticly give you the right to act as if everyone has to do the same thing? No.

    Just because it’s been around for so long, doesn’t mean people have to like it. Do you know what was around for a long time? The show “Friends”. I still don’t like it, but lots of people do. Being around for a long time doesn’t make me like it.

  93. Ganymede Mc Rock Lobster says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Roth on thisun. Whatever something is, its longevity does not factor into its quality. Take mosquitoes, for instance. They’ve been around for millions of years, possibly more than pokemon, yet nobody friggin’ likes them…
    I’m glad we got to have this talk, son.

  94. mohamoud says:

    that was stupid

  95. SaxxonPike says:

    First off, you wouldn’t get as much out of it unless you, at one time during your life, have been into Pokémon. You’d probably get even more out of it after you’ve quit dealing with them.

    Pokémon kicked off as a Game Boy game in Japan. A wicked game it was, too. But then they had to oversaturate it with TV shows, movies, cards, etc. But they are getting their money, why should they care even if the product blows? The only part of Pokémon I’m willing to even bother with are the games for the Game Boy systems. I still play Red to this day because it’s one of the few elements hasn’t been dumbed down. I agree with the statement you made about it originally being about the battle.

    And also, I’ve got to agree, it’s all about the merchandise. It never used to be this way, back when I played the card game. I cashed in, sold all my cards, made my money. Pokémon was an investment, nothing more. At least kids with the rich parents liked to shell out for rarities in my collection.

    And in response to 10thanniversary: Pokémon has definitely impacted popular culture. Negatively, if you ask me. In fact, it’s even caused kids to become more violent! Kids in my area have been beat up over card disputes, or had them stolen. But of course, physical abuse and robbery are parts of American culture as we know it.

  96. Jer says:

    First, SaxxonPike, lighten up.
    Secondly, nothing can make anyone’s day better until you hear a hot asian chick with a hot asian accent say…just about anything! I also must say that Passovermon, the evolved (you have to use a guilt stone to make it work) form of YomKippoor is my favorite. It always means school’s ending when you see it. Like a much better groundhog!

  97. tenzin says:


  98. Hawaii88 says:

    Who’s the artist that created Pokemon? Pikasso!

  99. Michael says:

    I just connected this with Da Ali-G show… you guys should do more of this kind of thing. It should be easy in the New York area…..

  100. Gengar says:

    O dear Lord Im still waiting on Diamond and Pearl… and you guys make me wish I had a fattie.. or atleast a nice rolled hooter for this one.. it was dope… then when the bums came on I just had an operation so I wish I had my armband on and slopeing for the camera, you know.. do a little ski bit… I was in my P.js when I watched this, so I felt like a perfect shoe in for the Homeless poke.. did you score anything from the bums? they get great “French Fries” you know.. Arctic Rocks…you guys would never be mistaken for cops (Abnos)… so rocks are easy to buy from a bum.. but one thing for sure dont use a glass di** trust me it fries way better on a “Soup Stem” Shade is by far the most “Железо” Pokemon ever… see you in your dreams, dishes O yeah and New York is MAD STOOOOPID YO! But everything is bigger in Texas ladies..

  101. Todd says:

    Being a former pokemon fan, i can really appreciate the humor in this, and i can safely say that this is one of the funniest things i have ever seen!

  102. Timmahh says:

    saxxon….physical abuse and robbery are part of being human. and kids will fight over anything, even jesus.

    you can hear someone say “did he just steal a pokemon” when he takes the piggly poop lol.

  103. SaxxonPike says:

    The bums were almost the best part… “oh my god, it’s a pigglypoop” aside, anyway. I just showed this to a few of my friends who were also big into Pokémon at the time. Big laugh.

  104. spence says:

    Although 10thAnniversary raises some interesting point, I think he should spread his pokemon awareness elsewere because this was pure internet comedy magic, neh brilliance. props boys.

  105. 10thAnniversary is an Idiot says:

    “…it is too important to be mocked at by a bunch of know-nothing bozos …”
    That point makes no sense whatsoever. The US president has much much more power than Pokemon, and he’s mocked all the time. Anything that becomes prevailant in pop culture is mocked on some level, so I don’t know where the idea that just because Pokemon is popular amung some people that it is exempt from mocking.
    “…one of the most prestigous events ever to happen in the captial of the world…”
    Uhuh…because the world is going to face a global depression if Pokemon products suddenly stop being produced…everybody panic!
    “…I wouldn’t be surprised if Hulk Hogan found them and busted their asses…”
    Stupid, just stupid. Hulk Hogan is another “icon” that should be mocked.

    Oh yeah, and the video was great d(^_^)b (that’s two thumbs up)

  106. Saidly Puppy the perfectionist dork says:

    Funny. XD
    Just a little logic about the level 200 part…
    The max you can get a pokemon to without a gameshark is level 250, but only with the use of glitches and, as far as I know, only in the first generation, where as “kwanza” or Rayquaza is from the third generation. XD And even then, after one use it’d go back to level 100. So… yeah.
    That poor kid. XD
    And “Piggly poop” is really hoppip, and extremely common, but I guess that made it more funny. XD
    I wish I hadn’t missed pokemon day… >.

  107. 10th anniversary_sux_ says:

    I agree with 10th anniversary is an idiot because Pokemon is a total rip-off of Final Fantasy. U SUK AND MUST FIND A GAY BOYFRIEND. I wouldn’t be suprised if you watched pokemon every saturday and wanted to make out with the team-rocket lady.
    This was the best ” not-a-sketch-but-a-sketch-anyway. 10th, are you some kind of idiot who worships pokemon like its a religion. And the reason why u hated the lv 200 kwaanza part was because u r the little kid. Hulk Hogan (or Choopokchapooer)should beat u up. U might as well go and see if they make Pokemon a religion. This so great because of their veiws on Pokemon and that it was spur of the moment.

  108. Erica says:

    no way i can’t believe you actually found a piggly-poop!!
    i’ll trade you my warmga-boure
    they’re french

  109. commonprotocol says:

    ok so this is my 2 cents, first that tenth aniversarry while being completely incorrect as well as being an idiot to the point of causing people brains to hemmhorage just by being around him. HOWEVER his arguments (as crappy as they were) still were cohesive and spelled correctly, nor did he ever use “u” instead of u. so please 10th sux when your’e gonna flame somone please try not to suck so much.

  110. 10th anniversary_sux_sux says:


  111. escgravity says:

    hahahaha! I love the part of the germ catching! Gay pokemons and homophobes, coke-o-mon, and the serious dissapointment in which you gave the kid.

  112. JAKEY. says:

    LOVE IT. LOL. I think I showed this to like 20 friends. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    “Well, When I first discovered Pokemon…OH MY GOD! It’s a Piggly-Poop! THESE ARE EXTREMELY RARE!” Was hilarious and also when all the ladies said Pokemon then some random guy says it I almost wet myself. But one part where I had mixed emotions was when yu said yur Quanza or wtv was lvl 200 and the lil kid got all sad. I was laughing and felt bad at the same time because being an ex-pokemon addict myself, I know the max lvl is 100. Anyway, Damn. Funny. Video. I can continue talkin bout this forever man, Was so funny.

  113. Monique says:

    this may be the best sketch EVERRRRRRR

  114. Leah says:

    this is great! how do you get this to your ipod?

  115. Mazzmachine says:

    This sketch was awesome. When I saw this I almost crapped myself, it was just so damn funny. During one of the scenes a lady looked at you like she was in disgust, I thought that was great. The scene with the kid’s jaw dropping was obviously the most hilarious thing in all of existence.
    As for 10th anniversary, good luck doing anything successful with such a warped perception of reality.

  116. John says:

    my favorite pokemon is michael douglas

  117. Jessica says:

    I’m so glad I found this website again.

    You almost made that little boy cry.
    Poor kid must be sitting at home hating life trying to figure out how to get to lvl 200 with his African Holiday Pokemon.

  118. justine says:

    incredible! my favorite by far.
    you guys are awesome!

  119. Jackie says:

    that is my favourite skit by you guys. That was awesome! I don’t even like Pokemon either.

  120. Kim says:

    Haha, this one gets me everytime.

  121. Kara says:

    i people are amazing.

  122. Justin says:

    Just….wow, that was great. I too used to play the old games, it makes it funny because I know the backround of it. I really liked how Hulk Hogan was there, that was just great. Also the Sonic the Hedgehog part and the “really hot” woman? I wasn’t sure….it looked like a fat guy in a girl’s costume… Anyways, nice job!

  123. Alex says:

    My friends and I watched this, later we were bored…….so….

    1 What’s a pokemons favorite Buddhist retreat center?
    2 What does a pokemon do in the bathroom?
    3 What’s a pokemons least favorite infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus?
    4 What’s a pokemons favorite type of weather?
    5 Who is a pokemons favorite Aztec emperor?
    6 What’s a pokemons favorite mode of public transportation?
    7 What’s a pokemons least favorite proponent of corporate globalization?
    8 What’s a pokemons favorite once a day suppository for yeast infections?

    1 Poke-monastery
    2 Squirtle
    3 poke-mononucleosis
    4 pokemonsoon
    5 Poke-Montezuma
    6 Poke-monorail
    7 the international poke-monetary fund
    8 Poke-Monostat 1

  124. Spamlet says:

    10th Anniversary’s petulant (to the point of extremity where they sound like they had to have been comedically planted), comments of umbrage are almost as hilarious as this video. Being that I can ‘t rightly remember when anything over 6 minutes in length on YT was this consistently hilarious, that’s really saying a whole lot.

    BTW, Saxxon, I know almost nothing about pokemon but I was almost crying at the abundance of quick wit on display here.

    Absolute favorite/smartest/best reference/funniest lines were: “When did Pokemon become about the merchandise?!?”, “…chlamydia: I ‘caught them all’!”, “Yom vs. Tupac”, “Where’s HIS parade?”, “these are all the children of the unemployed”, “No, he’s right here.”, “Dionysus”, and of course, the timeline about when Fabular “came out” and Conservacrab “came after him” extremely clever wordplay there.

    There’s just one major inaccuracy to which I must strenuously object:

    It’s a well known fact that every pokemon’s favorite Billy Crystal movie is “My Giant”.

    Would’ve made for a better “monster” movie rule of 3. Respect the reversal.

  125. Carlos says:

    Oh wow. This stuff is great. Yay for Fabular! Cool stuff guys.

  126. AlexMon says:

    This vid KICKS Fabular ASS!

  127. Prashant says:

    Dude, I have the same headphones! The PX100 rocks! Highly reccomended! (Oh, liked the sketch as well)

  128. Fattyphobic says:

    LOL DAT GIRL WASN’T A GIRL! ….freaky if he/she was…. WOAH MAYBE I’M WRONG

  129. Bianca says:

    this was a great sketch!!! I showed it to all of my friends and they all liked it!! I’m winning some more fans for you guys!!

  130. Chris says:

    You guys are literally making fun of pokemon but when you can make something that makes as much money as that worldwide then you wont be idiots

  131. alex hater says:

    hey number 123 alex, yea ur an idiot

  132. alex hater says:

    hey pokemon is awesome and anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to be shot…. GOOOOOOOOOOOO Pokemon

  133. Carl says:

    Hahahah this was hilarious!

  134. valerie says:

    genius. honestly this was amazing and i love you guys for it.
    did dave and raizin actually make those jokes up on the spot? cuz if they did the skit just got that much better. nice work guys.

  135. thebloodyhatchet says:

    You guys are freaking brilliant.
    I think Fabular could take ConservaCrab any day of the week.

  136. Tsujiku says:

    Oy, oy they did NOT crush his dreams. He can get his pokemon to level 200. All he needs to do is create a hacked version of Pokemon Red/Blue containing said pokemon and bam, use the glitch to catch pokemon that’re higher than level 100, then Rare Candy ‘im up. Ah, wonderful glitches.

  137. Link_991 says:

    That was retarded

  138. nicole says:

    i’m sorry link, that was not retarded, that was hysterical. pokemontell williams… pokemonocles… who thinks of that?! a piggly poop…fabular… (not amused –>)
    dave, raizin, adam… i think i’m in love with you.

  139. Justin says:

    That was stupid pointless and I hate you guys. I HATE YOU

    Seriously though I’ve watched it five times now.

  140. Tori G says:

    I’ve seen this skit so many times now, but it’s still hilarious. All of my friends and family members who remember when Pokemon first came to the States all find this so amusing. Keep up the good work you guys!

  141. Chris says:

    Lol, I love how offended all the total Pokemon nerds with no lives are…correcting your pokemon history and all…lighten up and join the real world. OE rocks! (Fabular and Conservacrab was my favorite!)

  142. Stephen (SteveAnim) says:

    I like Officer Jenny, She think is a Hottest Girl

  143. Joel Marks says:

    I HAVE A LEVEL 200!

  144. Pokefan says:

    Hahaha, this was funny yet hurt all at the same time. Haha, its too funny how he convinced the kid he had a lvl 200 pokemon.. OWNED, the kid must be shitting himself. I still like my pokemon, but i know when respect is due… Thou hasth gained my respect

  145. acetenken says:

    omfg i cant stop lafing hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i just sent this to my die hard pokemon fan friend im gana see how he takes it ^_^

  146. dave says:

    I’m pretty sure when he takes “piglypoop” some woman says, look, hes stealing a pokemon!!


  147. Alex says:

    HAHAH! yeah! yeah! hahah. olde english has done it again, pigglypoop!!!

  148. Emily says:

    o my god ive seen this one several times before and just thinking about this sketch makes me laugh. It’s definetly one of your best. It gives us a chance to see where the unemployed take their children :P

  149. mue says:

    mue muemue muemue mue mue mue mue mue muemue muemue mue muemue mue mue mue mue muemue

  150. Steven says:

    hahahaha…..”Not amused”

  151. Keith M. says:

    Dang I could beat any of those guys that think their hot stuff with their action replays! I Really trained my Latias ( traded over form saffire.), Latios, Kyogre ( got from saffire too) Groudon, and deoxys all to level 100.

  152. James Craven says:

    Yes, that was me dressed as Jessie of Team Rocket.

    A guy in drag. Who knew?

  153. Alymincy says:

    OMG. you guys were GREAT! I love Pokemon Day!!
    Why in the heck do they even have a stupid Pokemon Day anyways?! ARE FANS (of Pokemon) THAT DEVOTED!?!?!?!?!
    Anyways, great sketch guys. I never knew that it was all improv when I first saw it! “Fabular, 2001, is the first OPENLEY GAY POKEMON!” That is my favorite line!

    I wonder if you could do a parody of Dragon Ball Z……….Well just saying anyways. ;D Good luck with other sketches!!

  154. christmas says:

    Good work, 10th. I get it, and I really love you for doing what you do. Keep it up, my lil’ buddy, reading your silly poop is almost as funny as the clip was.
    and by the way, the rest of you are insensate pooplicks. Leave the poor anniversary alone.

  155. Z says:

    You’ve taught a young child a valuable lesson about hard work and determination.

  156. Oogk says:

    This sketch is TRASH, and I’m not even a Pokemon fan.

  157. Luke says:

    I bet that kid is still trying to level his pokemon up….. in fact i bet he killed himself already over it.. good job olde english, your murderers now

  158. Professor Oak says:

    Just a little facts for those who don’t know. But there is no Quanza pokemon. The kid is even more lost than you guys. The name of that ugly green long pokemon is Rayquaza.

    Other than that, good skit.

  159. Steve-O says:

    The pickleypoop was my favorite. but the “i caught them all” bit was pretty clever too! great improv sketch.

  160. The Mona Lisa says:

    Am I the only one that caught Hulk Hogan saying “And let the 10th aniversary party of the decade and start the games brother!” 10th aniversary party of the decade? lol

  161. Sam the man says:

    YEA! bit of a tautology there!

  162. Caroline from California says:

    Raisin, I’m with your little sister right now whose name is Becky. We just watched the Pokemon clip and it was hilar!! Becky said you probably ruined the little boy’s life (the one who liked Kwanzi).

  163. Tommy!!!! says:

    i saw that sketch at day 1 it was awsome!!! i didnt think on puting up a comment sice i saw it in youtube, but still i was lmao on the piggly poof part!!!

    PS in the “NOT AMUSED” part the arrow is pointing to a lady who got shot by the camera. look well at that part and ull see what i mean

  164. Chase says:

    Right after he grabs the pigglypoop, someone says, “Did he just steal that poke-” lol

  165. Brian says:

    I love it so much I comment twice, eh?

  166. PokeMaster says:

    that was hilarious!!!!! i loved the piggly poof part^^ but, i think it was kinda mean u guys tricked that little boy into thinking that you can get a level 200.

  167. Gogert says:

    *sighs* I remember when this came out… and then the blog posting and the fight between all of us and 10th Anniversary…I remember when everyone thought I was a gay guy…and I’m a girl. wow…good times…good times. I still LOVE this sketch. It’s making me very nostalgic =}

  168. Cole says:

    Raizin without hair looks a lot like Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers. Huh.

  169. Anon says:

    This shit was an epic failure. Fucking with kids and employees. You should have just messed with the scary adults.

    Like that fat chick. . thing. . near the end.

  170. celtichunter87 says:

    Pure gold guys. I’ve seen a few of your skits and I love them, but the improvisation is definitely amazing.

    “What’s a Pokemon’s favorite drug? Cok-e-mon!!!”

    (not amused —->)

    Awesome guys. Keep it up.

  171. bob says:


  172. Alymicy says:

    I just watched this and realized that the same commercialized over-saturation of a bunch of junk happened with Spongebob! It used to be my favorite show, but now it’s just dumbed down fart jokes and singing aimlessly and constantly in an annoying manner!! SPONGEBOB, HOW COULD YOU?!? NOOOOOOOO!!!

    Yeah, and if you want to call me a loser for liking it once upon a time, fine. I could understand that point of view…..

    BACK TO REVIEWING THE ACTUAL MOVIE: This is amazing, and not even The Simpsons (my NEW favorite show) can compare with those amazingly witty improv jokes.

  173. Alymicy says:


  174. Max says:

    Sonic is my favorite pokemon too! That is the only explanation for Sonic. He is a Pokemon.

    SONIC!!! Use Spinball!

  175. Jayne says:

    its been so long since ive watched this. im re-feeling the magic.

  176. James says:

    was adam smoking a joint? wtf

  177. max says:

    Great! I quote this atleast once a week.
    I’ll be like “‘I beat them with lvl 200 raquaza.’ And the were like ‘how’d you get him to lvl 200’ and I’m like ‘you got to train him, you gotta train him a lot’

  178. Fan #543668631 says:

    Hilarious improv on so many levels, you can tell the guys who hate it only saw this and nothing else from OE. They’re pokemon fans who happened upon this video thinking it was something else. Awesome as always.

  179. Dutchie D. Grimsley says:

    Post #100 by Gengar is probably the best one I’ve ever seen on this entire site.

  180. Dakota says:

    I used to be one of the biggest Pokemon fans. I will now cry myself to sleep knowing I missed POkemon Day. T_T

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