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  1. Keith M. says:

    Dang I could beat any of those guys that think their hot stuff with their action replays! I Really trained my Latias ( traded over form saffire.), Latios, Kyogre ( got from saffire too) Groudon, and deoxys all to level 100.

  2. James Craven says:

    Yes, that was me dressed as Jessie of Team Rocket.

    A guy in drag. Who knew?

  3. Alymincy says:

    OMG. you guys were GREAT! I love Pokemon Day!!
    Why in the heck do they even have a stupid Pokemon Day anyways?! ARE FANS (of Pokemon) THAT DEVOTED!?!?!?!?!
    Anyways, great sketch guys. I never knew that it was all improv when I first saw it! “Fabular, 2001, is the first OPENLEY GAY POKEMON!” That is my favorite line!

    I wonder if you could do a parody of Dragon Ball Z……….Well just saying anyways. ;D Good luck with other sketches!!

  4. christmas says:

    Good work, 10th. I get it, and I really love you for doing what you do. Keep it up, my lil’ buddy, reading your silly poop is almost as funny as the clip was.
    and by the way, the rest of you are insensate pooplicks. Leave the poor anniversary alone.

  5. Z says:

    You’ve taught a young child a valuable lesson about hard work and determination.

  6. Oogk says:

    This sketch is TRASH, and I’m not even a Pokemon fan.

  7. Luke says:

    I bet that kid is still trying to level his pokemon up….. in fact i bet he killed himself already over it.. good job olde english, your murderers now

  8. Professor Oak says:

    Just a little facts for those who don’t know. But there is no Quanza pokemon. The kid is even more lost than you guys. The name of that ugly green long pokemon is Rayquaza.

    Other than that, good skit.

  9. Steve-O says:

    The pickleypoop was my favorite. but the “i caught them all” bit was pretty clever too! great improv sketch.

  10. The Mona Lisa says:

    Am I the only one that caught Hulk Hogan saying “And let the 10th aniversary party of the decade and start the games brother!” 10th aniversary party of the decade? lol

  11. Sam the man says:

    YEA! bit of a tautology there!

  12. Caroline from California says:

    Raisin, I’m with your little sister right now whose name is Becky. We just watched the Pokemon clip and it was hilar!! Becky said you probably ruined the little boy’s life (the one who liked Kwanzi).

  13. Tommy!!!! says:

    i saw that sketch at day 1 it was awsome!!! i didnt think on puting up a comment sice i saw it in youtube, but still i was lmao on the piggly poof part!!!

    PS in the “NOT AMUSED” part the arrow is pointing to a lady who got shot by the camera. look well at that part and ull see what i mean

  14. Chase says:

    Right after he grabs the pigglypoop, someone says, “Did he just steal that poke-” lol

  15. Brian says:

    I love it so much I comment twice, eh?

  16. PokeMaster says:

    that was hilarious!!!!! i loved the piggly poof part^^ but, i think it was kinda mean u guys tricked that little boy into thinking that you can get a level 200.

  17. Gogert says:

    *sighs* I remember when this came out… and then the blog posting and the fight between all of us and 10th Anniversary…I remember when everyone thought I was a gay guy…and I’m a girl. wow…good times…good times. I still LOVE this sketch. It’s making me very nostalgic =}

  18. Cole says:

    Raizin without hair looks a lot like Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers. Huh.

  19. Anon says:

    This shit was an epic failure. Fucking with kids and employees. You should have just messed with the scary adults.

    Like that fat chick. . thing. . near the end.

  20. celtichunter87 says:

    Pure gold guys. I’ve seen a few of your skits and I love them, but the improvisation is definitely amazing.

    “What’s a Pokemon’s favorite drug? Cok-e-mon!!!”

    (not amused —->)

    Awesome guys. Keep it up.

  21. bob says:


  22. Alymicy says:

    I just watched this and realized that the same commercialized over-saturation of a bunch of junk happened with Spongebob! It used to be my favorite show, but now it’s just dumbed down fart jokes and singing aimlessly and constantly in an annoying manner!! SPONGEBOB, HOW COULD YOU?!? NOOOOOOOO!!!

    Yeah, and if you want to call me a loser for liking it once upon a time, fine. I could understand that point of view…..

    BACK TO REVIEWING THE ACTUAL MOVIE: This is amazing, and not even The Simpsons (my NEW favorite show) can compare with those amazingly witty improv jokes.

  23. Alymicy says:


  24. Max says:

    Sonic is my favorite pokemon too! That is the only explanation for Sonic. He is a Pokemon.

    SONIC!!! Use Spinball!

  25. Jayne says:

    its been so long since ive watched this. im re-feeling the magic.

  26. James says:

    was adam smoking a joint? wtf

  27. max says:

    Great! I quote this atleast once a week.
    I’ll be like “‘I beat them with lvl 200 raquaza.’ And the were like ‘how’d you get him to lvl 200’ and I’m like ‘you got to train him, you gotta train him a lot’

  28. Fan #543668631 says:

    Hilarious improv on so many levels, you can tell the guys who hate it only saw this and nothing else from OE. They’re pokemon fans who happened upon this video thinking it was something else. Awesome as always.

  29. Dutchie D. Grimsley says:

    Post #100 by Gengar is probably the best one I’ve ever seen on this entire site.

  30. Dakota says:

    I used to be one of the biggest Pokemon fans. I will now cry myself to sleep knowing I missed POkemon Day. T_T

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